Monday, February 22, 2010

BOYCOTT DISNEY: Further evidence of the satanic agenda of supporters of Disney is seen in arrest of child rapist.

BOYCOTT DISNEY! Further evidence of the satanic agenda of supporters of Disney. Child rapist arrested wears Mickey Mouse Disney jacket. Notice in THE NEWS VIDEO the filthy pediatrician charged with 400 counts of child rape is wearing a Mickey Mouse Disney jacket.

This is further evidence of the satanic ties between children and the supporters of Disney entertainment. BOYCOTT DISNEY! Disney is the biggest corporate promoter of homosexuality and lesbianism to children. BOYCOTT the new Disney motion picture Alice in Wonderland.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, James, but all that indicates is that he has tragically bad taste in clothing, which leads me to conclude he must be a heterosexual.

Anonymous said...

Straight, but will settle for a little boy when he can't get little girls:

"Announcing the grand jury's indictment, Attorney General Beau Biden said all of the alleged victims, mainly girls but including one boy, were caught on more than 13 hours of video recordings, some dating to 1998."

Before you blame Disney, blame the licensing medical board that allowed this monster to betray the trust of children. I'm willing to bet he's a church-goer, so he'd have more access to children.

From the LA Times account.