Friday, February 26, 2010

Greedy fat cat University of California executives feast on huge bonuses as State of California faces new $20 billion deficit

Greedy fat cat University of California executives feast on huge bonuses as state of California faces new $20 billion deficit. While student tuition and fees are skyrocketing for students attending schools in the University of California system, the university system's medical center executives were awarded huge bonuses by UC regents in the past year. For example, former UC San Diego Medical Center CEO Richard Liekweg will receive a bonus of $136,174 in performance pay for the last fiscal year, added to his base salary of $660,500.

Bonuses for UC medical center execs OK’d -

UCSD Noose Found Photo In UCSD Library; Video UCSD Racism News Shocking Student Protest Called

While UC San Diego is being overwhelmed with campus racism and antichristian bigotry, the university's greedy fat cat chancellor, Marye Anne Fox, continues to get rich courtesy of the taxpayers of California. As unemployment sits above 12.4% in the state and families struggle to put food on the table, chancellor Fox is gourging the state of California for every dime she can get. In 2006, Fox received close to $700,000 in compensation and benefits.

Known for her rabid promotion of homosexuality on campus and the extermination of human embryos via the UCSD biotech experimentation facilities, Marye Anne Fox is a money-seeking Jezebel in the same vein as Meg "Moscow" Whitman and Carly Fiorina, two GOP female candidates competing in the upcoming 2010 California election. In addition to the huge money Fox continues to pull in from the overburdened taxpayers of California, the UC Chancellor has also pulled in huge amounts of money from other sources. Forbes magazine documents the Fox money trail.

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