Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Liberal White Democrats are the main culprits in a covert war to exterminate the black males of America.

Liberal White Democrats are the main culprits in a covert war to exterminate the black males of America. The Center For Disease Control recently released a shocking report which revealed that 46% of all urban black homosexual males are infected with the AIDS virus. It is the liberal white Democratic Party establishment that has been at the forefront of encouraging black males to engage in the homosexual lifestyle. Watch this shocking and disturbing video by radical liberal white Democratic homosexual Mark Leno:

Many cities that conduct annual Martin Luther King celebrations have had their events taken over by white dominated gay and lesbian activist organizations.
All People's Breakfast
Legitimate concerns over racial oppression and discrimination have been replaced by the fraudulent claims of homosexual discrimination at these once proud Martin Luther King Day events.

Many abortion clinics where minority babies are being exterminated at an alarming rate are located in impoverished black and latino communities. One of the most abominable examples of this is the abortion clinic that is located in the poorer San Diego community of City Heights. Built among run down stores and old, moldy apartment buildings is the one neighborhood skyscraper that houses this abortion clinic. Sharing the fancy new high rise with the abortion clinic is the congressional office of white pro-abortion Demoratic Congresswoman Susan Davis.

God has ordained a tremendous spiritual assignment for the black men of America in this generation. In the book of Genesis we read the story of Joseph, a young Jewish man held captive in the land of Egypt. God raised up Joseph out of great oppression to save, not only Egypt, but the Jews. Like the ancient hero Joseph, the black men of America are being called by God to forgive their abusers and to rescue the nation which once enslaved them. And God will get His way if the white, racist Democrats are stopped from exterminating all of the black American males who they continue to seduce into the self-destructive behavior of homosexuality. It is time for all Americans of decent courage to rise up and unite and say to the racist white Democrat exterminators of this nation, "No more. Not on my watch! Not this time! This time is our time to live."

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Anonymous said...

Anyone who has written as many racist posts criticizing La Raza as you have, James, has no business calling anyone a racist. Do you think we're not watching and keeping score?