Thursday, February 25, 2010

Homosexuality, Death and Suicide Point To A Very Sinister Spirit Behind the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Former child star commits suicide in Vancouver. Andrew Koenig, former child star of the television program Growing Pains and the son of Star Trek star Walter "Chekov" Koenig, was found dead from an apparent suicide in a Vancouver park.

Father: 'Growing Pains' actor Andrew Koenig 'took his own life' -

Koenig's death marks another in a series of catastrophic celebrity deaths coinciding with the winter Olympics in Canada. Walter Koenig, the father of Andrew, is the 73 year-old actor who played Pavel Chekov in the Star Trek series and movies. Walter Koenig has a history of being an extremist anti-christian bigot. He has played many roles mocking Christianity and served as best man at the same-sex wedding of his Star Trek co-star George "Sulu" Takei.

Brendan Burke, the 21 year-old homosexual activist son of U. S. Olympic hockey team general manager Brian Burke, died in a sudden car crash just one week before the Olympics started. Brian Burke, who claims to be a lifetime Catholic, remains defiant against God since his son's death. The senior Burke, vows to continue promoting homosexuality via his Toronto Maple Leafs' hockey team and is planning to march in next month's pornographic 2010 Toronto Gay Pride parade.

On Sunday night, the 55 year-old mother of Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette died of a sudden heart attack at the Olympics.

The Olympics started with the horrific crash and death of Nodar Kumaritashvili, the Georgian luge slider.

There is something very dark and wicked being released into this generation centered around the Vancouver Olympics. The global spirit of the anti-christ is setting the stage for a worldwide murderous rampage and the warning signs are flashing all about the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Canada has persecuted Christians for decades, forcing gay marriage and homosexuality upon all Canadian churches. The socialists who are controlling Canada have declared, "We don't want any part of God's word in our affairs." Really?


Anonymous said...

Hey bro-if you can't watch this video go to youtube and type- YOLANDA ADAMS-Victory.

This song will make you sing and praise the Lord up and down your street. We got the sweet victory in Jesus bud.

Brother In Christ

Anonymous said...

Stanley Park is the same park where a gang of Christians brutally beat a gay man to death a few years back. But it's a peaceful religion.

As for Koenig's anti-Christianism, what? Are you referring to his role as sex-freak and man of god Jimmy Swaggart (Koenig played "televangelist 'Pastor Dylan': a character described as 'a sleazy, slimy, sex-addict.'")?

Anonymous said...

James, thank you for sharing your revelations from God concerning the situation in Canada. But as I write this, evil people in San Diego are busy promoting lifestyles that are an abomination to God. Please do not become so engrossed in the sins of people in other cities that you neglect your home town of San Diego. San Diego has turned its back on God and increasingly is putting out the welcome mat for Satan. Even our churches are sweeping sin under the rug and pretending that there are no sins in San Diego.