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Citizen's Alert -- San Diego Padres To Celebrate Gay Pride Event / Gay Men's Chorus To Sing National Anthem

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June 2, 2007

"One, Two, Three Strikes Their Out:
Out of the Closet - That is!"

San Diego Padres Baseball Team
Partnering With San Diego Gay Pride Group
For Radical Homosexual Event at Petco Park on July 8, 2007

"Out At The Park" - San Diego Gay Pride Night at Petco Park
Will Feature the Gay Men's Chorus of San Diego
Singing National Anthem To Open Game Against Atlanta Braves

JHReport : Action Alert -- The San Diego Gay Pride organization has announced that it will be partnering with the San Diego Padres baseball team for an event that will expose thousands of unsuspecting children and their families to homosexuality during a July 8, 2007 game between the Padres and the Alanta Braves ( The San Diego Gay Pride organization has earned a notorious reputation for exposing young minors to extremely graphic sexual elements of the homosexual movement. Parents bringing their children to the July 8th game are sure to be outraged when they learn that the park will be used to promote homosexuality instead of traditional family values.

In 2005, the San Diego Gay Pride organization was caught up in a national firestorm of controversy when it was learned that a network of sex offenders had been employed in various capacities within the organization ( One of the pedophiles, Martin Ramirez, aka Marty the Clown, was hired to entertain small children in the 2005 San Diego Gay Pride Festival children's garden (;bp=t). Another national scandal ensued in 2006 after an elementary charter school marched numerous pre-teen children in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade ( The annual gay parade features nearly nude male strippers, multiple adult porn companies, male escort services and male transvestites who dress up as Catholic Nuns.

According to the Gay and Lesbian Times, the San Diego Gay Pride organization plans to establish a "Freedom Zone" at this year's homosexual festival. The Freedom Zone will allow vendors with adult-oriented items and materials to fully display their merchandise. “Vendors who sell adult-oriented merchandise will be stationed in the Freedom Zone,” said Gay Pride executive director Ron deHarte. The Freedom Zone was created to serve the percentage of the adult homosexual population who want to see more adult-themed booths ( "After partnering with the filth of San Diego Gay Pride, the Padres will now be permanently tagged with a very negative image," says San Diego Christian activist James Hartline.

National Past Time Of The Left:
- Gay Degradation of Sports, Military and the National Anthem -

The United States national anthem was written by Francis Scott Key after American military forces fought valiently all night to defend Fort McHenry from a British attack on September 13, 1814. Throughout America, the national anthem is now sung to honor the bravery of American soldiers on the battlefield. The military has made a determination that homosexuality and military service are incompatible. Thus, it will be a low blow for many military families when they learn that the Padres are promoting homosexuality by allowing the Gay Men's Chorus of San Diego to sing the national anthem to open the July 8th Padres-Braves game.

While professional baseball players are oftentimes seen as role models for young boys, parents will find no comfort in their sons being exposed to the immorality associated with the Gay Men's Chorus of San Diego ( Included in the group's current schedule of perfomances is "Diva by Diva" where the men will be singing tributes to Madonna, Bette Midler, and lesbian K. D. Lang. One of the sponsors of this particular chorus is IN Los Angeles Magazine, a homosexual periodical that features a multitude of pornographic ads for male prostitutes and xxx gay pornography. In 2003, the Joan Kroc Salvation Army Center refused to allow the Gay Men's Chorus of San Diego to perform at its facility when it was learned that some of the men might perform while dressing up as women (

One outspoken conservative Republican has told the James Hartline Report that he thinks the Padres involvement with the San Diego Gay Pride "is a degrading episode for families with kids." He intends to make sure that San Diego families know about the event so that they can keep their kids away from the ballpark on July 8th.

Marriages and families are taking a real beating throughout America. Extremist advocates for legalizing same-sex marriage are some of the biggest sponsors of San Diego Gay Pride and the Gay Men's Chorus of San Diego. "By promoting these two groups at Petco Park, the San Diego Padres are sending the message that they could not care less about the importance of real families and real marriages," states pro-family advocate James Hartline.

In partnering with the gay pride organization for a homosexual day at the ballpark, the San Diego Padres are proving where they really stand when it comes to helping the youth of San Diego. According to San Diego Gay Pride executive director Ron deHarte: "This is a great way to celebrate (gay) pride while enjoying a fun night of baseball in the heart of downtown San Diego." Most San Diegans seriously disagree with deHarte's way of celebrating.

You can contact the San Diego Padres to protest their partnership with
the pornographic San Diego Gay Pride organization.
To email, go to:
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Padres Telephone: (619) 795-5000

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GMCSD Supporter said...

You make it sound like the Gay Men's Chorus is going to have an orgy in the middle of the field while singing the National Anthem. In fact, it will likely be a pretty unremarkable affair. The gay men will all be wearing tuxedos, and will only sing the National Anthem. Other than the introduction of being a "Gay Men's" chorus, there is nothing inherently "homosexual" about it.

This country was founded on the belief of freedom and equality for all its citizens. While you may personally disagree with homosexuality, we have every right to show our patriotism for the country we love. And you may also believe that homosexuals and our military don't mix, but the truth is, gay men and women have always been a part of our armed services. We have died on the beaches of Normandy and the fields of Vietnam along side our straight brothers and sisters. We just haven't been allowed to serve openly. Which to me, speaks even greater of our love for these United State of America, that we would die for our country, even while enduring discrimination.

Anonymous said...

Its a perfect example of a weak-minded conservative post... keep trying

Anonymous said...

James Hartline - What make you an "expert" on Family Values? I've read your biography and you certainly did not grow up in a normal family relationship. So what qualifies you to make any comments about "Family Values"? You're just a sicko idiot!!!

Someone who cares said...

From what I have read on a Pride website, it is not only the Gay Men's Chorus that is going on that day. They will also be celebrating certain gay and lesbian supporters and volunteers. I am not homophobic nor a 'hater' but I do, as a conservative, not 'extreme' Christian believe this is a mistake. Especially on a Sunday where there will be so many more small children who don't even understand sex at all, let alone homosexuality. My children are grown but I wouldn't want to be the parent of a young child that I feel is too young to understand sex or gay. My family are huge Padre fans but I believe we will stay home and watch the games on television rather than spend a fortune on tickets, food... to go to a game whose profits also support stem cell research..abortion. The powers that be need to rethink this or send out a 'warning' for those who may not want their children at this particular game. I have just as much right to believe that homosexuality is morally and naturally wrong as do the supporters to believe it is an acceptable and normal lifestyle. Not all people who disagree to whatever degree in homosexuality are haters or homophobic.

Anonymous said...

I have recently attended two musical performances of the San Diego Men's Chorus and both of them have been in very good taste. In fact their last performance was a fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen foundation to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer research. I welcome another chance to hear these men sing with pride and share their musical talents with our community.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the Gay Men's Chorus for reaching out to the larger San Diego community even tho it results in a backlash of hatred. The chorus is here to be of service to the community... gay as well as straight. Delivering a perfectly harmonized version of the National Anthem is indeed a great service.
As far as protecting those innocent young children from witnessing a group of men attired in tuxedos (gasp!! cover their eyes!) here's the alternative. Keep the kids at home and watch the game on television. They will be exposed to an endless parade of commercials teaching them that women are nothing but empty-headed sex objects that should only be allowed to wear a bikini... one so small that it leaves nothing to the imagination.
That image will be used to sell every brand of beer possible. After all, real men only drink beer... and lots of it! Push those kids into alcoholism. It's perfectly legal.
One last thought. If it was not announced that those men on the field were gay, would you know just by looking at them? Of course not. Get past the label and see the person. We'd all be a lot better off.

DV said...

I remember "Citizen Alerts" when conservatives once talked about interracial couples. They would say things like: "I have just as much right to believe that interracial couples are morally and naturally wrong as do the supporters to believe it is an acceptable and normal lifestyle."
Imagine if you had said that about interracial couples instead about homosexuals? What about Black history month? Should we stop celebrating that in front of children? They might grow up and want to be in a gang or sing degrading rap music, because that’s what we see on MTV. What about the white, heterosexual, male athletes who are openly engaging in premarital sex, cursing at public games, and divorcing their wives? Are they good for the children to watch when they engage in those activities off of the field?
Who is moral? I want to know how you choose these days because it has been the same way for the past century where “conservative” people find a cause against a group and try to push them out. And now you argue it’s for the children, but hopefully 40 years ago nobody saw a black man holding a white woman’s hand in front of his or her child.

James Hartline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Hartline said...

Thank you for your comments. There are several issues that must be addressed in response to your comments. I appreciate the fact that you were respectful and thoughtful in your questions, rather than using name-calling and profanity, which unfortunately, is the hallmark of many emails that I get from those who are promoting homosexuality. Even if we disagree, we can take the higher road and not degrade ourselves into a place of cursing at each other and harsh name-calling.

In response to your posting, I have several things to say.

One, the Padres had previously booked the children's free floppy cap giveaway at Petco Park, many months ago. The inclusion of a gay pride celebration in the park on that date, was recently added to the park activities on the same day as the children's promotional. The Padres had a tremendous responsibility to choose another day for the gay pride celebration, if at all. Parents have a right to know in advance, before they spend their hard-earned money on tickets, gas, food, etc., what is going to be expressed in a venue around their children. Most parents would not choose to bring their children into Petco Park on a day that homosexuality is going to be promoted. I have received a massive number of emails that prove that conclusion to be true.

In reality, the Padres decided to allow Petco Park to used as the launch site for the gay pride week, long after they had already booked the children's event. They could have said to the gay pride organizers that their event would have to be scheduled on another date. Instead, the Padres disrespected thousands of parents who believed their kids were only going to be attending a nice July 8th family event, and entered into a covenant with San Diego Gay Pride to help promote the extreme components of the gay movement by allowing Gay Day at Petco Park. Parents should not be forced to explain homosexuality in a public baseball park to their little boys and girls. It is not the right of the Padres or the gay pride organization to force parents to talk about sexual matters with their children. Yet, that is what will happen on July 8th.

As to the issue of comparing race issues to homosexuality, there are numerous flaws in your argument. Firstly, people can misuse and misinterpret the Bible for their own agendas. The gay movement is attempting to do so, my comparing homosexuality with race. God created all races. Races are a beautifully expressed rainbow of God's divine nature. Homosexuality is not. God did not create homosexuality. Who we choose to have sex with is the basis for homosexuality. All men and women are free to choose the kinds of sex that they want to engage in. That is called free-will. We can choose to obey God or we can choose to rebel. There is not one, single Biblical verse that says God created homosexuality. Any sexual acts that produces disease, misery, harm or death, is not from God. God is love. For our own protection, God tells us not to engage in destructive sexual acts, because He love us. God knows that homosexuality causes disease and is harmful to the psyche of the participants. That is why He condemns homosexuality.

The Bible clearly states on a multitude of levels and many times that homosexuality is a sin that leads to spiritual death. The Bible says that the wages of sin is death.

The same cannot be said about race. God created the races. The various races are a reflection of God even though corrupted man invented racism as a deep expression of his own sinful nature. God blessed the races He created. God also condemns all sex outside of his sanctioned relationship (marriage between a man and a woman), and warns that those who engage in such sexual sin will ultimately doom themselves to eternal hell. That is why so many have gotten disease like AIDS as a result of engaging in homosexuality. Gay sex produces destruction. The idea that the gay-friendly media attempts to paint a different picture only proves that the world is not trying to honor God, but rather they just want to make money despite the horrible suffering going on inside of gay communities throughout America.

The Bible says that our ultimate purpose on this earth (as humans) is to worship God and love Him. We do this by setting aside our own fleshly desires, our own agendas, our own will, and we pursue God's higher calling for our lives.

Time and time again throughout history we see men and women who refused to bow to God and we have watched as they destroyed themselves and many in their culture.

With rights comes responsibilities. The Bible says that we are not to use our relationship with God or the Grace of God as an excuse to keep on sinning because He will just forgive us. When we were born, God imparted into each one of us, a supernatural gift to be used to honor God and to lead others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, most of those who are promoting homoseuxality, lesbianism and transsexualism, are some of the most supernaturally gifted of the human race. Yet, sadly, they have devoted those God-given gifts for promoting an agenda that is harming each other and leading our people farther and farther away from God and into more and more sin.

It is a sad state of affairs that gay activists cannot seem to comprehend how the majority of America and, San Diego in this case, views the terrible picture of how they are presenting themselves. They just don't get it. This is what moms and dads are seeing: Gays marching up the street in a parade, dancing half-naked, screaming, half drunk, with xxx pornography, men mocking the Catholic Church by dressing up as Nuns...and then proudly dragging kids into that terrible and immoral atmosphere. Parents are horrified that this is where gay activsts want to take our youth.

Parents want their kids protected. They do not want them exposed to pornography. They do not want them sexualized. Yet, for most of the gay pride leaders, its all about sexualizing everything they promote. And then to top it all off, they want to drag kids in to it.

The Gay Pride leaders could see that parents were bringing their kids into Petco Park on July 8th. Gay leaders just don't care. It's all about them. Selfishness, sex, pornography. These are the demonstrated fruits on a very rotten root of the gay pride agenda.

I personally have many black friends. I have no problem with mixing the races. It is not even a factor in my thinking. Friends are friends to me regardless of race. If we really love our youth, as I have demonstrated in my many years of fighting for their protection and the ridding of our culture of the destructive pornography industry, then we will never expose children to sexual imagery until the parents choose to do so.

We are not stupid. We know that men will be expressing homosexuality, transsexuality, men dressing up as nuns to mock Catholics, lesbians expressing lesbianism, at the Gay Pride event. They will not be changing their agenda just because they know children will be at the ballpark. They do all of those things everyday in front of children inside of the gay community. They're not about to admit they're wrong now to accomodate parents at the ballpark.

Thus, the Padres had an absolute obligation to do the right thing and protect the kids by not allowing the gay pride event on July 8th with a pre-existing children's event already booked at Petco Park.

I have already been informed that the Padres have lost hundreds of season ticket holders over this gay pride event. They will not be buying Padres tickets ever again.

This type of response by parents will be a prototype that will spread all over America because Americans are just fed up with a small group of sexual anarchists who are hijacking parental rights and the American civic culture to force their dark and immoral ideals on the American Family Unit.

DV said...

You describe homosexuality as a lust and lust can definitely cause harm. Having unprotected sexual relations with anybody can be extremely harmful. But homosexuals do not make up most of the cases of HIV & AIDS victims in the world. Heterosexuals in India and Africa are the most devastated by the disease. Countries like Malawi have more people with HIV than without. Therefore your argument about HIV/AIDS being a homosexual's disease is not true. How can it be when more heterosexuals have the disease than homosexuals? According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (and other Health Organizations), young women in the United States are the fastest growing group inflicted by HIV via sexual intercourse. None of them received the disease from homosexuals.
Ultimately, being gay or lesbian is not about lust as much as it is about love. As you said, some people will take parts of it too far such as "men dressing up as nuns to mock Catholics" but most homosexuals do not do that. There are plenty of churches that use derogatory words to describe homosexuals such as the Westboro Baptist Church. But I do not think that most Christians relate to that nor do most homosexuals relate to bashing other groups. Homosexuals know what it means to be oppressed within a society and Gay Pride is their own time to say that being homosexual is not an issue. Think of it like a bachelor or bachelorette party for homosexuals; one time out of the year where they can enjoy being who they are. Sometimes these can be crazy and filled with strippers and dress up and wild parties, but nothing more scandalous than what most heterosexuals do at pre-wedding parties. But if the Padres' make an announcement that somebody is kicking their bachelor party off at the park with a couple of beers and a group of buddies, I don't think that people would have to explain to their children all of the things that go on at bachelor parties. "Just a group of guys hanging out... you can hear about it when you're an adult" is all that parents have to say if anything at all. I think that you are worrying about something that does not need to be worried about.

James Hartline said...

Your comment does not reflect accurate facts as they relate to the current issue with the Padres. Nor are your comments accurate as they relate to AIDS in the United States.

The Padres issue has absolutely nothing to do with AIDS in India. That is merely a statement to distract off of the current issue: The Padres booked a homosexual event without notifying parents of the Gay Pride Event when bringing kids into Petco Park for the free floppy cap giveaway. That is the issue at hand.

And as to your other statements. Homosexual males make up over 80% of all AIDS cases in the United States, thus your attempts to deflect off of that fact by focusing on India does not hold water with me.

The fact is: homosexuality is physically destructive and should be the last thing that any caring adult would want to promote to our youth.