Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Breaking News! Hartline Campaign Becomes Major National Story

Breaking News! Tuesday - June 12, 2007
World Net Daily, one of the largest online news services in the world, with over 8 million readers per month, has made the story of James Hartline's campaign for the San Diego City Council, one of its top news story today:

ELECTION 2008 Ex-homosexual runs for San Diego City Council Christian activist vies to replace lesbian in district with major 'gay' community
Posted: June 12, 20071:00 a.m. Eastern
By James L. Lambert © 2007 WorldNetDaily.com

James Hartline, a Christian activist and self-professed former homosexual is running for a City Council seat in San Diego currently held by a lesbian.

James Hartline, who says he went through a dramatic Christian conversion seven years ago, has been on the front lines of many local battles against homosexual activism, speaking out on the dangers of the "gay lifestyle."

He has told of his conversion in both secular and religious media outlets around the country, including Pat Robertson's "700 Club."

Hartline is vying for a seat that will open after current council member Toni Atkins' term expires in 2008. Council members in San Diego are limited by law to two terms.

Hartline says he now rejects a life of drugs and reckless sexual encounters that is being "replayed over and over again in gay communities and their sex clubs throughout America."

The Third District, where Hartline is running, includes the Hillcrest community, known for its large homosexual population. The last two City Council members from the district are both well-known lesbian Democrats.

Hartline recognizes his campaign will face strong competition from a powerful homosexual lobby in the district. He will run as a Republican in the June 2008 primary.

Hartline said in a statement he is entering the race to "change the politics-as-usual treadmill that is drowning out the will of the people in not only the district but the city of San Diego as well."

His campaign team will include legislative analyst Beverly Wyer, attorney Robert Sutton and financial investor Chuck Stout.

Hartline's announcement caused a stir in the local homosexual media, including the Gay and Lesbian Times, which expressed its concern about Hartline running for a seat traditionally held by homosexual activists.

Hartline's activism includes publicly exposing several registered pedophiles who were actively involved with the annual "gay pride" parade. He worked with the city attorney's office to alert authorities of blatant sexual activity in a local homosexual bathhouse, which closed its doors in April.

Hartline has also informed the public of several local porn bookstores located close to churches and schools. He was also featured in a March 2007 WND story on the involvement of middle school students in the annual "gay pride" parade.

He also has helped draw attention to the effort to save the landmark San Diego cross under threat from a lawsuit brought by an atheist.

To contact or support James Hartline's campaign to help him make history, as well as returning San Diego's City Council back into the hands of the people where it has always belonged: email - hartline08@gmail.com


debsranch said...

I'll support you!
I benefited from and shared your Voter Guide help in the last elections. Thank you.
I have also heard you a number of times while listening to Paul McQuire on KBRT radio in the afternoons.
I like you alot! You seem to be a very compassionate and caring man with a real passion for protecting and informing the community around you.
I hope you are successful in your election campaign for the City Council Seat!

I'm searching your website to see how I can donate to your campaingn costs.
Good luck and God bless you!

Irvine, CA

James Hartline said...

Hi Debbie, I am being flooded with emails of support from all over the country. God is doing something marvelous!

You can contact me at my campaign email for information on contributing to my campaign:


My campaign blog is:

God Bless You as we stand together to create a stronger America through Christian values!