Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Presidential Abomination: President Bush Rededicates Islamic Center In Washington D.C.

In one of the great moral failures and political abominations in United States history, President Bush rededicated a radical Islamic Fundamentalist Center in Washinton D.C. on June 27, 2007. In a complete punch in the gut of Israel and Christians, Bush had this to say about the radical Islamics that run this center devoted to beliefs hostile to America , Israel and Christianity:

"THE PRESIDENT: Imam, thank you very much. Thank you for inviting me. I bring my personal respect to you, sir. And I appreciate your friendship. I do want to thank the governors of the Islamic Center. I welcome the Ambassadors. Thank you all for coming. I appreciate other distinguished guests who are here. It is an honor to join you at this rededication ceremony."

It got worse as the president said this:
"We come to express our appreciation for a faith that has enriched civilization for centuries. We come in celebration of America 's diversity of faith and our unity as free people. And we hold in our hearts the ancient wisdom of the great Muslim poet, Rumi: "The lamps are different, but the light is the same."

To read the rest of President Bush's gutter anti-christian propaganda, go to the website and read the totality of his remarks at the rededication of the Islamic Center in Washington
D.C. Without question, President Bush is the single biggest betrayer of Christian values in American history. Here is the website link:

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