Tuesday, December 08, 2009

James Hartline's List of America's Biggest Hypocrites: The Pacific Justice Institute & Bill "biotech" Morrow

James Hartline's List of America's Biggest Hypocrites: The Pacific Justice Institute & Bill "biotech" Morrow.

The Pacific Justice Institute has hired a man with an intimate connection to human embryonic stem cell research to run its Christian law office in San Diego. To put it in the most sobering of terms possible, Christians in America are being destroyed from within by their own institutions. At the hands of our own people, we are being sold up the river, a river that leads to Babylon and our demise. Money, power, and control, all under the guise of conservative religious morality, are causing once decent men to sell out Christians in this nation at an alarming and unabated rate. This is the same deceptive agenda that is behind the recently orchestrated Mahanattan Declaration. We may, very likely, be at a point of no return. The global religious system paving the way for the antichrist is underway. Welcome to Babylon 2010.

Brad Dacus and the Pacific Justice Institute have long been associated with the legal defenses of Christian rights in California. However, in the organization's drive to expand its influence and prosperity in the state, Pacific Justice Institute has hired a former California state senator whose wife continues to work for a global biotech corporation involved in the murdering of human embryos for stem cell research. The Pacific Justice Institute has hired Bill "biotech" Morrow. Former California State Senator Bill Morrow is one of the leading fraudsters when it comes to Christianity and the biotech industry. For years, Morrow sold himself as a pro-life politician while his wife Barbara Morrow was the vice president and general counsel for the California Healthcare Institute (CHI).

The California Healthcare Institute (CHI) has been one of the greatest evil forces for human embryonic stem cell research and was one of the major political players for the passage of Prop. 71 in 2004. Prop. 71 is the $3 billion California initiative that has created a statewide human embryonic stem cell system, much like the satanic nazi medical operations of World War II Germany. Prop. 71 is butchering countless human infant embryos, taking these living growing baby embryos and putting them in embryo banks so that they can be exterminated and experimented on in the quest for making billions of dollars for biotech companies in California and around the globe.

Barbara Morrow was working for CHI when they were involved in the passage of Prop. 71. As a state senator, Bill Morrow, a sinister partner in this dark game, helped author California legislation on behalf of the biotech industry to give tax breaks to biotech firms if they remained in the state. This legislation was put in place prior to the passage of Prop. 71 so that when the initiative was implemented the biotech companies tied to CHI benefited from the multibillion dollar pay out of Prop. 71.

In 2007, Barbara Morrow left CHI to go to work for one of the global pharmaceutical leaders with ties to human embryonic stem cell research. She now works as the Director, State Government Relations for Astellas. Astellas is a member of CHI. Astellas Pharma is a biotech global conglomerate with long ties to promoting human embryonic stem cell research. With global corporate agencies in Japan, Canada, China and elsewhere, only God knows what could possible be underway with human embryo experiments. There are people within the Christian community who do not really understand the kind of tentacles that are spreading the massive global pharmaceutical industry and the countless human infant embryos that could be sacrficed for profit by these monsters.

This is the industry that Bill and Barbara Morrow have long been political prostitutes for. They masquerade as Christians to sell their dark rot to the Christian Community under the guise of "family values." A multitude of so-called Christian Republican powerbrokers tried to sell Bill Morrow to the churches in San Diego County in 2006 to help elect him to congress. They did this while Barbara Morrow was working for the human embryonic stem cell organization CHI. Now, it appears that Bill Morrow is being repackaged again by these same individuals to sell him anew to naive churchgoers. Pacific Justice Institute: It's not hip to be a hypocrite!

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