Thursday, June 07, 2007

Media Outlets Are Buzzing As Hartline Campaign Takes San Diego By Storm

Within 48 hours of announcing that he is a candidate for the San Diego City Council, James Hartline's announced candidacy has become a big news story in many media outlets in San Diego, California.

For sixteen years, District 3 has been controlled by a small group of gay elites who have dictated the political discourse and agenda of the area's citizens. Hartline's campaign is already demonstrating that these apathetic, self-centered elites, are concerned that finally someone is rising up to battle and defeat this special interest agenda.

Homosexual News wires throughout San Diego are going haywire over the Hartline candidacy.Hartline's candidacy is the number one news story on Cox Communications local news list:

The Gay and Lesbian Times is running a full page editorial devoted to James and the threat he poses to the District's elites:

And San Diego homosexual activist Nicole Murray Ramirez says that Hartline's candidacy could cause trouble in the district 3 race.

There has not been this much news this early on in a district three council seat race in at least sixteen years. Finally, the people of District 3 have a man who is not afraid to confront the district's corrupt leaders. James will fight for all of the district's disadvantaged citizens and he will stand fast against the current corrupt agenda that is determined to remain in power regardless of whom they may harm.

News was not limited to San Diego's gay community. The North County Times beat them to the punch when it came to Team Hartline jumping into the battle to reclaim District 3 and return it into the hands of the people:
"Christian Activist To Run For San Diego City Council"
SAN DIEGO - A self-described Christian activist sent out fliers Wednesday announcing his candidacy for City Council. James Hartline, founder of California Christian News, will be running for Council District 3, which is currently represented by Toni Atkins and includes North Park, Hillcrest and City Heights. Atkins will have to give up her seat after next year's elections because of term limits. Hartline described the district as being "controlled in recent years by a small group of special interest gays and lesbians." Stephen Whitburn, American Red Cross spokesman in San Diego, filed papers with the City Clerk yesterday to run for the seat. Hartline said his campaign staff will include notable conservatives including analyst Beverly Wyer, attorney Robert Sutton, financial investor Chuck Stout and former Assembly candidate Kim Tran. "District 3 is home to dozens of large churches and thousands of Christian voters, but in the last 14 years, the concerns of those voters has been largely ignored by City Hall," he said.

Team Hartline is Underway:
Ronnie Fanucchi will be treasurer of Team Hartline.
Robert Sutton will be the senior attorney for Team Hartline.
Kim Tran will be a district representative.
Beverly Wyer will be Team Hartline's representative on Senior concerns.
Chuck Stout will be Team Hartline's advisor on Immigration Issues.
Lenora Souza and Loretta Peer will be heading Team Hartline's Prayer Team.

James is already forming his financial team and campaign contributions are being accepted.
He has already begun to assemble his media team, various district representatives, as well as a large district team composed of many of his great friends in a multitude of great churches.

Never again will District 3 allow itself to be hijacked by the kind of special interest, careless do-nothings that have ruled our district for the past 16 years. We are on the move. We are ready for the battle. We will accept nothing but victory and victory we shall obtain!

We are not moved by the bigotry of our opponents' low expectations. And we will not be deterred by the mockery of the special interests of the current rotten crop that has dominated district politics for nearly two decades.

"To my many Christian brothers and sisters in District 3: Get out your brooms, it is time to sweep out the moral rot that has polluted and ruined our beautiful San Diego!" James Hartline

Message of the Day: "With God, all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

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