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40 Petco Park Concession Workers To Walk Off Jobs To Protest Gay Pride/San Diego Padres Event

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June 15, 2007

40 Petco Park Concession Workers To Walk Off Their Jobs
To Protest San Diego Padres Promoting Gay Pride Day
While Luring Kids To Stadium For Free Floppy Cap Giveaway

Concession Workers Make Great Sacrifices,
Including Giving Up Day's Wages
To Stand Against San Diego Padres Exposing
Kids To Radicalized Homosexual Celebration On July 8th

(JHReport) The Director of Development for a non-profit charity that oversees forty concession stand workers at Petco Park has announced that all of their workers will be walking off of their jobs on July 8, 2007 to protest a gay pride event being promoted by the San Diego Padres. The non-profit charity, Set Free Ministries, is located in El Cajon, California. J. D. Loveland, Director of Development for Set Free Ministries, expressed anger and frustration that the San Diego Padres are allowing a radical homosexual event at the stadium on the same day that the team had already planned a July 8th free children's floppy cap giveaway.

Set Free Ministries partners with the Canning Hunger Organization to contract with ARAMARK to provide labor services for concession stands at various sporting and special events in and around San Diego County. One of the contracts that Set Free Ministries has is to provide workers for a number of Petco Park concession stands during the San Diego Padres' eighty home games. The current number of Set Free Ministry workers at the Petco Park concession stands is forty.

With the announcement that thousands of small children will be intentionally exposed to homosexuality, lesbianism and transsexuality during the July 8th Padres game, Set Free Ministries was faced with a true moral dilemma. Would their ministry's concession workers remain silent in the face of this terrible sexual indoctrination of San Diego's youth? Or would they respond in a way that would actually tell these kids that there are men and women who will not abandon them to those who want to pull them into the destructive homosexual lifestyle?

J. D. Loveland has told the James Hartline Report that his staff polled all of the ministry's clients about the San Diego Padres-Gay Pride event. "We asked our men and woman if they would be willing to bring their kids to Petco Park if they knew that their kids would be exposed to the San Diego Gay Pride event. Every single one of our clients said they would not. The vote was unanimous to walk off of the job on July 8th rather than be a part of the gay pride event at the stadium," explained Loveland.

Pastor Loveland stated in a June 13th email to the James Hartline Report:

"Well, today we counted the cost and we have decided that it's one thing
to preach moral integrity, but it's another thing to really put your money
where your mouth is."

To say that the men and women of Set Free Ministries are counting the cost by walking off of their jobs on July 8th is truly an understatement. Many of the men and women at Set Free Ministries have fought brave battles to overcome drug abuse, psychological problems, prostitution, and homelessness. After completing 3-6 months of intensive rehabilitation at this Biblically-based 501(c)3 ministry, the men and women of Set Free Ministries are then allowed to work in one of the concession stands as part of their new lives in Jesus Christ. For these individuals, as well as the ministry itself, the jobs at Petco Park are incredibly important. The fact that these courageous citizens are willing to walk off of their jobs to stand up for the protection of thousands of kids is one of the most powerful statements by Christians anywhere in America.

The clients at Set Free Ministries have very little in this life. With little or no money, and struggling to overcome their troubled pasts, walking off of a job that means everything to them, was not an insignificant decision for the clients. However, compared to the major American corporations who are partnering with the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival, the men and women of Set Free Ministries are real moral giants. In fact, the men and women of Set Free Ministries have courageously demonstrated that they are the best that America has to offer in this generation.

The financial price that Set Free Ministries will be paying on July 8th will be a heavy one for the organization. 90% of all the income that comes into Set Free Ministries is from the concession stand contracts. The ministry will lose $1,860 when it walks off of the job on July 8th. Additionally, the ministry could be fined a total of $4,000 due to the protest. The Set Free Ministry Organization could be fined $100 for every employee that does not show up at Petco Park on July 8th. That would make the loss to Set Free Ministries a staggering $5,860 for standing up for Biblical values.

Of the ministry's concession workers who will be walking off their jobs on July 8th, none will be standing taller than Set Free's women. J. D. Loveland says that one of the ministry's homes for women is completely dependent on the money brought in from the concession stand contracts. "100% of the income that it takes to run this particular home for our ladies comes from the work they do at the concession stands. These women are giving up everything on July 8th, including the little bit of money that they make at Petco Park, so that they can help protect the children of San Diego from being exposed to homosexuality," says Loveland.

If there was any doubt about how the men and women at Set Free Ministries are being changed through their one-year residency at the program, then take a look at some of the testimonies displayed on the group's website. From Angela Robles, a 21 year-old mother and former methamphetamine addict, to David House, a former alcoholic with 31 DWI arrests, Set Free Ministries is truly setting men and women free from some of the most difficult spiritual bondages known to mankind. The ministry's testimonial list even includes former San Diego Police Officer Karen Houll. After Officer Houll was forced to retire due to a head injury, Set Free Ministries received her with love and open arms.

While many wealthy San Diegans have expensive homes, cars and big bank accounts, the members of Set Free Ministries can only hope that their employment at the Petco Park concession stands will allow them fresh starts in society. The one characteristic that Set Free Ministry is clearly demonstrating through their actions on July 8th is courage: the courage to sacrifice their all. The courage to prove that these men and women have learned from their mistakes. The courage to make sure that the youth of San Diego don't ever go down the same path of degradation that the men and women of Set Free Ministries have already experienced.

Pastor J. D. Loveland tells the James Hartline Report that his ministry would sure like to hear from any Christians in San Diego, or elsewhere, who would like to help them with their financial needs. "We intend to stand up against the gay agenda on July 8th," declares Loveland. "I can only hope that our combined efforts will motivate other professing Christians to get out of their pews (comfort zone) and break out of those mysterious boxes called churches. We need to practice what we preach," says this fiery man of God.

Loveland and his team will preceding their July 8th protest of the San Diego Padres/Gay Pride event with a massive July 7th Christian outreach at Belmont Park in Mission Beach, California. Calling it "07/07/07: Once in a Lifetime Outreach Event", Set Free Ministries will be partnering with many churches, worship bands and prayer teams as they storm Mission Beach for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With their weekly Start Me Up radio broadcast on KPRZ (, their drug rehabilitation programs, and their many other community outreaches, and one can see that San Diego County owes a tremendous debt of gratitutde to Set Free Ministries.

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Shayne Andujar said...

Mr Hartline,
I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for shedding such a wonderful and positive light on Set Free Ministries. Myself and my husband are both graduates of the amazing Discipleship Program that Set Free offers and over four years later are still very active in the church. Because we are a faith-based Ministry and do not receive any sort of government funding or assistance, we rely on donations, blessings and outside income sources from various places. Including the wages from the Petco Park concession stands. As your article stated, these amazing men & women are risking so much by taking a stand for what they believe in. But isn't that what Jesus commands us to do? He states "If you deny My Father before men, I will deny you before My Father."(Matthew 10:33) Jesus also tells us to count the cost of becoming His disciple - "And you cannot be My disciple if you do not carry your own cross and follow me. But don't begin until you count the cost."(Luke 14:27-28) Thank you so much for sharing what these men & women are doing. And thank you for sharing what Set Free is all about!

Anonymous said...

"And the greatest of the commandments is this: LOVE ONE ANOTHER."

Theo Lamas said...

They are anti homosexual but will openly serve liquor. What a shame.