Thursday, September 20, 2007

Part 1: The Corruption of San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders

The James Hartline Report is working on a breathtaking report revealing corruption between Mayor Jerry Sanders and radical elements of the local San Diego gay rights movement which we believe played a key role in his decision to betray voters in his support of same-sex marriage. This report will be released within the next 24 hours. The James Hartline Report has been receiving a tremendous number of requests for this report. In the meantime we are now going to re-release a number of historical James Hartline Reports outlining the many corruptive issues surrounding San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. These reports, published over the past three years, provide great documentation of the Sanders involvement with the homosexual movement. (Lesbian Daughter... Please! Sanders was involved in supporting the homosexual movement years and years prior to his alledged revelations three or four years ago that his daughter was a lesbian!)

Part 1: A James Hartline Report Special Investigation
November 2, 2005

Republican Mayoral Candidate Jerry Sanders
Takes A Page Out Of Convicted Councilmen Campaign Strategy:
Receives Contribution From Gay Sex Club Owner!

(JHR) Taking a page out of the campaign strategies of convicted Councilmen Ralph Inzunza and Michael Zucchet, the James Hartline Report has uncovered a campaign contribution to San Diego mayoral candidate Jerry Sanders from a local San Diego gay sex club owner. According to the Sanders Campaign disclosure form ( on page 96, Frank Stiriti, owner and manager of the Vulcan Steam and Sauna, a downtown gay sex club, contributed $150.00 on June 10, 2005 to the former police chief's mayoral campaign.

The Vulcan Steam and Sauna is one of the most graphic gay porn and sex clubs in Southern California ( Located at 805 W. Cedar Street, two blocks from the San Diego County Administration Building and immediately across from Monarch Elementary School, the Vulcan Steam and Sauna features video lounges showing explicit xxx gay pornography, a group orgy room and, on any day of the week, dozens of completely nude men engaged in anonymous gay sex. Normally, the Vulcan would be outlawed as an illegal adult business, due to its close proximity to the Monarch Elementary school, but the city has exempted it from legal action because it was opened over thirty years ago, prior to the enactment of current municipal codes.

During his tenure as San Diego's Police Chief, Sanders never once pursued legal action against any of the illegal gay sex clubs in San Diego. Instead, Sanders has alledged that he has marched in seven different San Diego Gay Pride parades which feature numerous gay porn companies, S & M sex groups, and male stippers from various gay bars. It is incredible that Sanders, who is running to become the next mayor of San Diego, is now taking money from the adult entertainment industry. Several Republican voters, who have already voted via absentee ballots, have informed the James Hartline Report, that they refused to cast votes in the mayoral race due to both Sanders and Frye's support of the anti-family gay agenda. Upon informing these same voters that Sanders had taken money from Vulcan owner Stiriti, these same voters expressed a growing realization that Sanders, if elected, will not do anything to clean up the moral catstrophe sweeping San Diego.

The Seduction Of Republican Leaders

During the current mayoral campaign, numerous Republican activists have contacted the James Hartline Report with emails containing correspondences which indicate widespread manipulation via promises of a Sanders clean up at city hall in exchange for their votes and financial support. One of the most troubling was an email from a journalist who had been receiving correspondences from Republican business leader Rick Otis. Otis a former leader with the Adam Smith organization conveyed that he had been given personal assurances directly from Jerry Sanders that he would shut down the illegal gay bathhouses if he is elected mayor.

Dated August 21, 2005, Otis wrote to this journalist:

"Jerry Sanders is a Christian. Jerry Sanders is coming down line from a Donna Frye, he is closer to what we believe. He is not perfect, but I personally have a commitment from him to work to put the bathhouses out of business. I will hold him to that commitment."

While Mr. Otis was receiving his personal assurances from candidate Sanders that he would shut down the bathhouses, he deposited a $300 campaign contribution into the Sanders' campaign. Otis' contribution occurred during the same time period that Sanders was also taking the contribution from the gay bathhouse owner. The August 21st email from Otis came just three weeks after Sanders rode in this year's San Diego Gay Pride Parade. Although, Sanders had been informed that numerous dangerous pedophiles were involved in the event, he rejected the best interest of the children of San Diego and rode in the parade anyway. Shortly after the Sanders' Gay Pride fiasco, it was revealed that a fifth pedophile was working in the event's Children's Garden as Marty the Clown.

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