Friday, December 25, 2009


On a bible Susan Davis swears with Pelosi to do
nothing to stop ACORN or the filthy conditions
surrounding her luxury high rise office in City Heights

While United States Congresswoman Susan Davis has had her district office in this air conditioned high rise office in one of the poorest neighborhoods in San Diego's City Heights area, the liberal elitist Democrat was within walking distance of the rotting and polluted property of the corrupt ACORN Office shown below that shut down and moved away several weeks ago. This fancy high rise is also home to an abortion clinic, another of rotten caucasian Congresswoman Susan Davis' most pleasurable racist endeavors.

For years, do nothing Davis and the scandalized ACORN organization shared the same neighborhood just blocks from each other. While Congresswoman Davis has her district office conveniently housed in her spacious luxury suite at 4305 University Ave., the rest of City Heights is overwhelmed with filthy gutters, rampant disease spreading mold, gangs and drug dealers, run down cock roach infested apartments, and disgusting back alleys full of crime, homelessness and decaying food and trash.

More of the Sights and Sounds of the Neighborhood immediately surrounding the luxury high rise office building of elitist "do nothing" Democratic Congresswoman Susan Davis:


Anonymous said...

James I am shocked by those pictures of putrid garbage, squalor, and filthy slums that some of our citizens have to endure. Surely this is grounds for impeachment of the radical politicians that serve that district. While their elected representatives are enjoying an opulent lifestyle in their luxury high rise, nearby residents are being denied basic city services such as garbage removal. Have you brought this to the attention of our local media?

Anonymous said...

Clean it up you drud-addled fool!