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Part 3: The Hidden Gay Agenda of San Diego Mayoral Candidate Jerry Sanders

Part 3: The Corruption of San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders: The Hidden Gay Agenda of San Diego Mayoral Candidate Jerry Sanders
The James Hartline Report is working on a breathtaking report revealing corruption between Mayor Jerry Sanders and radical elements of the local San Diego gay rights movement which we believe played a key role in his decision to betray voters in his support of same-sex marriage. This report will be released within the next 24 hours. The James Hartline Report has been receiving a tremendous number of requests for this report. In the meantime we are now going to re-release a number of historical James Hartline Reports outlining the many corruptive issues surrounding San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. These reports, published over the past three years, provide great documentation of the Sanders involvement with the homosexual movement. (Lesbian Daughter... Please! Sanders was involved in supporting the homosexual movement years and years prior to his alledged revelations three or four years ago that his daughter was a lesbian!)

The James Hartline Report
October 19, 2005

The Devil Is In The Details:
The Hidden Gay Agenda Of
San Diego Mayoral Candidate
Jerry Sanders
(JHR) There is no question about it: no true Bible-believing Christian can cast an affirming vote for either Jerry Sanders or Donna Frye in the upcoming San Diego mayoral election. There will be those who will attempt to get the Christian voter to fall down that road of moral compromise with the tempting slogan, "Oh, we have to vote for the lesser of two evils, so vote for Jerry Sanders." That however, is not a Biblical offer, but one that violates every tenent of the Bible.

If one looks at the hidden details of the contract being proposed by Jerry Sanders, the candidate, one will find minute, and overwhelming evidence that he will be bringing with him a new wave of moral compromise and radical homosexual ideology. This is the core problem in San Diego, which, for the last ten years has destroyed all sense of morality in America's once Finest City, and left the citizenry with an unfixable financial black hole. Compromising on moral issues, which allowed a homosexual takeover of city hall, has left San Diego completely disabled and unable to find its lost moral compass. Both Donna Frye and Jerry Sanders are preparing to unleash even more moral and sexual compromise on San Diego. Make no mistake about it: both Jerry Sanders and Donna Frye are rabid supporters of the liberal, social experiment of the sexual revolution. Both have bought into the fraudulent, special rights propaganda of the radical gay agenda, and both have promised to cater to the whims of those same gay activists who are financing their respective campaigns.

One look at the campaign supporters lists of both Sanders and Frye, and it does not take a rocket scientist to see how insidious and entrenched are the radical homosexual and abortion stormtroopers in both camps:

Jerrry Sanders: Campaign Support List (Radical Gay Agenda/Abortion Advocates)
A. Bonnie Dumanis - Lesbian San Diego District Attorney
B. Benjamin F. Dillingham III - Extreme Gay Activist Financier
C. Frank Tierney - Homosexual Coronado Councilman
D. Lucy Killea - Former State Senator & Rabid Abortion Supporter
E. Steve Francis - Extremely pro-homosexual, liberal Republican Businessman
F. Murray & Elaine Galinson - Extreme liberal Democrats who have been huge
supporters of homosexuals causes (Received the radical homosexual group, San Diego
Democratic Club's Eleanor Roosevelt Award For Gay Community Action in 2004)
G. Deborah Szekely - Extremely liberal Democratic Supporter (Gave $1,000 to lesbian Christine Kehoe for her State Senate Campaign in 2004)
H. Bob Nelson & Murray Olsen - Extremist supporters of the radical gay agenda in
San Diego, including being major supporters of the San Diego Human Diginity Foundation,
a liberal homosexual group dedicated to such matters as legalization of gay marriage.
I. Katherine Nakamura - Extremely liberal pro-homosexual Democratic darling of the gay agenda and former school board member.

Donna Frye: Campaign Support List (Radical Gay Agenda/Abortion Advocates)
A. Christine Kehoe - Lesbian State Senator and Rabid Abortion Supporter
B. Carole Migden - Lesbian State Senator From San Francisco
C. Gay & Lesbian Times Newspaper
D. Planned Parenthood of San Diego/Riverside Counties
E. Lori Saldana - Pro-gay marriage State Assemblywoman and Rabid Abortion Supporter
F. San Diego Democratic Club - Rabid Homosexual Activist Organization
G. - Extremist Lesbian website
H. Bruce M. Abrams - Radical Gay Activist and Financier of Gay Agenda
I. City Delicatessen - Extremely big financial supporter of Gay Agenda
J. The Big Kitchen - Radical liberal owner and supporter of Gay Agenda
K. Linda Barufaldi - Lesbian and major supporter of radical Gay Agenda in San Diego
L. Jesse Durfee - Extremist homosexual leader of the Radical Gay Agenda in San Diego
M. Keith May & Sidney Goodman - Extemist Gay Agenda supporters in San Diego
N. Robert J. Leyh - Gay Activist leader trying to force acceptance of homosexuality in the military and extremist opponent of the Boy Scouts
O. Mark R. Leno - Homosexual Assemblyman who is pushing for gay marriage
P. Maureen Steiner & Aida Mancillas - Radical and extremist lesbians and leaders of
San Diego's radical lesbian - feminist movement
Q. Dr. Patrica A. Washington - Most extremist lesbian acitivist in San Diego. Perhaps
the most extreme anti-christian lesbian in San Diego as well.

The Devil Is In The Details!

The average Christian Conservative voter does not spend adequate time in researching the true agendas of most candidates. Too often, the Christians have depended upon Republican party leaders for their information on candidates. Time and time again, these same voters have ended up bewildered as to why the person they voted for ended up being a liberal pro-abortion, pro-homosexual elected official, contrary to what Republican Party leaders told them during the campaigns. The Jerry Sanders candidacy is another prime example of this deception being sold to San Diego's Christian community. Without question, Jerry Sanders is a huge liberal politician, with long term ties to the radical gay agenda. There is a reason that so many extremist homosexuals and lesbians are supporting his candidacy. There is also a reason that San Diego County Republican Chairman Ron Nehring is leading the local party in a cheering endorsement of Jerry Sanders. It was only days after liberal Jerry Sanders rode in the pedophile-scandal Gay Pride Parade, waving and smiling at all of his homosexual, lesbian and transsexual friends, and disrespecting every Christian voter, that Chairman Nehring led the charge to give Sanders a Republican Party endorsement.

Without question, Christian Conservatives make up the vast majority of the Republican Party in San Diego. Republican candidates cannot win, without the Christian vote. And it is time that Christians realize that the current Republican Party leadership in San Diego wants our vote, without our Christianity. Christians can no longer tolerate being pimped by Chairman Nehring and his anti-christian partners. Make no mistake about it: both Jerry Sanders and Donna Frye are as anti-christian in their social policies as it gets. They both support legalizing homosexual relationships into law. Sanders supports civil unions. Frye supports gay marriage. Fundamentally, there is no difference in the effect, just manipulation of terminology. Both Sanders and Frye support abortion. Both Sanders and Frye support giving out needles to drug addicts on the street. Both Sanders and Frye support medical marijuana. They are socialist liberals and no Bible believing Christian can resolve this dilema by casting an affirming vote for either candidate.

The Final Nail In Coffin

The Gay and Lesbian Center ( in San Diego is one of the most radical, anti-christian organizations in the United States. From supporting gay marriage, to forcing the Boy Scouts out of Balboa Park, the Gay Center is out to destroy San Diego's Christian values. Additionally, the stacks of gay newspapers and magazines that contain advertisements for pornography, male prostitution, and gay sex clubs that are piled up inisde of the Gay Center lobby, makes it an abomination that the Gay and Lesbian Center is receiving million of dollars in public funds to alledgedly fight HIV. Both Jerry Sanders and Donna Frye continue their aggressive attacks on traditional family values by advertising their intentions to attend a gay and lesbian meeting on Friday, October 21, 2005 at the vile Gay Center:


This monthly Gay and Lesbian Coalition Breakfast, is a networking event sponsored by the Gay and Lesbian Center to futher spread homosexual and lesbian acceptance in the city of San Diego. By Sanders and Frye going into this house of sexual immorality, they are sending a strong message to all Christian voters that they will not be supporting Christian values when either of them is elected mayor.

Perhaps the saddest aspect to the Frye-Sanders homosexual juggernaut, is the complete moral failure of Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring for his push to have the local party endorse rabid pro-homosexual Jerry Sanders, after Jerry Sanders insisted on siding with the radical gay agenda with his ride in the anti-family, pornographic Gay Pride parade. This is the same parade that was racked with a major pedophile scandal. Sadly, after Nehring could not see his other pro-homosexual candidate, Steve Francis, get the mayoral position, he insisted on a party endorsement of Sanders, another anti-family liberal.


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