Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two homosexual men were dead for two days in the same apartment complex occupied by incompetent gay San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria.

Two homosexual men were dead for two days in the same apartment complex occupied by incompetent gay San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria. San Diego County confirms the address where two homosexual men were found dead from a murder/suicide. The same address also belongs to the apartment complex where homosexual activist and San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria lives.

Councilman Todd Gloria is too busy honoring transvestite porn promoters to clean up the epidemic of violent crimes in his neighborhood. And there has certainly been a long horrific period of violent crimes in and around Councilman Gloria's residence.

Is San Diego's Gay Community Experiencing God's Judgment? Violence, Disease and Death Overwhelming Local Gay Community.

Many are asking when Todd Gloria is going to become a man and come up with a plan to deal with the death and destruction that is growing greater and greater in his district.

Former San Diego go-go boy arrested for murder
Two brutal Hollywood murders have San Diego ties
- This go-go dancer Serial killer is tied to a gay bar where transvestite porn promoter Nicole Murray Ramirez called bingo while dressed up as a Nun. Ramirez was recently honored with a city proclamation by Councilman Todd Gloria. This same homosexual bar, Bourbon Street, is owned by Michael Weiss who has been indicted on multiple federal tax evasion charges.

You can watch the terrible city council meeting where Gloria honored Nicole Murray Ramirez while James Hartline made his stand against the corruption of the two corrupt gay San Diego powerbrokers by reading the James Hartline report: BREAKING NEWS from The James Hartline Report: GOD VINDICATES TWO SAN DIEGO CHRISTIANS WHO SPOKE OUT AGAINST SAN DIEGO CITY COUNCIL CORRUPTION

To view the City Council video clip of the council hearing to honor Ramirez go to the following video link and click on Item 31, Nicole Murray Ramirez Day or slide video time ruler to time of 01:51:30. Media Clip

Ramirez was also the mouthpiece that made false allegations of a hate crime being the motive behind the recent murder of a homosexual sailor in San Diego. Military investigators found NO evidence that the murder of the homosexual enlistee was motivated by hate. The man charged in the crime committed suicide after his arrest.

The San Diego district where Todd Gloria is the councilman has also been the home for numerous homosexual bars that have been the play ground for numerous gay serial killers and other violent gay criminals. and and and

San Diego Gay Pride Dancer Killed After Assaulting Police -- Tragedy Reveals The Dark Reality Of Gay Agenda's Violent Side

Murders in Todd Gloria's district neighborhood of City Heights have continued to go on and on and on while the gay councilman continues to focus on primping and prancing inside of the neighboring gay community. The following is a short list of the many, many crimes that have occurred in Todd Gloria's own neighborhood. This list does not even include the multitude of murders, robberies and assaults committed by homosexuals in his district's gay community.

1. City Heights Shooting Victim Dies; Name Released 2. 3 wounded in City Heights gunbattle; shooting victim may be connected 3. Man Wounded In City Heights Shooting 4. Bank robber with a bomb reported in City Heights 5. Police arrest man after alleged fire bombing spree included City Heights Police station parking lot 6. 16-year-old boy shot in jaw in City Heights 7. City Heights shooting leaves one wounded 8. City Heights Gang-related shooting injures two 9. Baby Dies in City Heights Day Care Center 10. Man injured in drive-by shooting in City Heights retail center parking lot 11. Teen who hurled knife that hit detective in City Heights arrested 12. Teen stabbed on street in City Heights; 3 arrested 13. Arson suspect accused of threats to paramedics and North Park, City Heights and several eastern San Diego areas

While the neighbors of homosexual San Diego City Councilman Todd Gloria are in the fight of their lives to protect themselves from scores of violent predators, murderers, gangs and drug dealers, Todd Gloria is continuously dancing his twisted dance inside of the neighboring gay community of Hillcrest. Here he is standing with many of his homosexual activist partners to waste taxpayer money on a city council resolution to honor deceased San Francisco sex-with-a-minor-activist Harvey Milk. Nicole Murray Ramirez is holding the proclamation.

James Hartline stated in 2005:
"It’s because of his experiences that he says he knows there is an evil conspiracy afoot in Hillcrest — an organized effort among homosexuals to lure individuals into the gay lifestyle, drugs, prostitution and pornography, and to intentionally spread the AIDS virus. “There is a whole network of this very dark criminal activity going on in this neighborhood,” Hartline says.


Anonymous said...

With all the churches in the neighborhood, it's hard to imagine that all these crimes taking place, James.

Perhaps we need to get rid of the churches, or at least keep them out of the view of innocent children.

Anonymous said...

You're just jealous because Todd Gloria beat you at the District 3 election.

Anonymous said...

Since heterosexuals commit the vast majority of violent crimes, I would imagine your homophobic opinions to be moot. Why don't you list the crimes of heterosexuals? Probably because there isn't enough space since there are so many. Better luck next time bigot. LOL!!

mantronikk said...

Only cowards post anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Says the man calling himself "Mantronikk"