Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Evangelical Church in San Diego's homosexual community has chuch doors covered in profanity and graffiti. -- James Hartline Report News Center

James Hartline Report News Center Investigations: Developing Story -- Evangelical Church in San Diego's homosexual community has chuch doors covered in profanity and graffiti. Calvary Temple Assembly of God, a church that has operated for over 60 years at the same location, has had most of the doors of its two building center covered in profanity and graffiti. Calvary Temple is a Gospel-centered church that ministers to the area of San Diego where the city's homosexual community took control approximately 25 years ago. Jack Sampier has been senior pastor at the church for over ten years. Although the church continues to preach that homosexuality is a sin, the church regularly prayers for those struggling with the gay lifestyle as well as holding a free coffee giveaway and prayer ministry in the front of the church on Sunday mornings. Pastor Sampier personally scrubbed all of the graffiti off the doors of the church with his bare hands today. There will be more to this developing story in an upcoming James Hartline Report.


Anonymous said...

If you're insinuating the gays did this, James, please provide some proof, because the area is frequented by far more heterosexuals than gays, including homeless people and drug addicts.

Hillcrest has been gay, gay, gay much longer than 25 years.

mantronikk said...

What are the odds that gays DIDN'T do the anti-Christian graffiti? Do you believe that O.J. didn't kill Nicole and Ron too?

Anonymous said...

James wrote on Twitter, “City of San Diego promoting xxx porn companies on public transporation kiosks. A city government with no morals will do anything for money’

Different strokes for different folks; what is porn to one person is sacred and holy to others. Many people consider the bible used by Christians to be pornographic, sadistic, and unsuitable for non-adults. Community standards are different in Hillcrest than those of City Heights. James, wake up and smell the culture. This is 2009 not 1709.

Lo Saturnalia

James Hartline said...

Ah, the credibility or the ringing lack thereof of one who worships foreign planets with rings. Duh.

RobTish said...

mantronikk wrote: "What are the odds that gays DIDN'T do the anti-Christian graffiti?"

Actually, I called the church and they told me the graffiti was not anti-Christian. You're making that up -- or, more accurately, your bigoted feelings about gays are blinding you to any other idea.

The church rep I spoke to said the graffiti was about tweakers and drug users, and the words were not anti-Christian.

Call the church. Ask. Find out the facts before spreading false accusations. Isn't there a commandment about that?

Anonymous said...

@mantronikk: People in this country are still innocent until proven guilty. OJ has nothing to do with this story. If you want to speculate, It could be suggested that James Hartline wrote the graffiti because he needed something to blog about. If James just wanted to make something up, he'd have motive, means, and experience of the subject matter RobTish mentions because James is, after all, a former drug abuser, miscreant and social misfit.