Monday, December 28, 2009

The Coming Global Persecution and The Unprepared Church - One way or the other you will be in this war: What side of the war will you be on?

The Coming Global Persecution and The Unprepared Church - How false prophets are leading the church into a catastrophic stage of unguarded and unprepared spirituality. One way or the other you will be in this war: What side of the war will you be on?

Revelation 13: They worshiped the dragon for giving the beast such power, and they worshiped the beast. "Is there anyone as great as the beast?" they exclaimed. "Who is able to fight against him?" And it was given unto the beast to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

There is a catastrophe coming. It is the rising of the 5th Empire. God has made it clear in His word that the ancient Roman Empire would arise again in the last days. This is the fifth and final empire of the world systems. It is an empire that has already reemerged. Once fully activated, this final empire will give rise to the antichrist and will march throughout the globe executing persecution and murder unlike anything ever seen since the beginning of mankind's trek upon the earth.

Satan has targets. He is advancing towards his targets as a precursor to the unleashing of the antichrist. The dark one seeks to ultimately destroy those described in the book of the Revelation to John as the 144,000. Revelation Chapter 7 tell us that the judgment upon the earth and sea cannot commence until the 144,000 are sealed by God. The devil's goal is to exterminate these 144,000 so that the judgment cannot begin. The devil does not know where these 144,000 are currently hidden. Thus, he will target the globe in an attempt to annihilate them before they can arise to their prophetic destination in Israel.

The church's responsibility is to engage in spiritual warfare against the assaults of the enemy. If the church is preoccupied with megachurch carnality it will not be engaged in warfare. It is that simple. The forerunner plan of the devil is to create a weakened and emaciated church that will be not be prepared for the coming demonic confrontation and spiritual warfare. This demonic plan has been underway for decades. And the church has been sliding further and further into an abyss of lukewarm apathy.

The modern false prophets of Satan's deceptions have given rise to doctrines of devils that have caused countless millions of Christians to believe that they will not have to deal with the coming global antichrist system. This false "third wave" theology, also known as the latter rain movement and dominion theology, seeks to manipulate Christians into believing that they are to build up an earthly kingdom that overpowers the culture of darkness. These earthly kingdom advocates seduce Christians into falsely believing that they will not suffer persecution under the coming antichrist reign of terror.

While Jesus and His disciples all died painful deaths at the hands of wicked rulers, these false kingdom theologians teach that the "new" Christians are immune from such deadly ends. To cultivate followers into this cult system of beliefs, the conveyors of such false kingdom beliefs promise prosperity, signs, wonders, angels, and immunity from life's troubles if their followers participate in kingdom "building." While the world is being consumed with war and degradation as prophesied in the Bible, these false kingdom builders keep standing on their quicksand doctrines of deception. Nowhere in the Bible or history have there been Christians or Jews who have been immune from the persecutions of the devil. In fact, the Bible declares that if you are a true follower of Jesus Christ you will suffer persecution, perhaps even death for your beliefs.

God has given me many, many dreams and visions of the coming global persecution. There are things coming that are so evil that the church will not be able to endure because they are not being equipped to stand against the plots being prepared by the devil. Hitler is the closest example that the church has for understanding, in a partial way, the devious plans that Satan has stored up for these last days. Satan has saved his worst for last.

The Lord has commanded me to prepare His people for the coming antichrist war against the saints. Do not be deceived. The antichrist is rising soon. The global catastrophes and reactivation of the ancient Roman Empire as prophesied in the Book of Daniel is underway. You can believe the false shepherds who are building up their earthly kingdoms on sinking sand if you so choose to be duped. Or you can believe the word of God and His servant who suffers persecution in these last days for the sake of his Lord and God. He who has an ear, let him hear. It has begun.


Anonymous said...

You are all talk and no action. In reality, you can take no action because the enemy has already passed laws to limit your action to just talk. You have been sealed in by a wall of righteousness.

ewe said...

I am on the opposite side of whatever you are. YOU ARE A DISPICABLE HORROR SHOW.