Monday, February 22, 2010


Theaters are already pulling Disney's latest satanic movie Alice in Wonderland!

Pediatrician and Child Rapist wears Mickey Mouse Disney jacket as he is arrested for 400 child rapes.

NO MORE EXCUSES FOR CHRISTIANS GIVING MONEY TO THE RADICALIZED HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA OF DISNEY: BOYCOTT RADICAL PRO-HOMOSEXUAL DISNEY'S NEW MOVIE "Alice In Wonderland" - As the biggest corporate sponsor and promoter of homosexuality and lesbianism to minors, the Disney Corporation has become a satanic, antichristian monster. There is simply NO EXCUSE for any Christian to give money to Disney in light of the gross sexually immoral onslaught that Disney has been engaged in against kids in recent years.

Disney-owned ABC broadcast the disgusting sexually explicit performance of homosexual Adam Lambert on the Disney-owned ABC network American Music Awards in November and Disney network star Miley Cyrus performed a stipper pole dance performance on the recent Teen Choice Awards this past April. In the past twelve months alone, Disney has placed a radical homosexual television program on its Disney-owned ABC network called Modern Family. Disney also hired a radical homosexual activist to run its Disney movie studio in 2009 and allowed Gay Days at Disney in front of young kids at its amusement parks.

Added to the spiritual wickedness of Disney was its 2009 witchcraft promoting animation animated movie, "The Princess and The Frog" which featured a voodoo high priestess as the "fairy godmother" in the movie. Alice In Wonderland is to be released on March 5, 2010 and the biggest message that Christians can send to the homosexual activists running Disney is to stop giving them your money.

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Anonymous said...

dude- your radio segment with Colmes was awesome! Is there more stuff like that with you on? And, do you perhaps have a list of all the politicians Christians should consider voting for or against? I haven't voted in years man but you're postings have stirred something awesome in me. I would love to delve further into my own political research to form my opinion. Nonetheless, I really enjoy listening to you apply the word of God to how Christians ought to in politics. It's really amazing what you're doing. I don't care if your a zealous, crazy, raving lunatic. What I do know is God has delivered you from homosexuality and your race is far different than anyone else's. You show vigilance, consistency, and you're willing to go to extremes to let God's power rule your life. It's really cool dude and I admire your zealous love for Jesus. Brother in Christ.