Friday, February 05, 2010

James Hartline Drives Out 20th Wicked Business Owner from San Diego's Homosexual Community!

James Hartline Drives Out 20th Wicked Business Owner from San Diego's Homosexual Community: Obeying God's Word and Gaining The Upper Hand in The Great War For This Generation. Revival is Coming to San Diego!

What began as a series of prayer walks against one of the most evil of all the homosexual businesses in San Diego's homosexual community has now culminated in the owner of a filthy pornographic business selling his demonic enterprise to another proprietor. James Hartline first filed complaints with the City of San Diego against the Obelisk gay porn store in 2003. Although the city's code enforcement department investigated the store, it did not shut The Obelisk down because the porn outlet did not meet the city's legal definition of being an adult business which would have culminated in the store violating city laws. San Diego classifies adult businesses as retail enterprises with 15% of its displayed inventory devoted to pornography.

This did not deter James Hartline. He continued to document and photograph the blatant displays of pornographic books and magazines in the store's uncovered front windows.

Displays that were daily viewed by young kids walking to many of the elementary schools that they attend in the neighborhood. Additionally, Hartline repeatedly brought citizen's groups to the store so that the dark deeds of The Obelisk were never hidden from city officials. On one group tour of the sidewalk area in front of The Obelisk, the owner came out and mocked Hartline for not being able to shut his store down. Hartline responded, "Oh, you will be shut down!"The arrogance and evil of the owner of The Obelisk towards James Hartline was actually a front for the real story going on behind the scenes at this porn pusher's enterprise. A new article published on the San Diego Gay and Lesbian News website reveals the financial disintegration that The Obelisk was experiencing during the Biblical crusade that James Hartline continued to lead in the face of the city's inaction and the mocking by the antichristian Obelisk owner.

The January 29, 2010 article titled "Interviewing Obelisk- a new owner, a new life" states: "I had worked with Obelisk for almost 18 months prior to joining the Peace Corps,” said the store’s new owner Brett Serwalt, who took over completely on January 1. “And while I was away I’d receive occasional emails from the owner telling me he’d become increasingly aware that the store was slowly dying. When I asked what he planned on doing, he told me he felt there were just two options. He could sell it, but because independent book stores were dropping like flies it wouldn’t be worth that much, or he could just ride it out until it died. I disagreed. I thought the best way to move forward would be to reinvent the store.”

James Hartline continues to acknowledge the real reason he will surely prevail against the wicked businesses owners of San Diego: "God instructed me ten years ago to begin the battle to tear down the altars of the Devil in San Diego as a precursor to the greatest Biblical revival in the history of America that would begin in this city's homosexual community. This is why God raised me up out homosexuality and caused me to stand strong for Him in the land of my former captivity. Because God's people have joined with me over the years in this battle, we have become a cohesive unit that God can move through to fulfill His prophetic mandate for San Diego. And it is why death threats, persecutions, illnesses and every other work of the enemy does not stop me from obeying God and giving my life to His eternal purposes in these last days."

To the unrepentant owners and builders of the altars of Satan, James Hartline reminds them of what God says in His word:

"If you do not obey Me, the Lord your God, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins. I will break down your stubborn pride and make the sky above you like iron and the ground beneath you like bronze. And your strength shall be spent in vain; for your land shall not yield its produce, nor shall the trees of the land yield their fruit." Leviticus 26:18-20


Robert R. said...

James, it appears that once again Jehovah is using you to advance the gay lifestyle.
The new Obelisk owner recognizes that the gay lifestyle extends beyond the bedroom. Being gay is more than just sex. Educating the public about the gay lifestyle has been a priority item on the gay agenda list for the last 10 years. Who would have thought that God would use a homophobe to advance this goal? Do your homework James and you will discover that gay people have other interests than just the evil porno that you are constantly complaining about. We have a lifestyle that we are proud of and now we have merchandize that is designed just for us and our way of life.

By the way, the “evil” porno is still there as always. However now there is more than just porno.

Also, thanks for getting rid of B. Dalton. Did you notice how many Christian books that store carried? Crown books which is replacing them will have lots of books on "spirituality" but none of that fundamentlist Christian stuff. Isn't Jehovah wonderful?

Anonymous said...

For someone is who no longer a homosexual, you spend a lot of time in porno stores.
Why is it that Christians have problems with naked bodies and sex? I have searched my Bible through and find that Jesus said nothing about pornography. However, in the Old Testament I find much obscenity that I would not want my kids to read.

Anonymous said...

James said, “Revival is Coming to San Diego!’

You should have said, “Revival HAS COME to San Diego”.

Years ago the gay community was confined to porno stores, bath houses, bars, and a variety of quick sex places. We were ghettoized and separate from the rest of society for many years. Now, with God’s blessing and help we have moved beyond the ghetto and claimed our rightful place as equals in society. Revival has come to San Diego and our enemies have been marginalized and confined to their own ghettos.

We came, we saw, and we conquered. Gay people have infiltrated every major institution in this great city; the schools, universities, corporate board rooms, the city council, the courtrooms, and yes, even the churches. Homosexuality is no longer a crime and we have equal rights and opportunities to create our own lifestyle.

Most gay people no longer live in the ghetto. We have moved beyond the porno stores and “t-rooms”. James, if it pleases you to clean up these porno stores, by all means do so because the gay community no longer needs them. We have moved on to better things. If we want porn Federal Express and UPS will deliver it right to our door or we can simply download it on our computers.

James, if you think that by cleaning up the porn places you can eliminate the gay community in San Diego, you are sadly mistaken. The gay community is very intelligent, creative, and persistent. We know what we want and how to get it.
It is interesting to note that the religious community in San Diego is not supporting your efforts to “clean up” San Diego. You are a lone voice providing entertainment for many but no one seems to take you seriously.