Saturday, June 23, 2007

Dr. Nancy Heche, Mom of Former Lesbian Anne Heche To Speak In San Diego's Gay Community On Sunday, July 1, 2007

Calvary Temple
Dr. Nancy Heche
Author of “The Truth Comes Out:
The Story of My Heart’s Transformation”
This is the beginning of a
beautiful love story… Nancy
wrote in her diary after meeting
Don Heche, the man she
was to marry. Five children
and 25 years of marriage later,
it seemed as if they were the
perfect family. Then Don was
diagnosed with AIDS—the
shocking discovery of his homosexual secret. This
was only the beginning of loss and heartache.
Shortly after Don's death, their 18-year-old son,
Nathan, died in a car crash and Nancy fell into
years of personal darkness. Eventually, as she was
drawn into a long journey of growth and healing,
her youngest daughter, Anne, began a very public
lesbian love affair.
Despite Nancy's life circumstances, she held on to
what she knew of God's promises from Scripture
and is discovering how to look at people and the
world with God's perspective through eyes full of
love and blessing. Her inspiring story of faith and
courage will offer hope to anyone who has ever
been on the brink of despair, or wondered how to
respond with love to someone in a same-sex relationship.
Location: Calvary Temple, San Diego
3920 Normal St., San Diego 92103
Time: 10:30 am—Main Auditorium

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