Monday, June 18, 2007

The Abomination and Hypocrisy of Political Prostitute Lou Sheldon

The real political devil, Lou Sheldon, is finally showing his really greedy hand. In 2006, Sheldon sent his staffer, Ben Lopez, to work for pro-abortion Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, to lure Christians into supporting the anti-christian Schwarzenegger's campaign.

However, there is now an even darker and more repugnant move on Sheldon's part. AFA is now reporting that Sheldon will be helping to co-chair Mitt Romney's campaign. Sheldon, a true political prostitute, says:

TVC's Lou Sheldon backing Romney for president
Jim Brown June 18, 2007
Lou Sheldon, a well-known evangelical Presbyterian minister and conservative lobbyist in Washington, is endorsing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.
Sheldon, the outspoken chairman of the Traditional Values Coalition, has agreed to serve as one of the co-chairs of the "Romney for President Faith and Values Steering Committee." Sheldon says he has met with Governor Romney on a number of occasions since October of last year, and has been impressed with the governor's "intelligent" positions on the issues and his relationship with his wife Ann.
According to Sheldon, Romney's Mormon faith should not be a hindrance to Christian voters.
"He reads the Bible regularly. He has said -- and I asked him -- that he has received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior," the pastor declares. "He believes that Jesus Christ is the divine Son of God, only Son of God divine, and was crucified, buried and raised from the dead for our behalf. So, I think as he addresses those issues, that's certainly going to ignite good feeling [among Christians]."
Sheldon says Romney has "an across the board appeal" to evangelical conservatives, business, and the average American worker. "He's not running for the head of any ministeriam or denomination or the pope -- he's running for a secular office that is called for for secular issues," explains Sheldon. "And he has, I think, the moral and ethical basis to be a strong conservative in that office."
Sheldon says three Republican presidential candidates who are currently in Congress are good friends of his, but it would be impractical to endorse one of them because winning the White House requires a lot of money and a large, experienced staff like Romney has.
Sheldon also praises Romney for his "market-driven" healthcare plan in Massachusetts and credits him with "pulling the state out of a $3 billion deficit."
Members of Romney's "Faith and Values Steering Committee" include attorney Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice; David French, senior counsel with Alliance Defense Fund; Pastor Don Hutchings with Evangel Temple Assembly of God (Fort Smith, Arkansas); and DeMoss Group Public Relations president Mark DeMoss.

Sheldon has been busted for taking money from Jack Abramoff in a scheme for gambling, accused numerous times of selling his mailing list like a prostitute would sell her well-used body and now his vile sell out of the God he makes a living off of.

What will Sheldon say to the Lord on the day that he must give an account for his continiuing to be a political prostitute after he signed up to be a minister? Does Sheldon apply burn cream on his feet? For I think that his feet are already on fire from the flames of hell.

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