Saturday, September 15, 2007

Magic Johnson Supports The Evil of Hillary Clinton

I will hope that you will take the time to pass this information on directly to Magic Johnson.

My name is James Hartline. I am the founder of California Christian News, located in San Diego, California. Like Magic Johnson, I have been infected with HIV. I took getting infected with HIV as a warning from God to repent of my sin and turn to the Lord. I have done so. Eight years ago, I left a thirty-year involvement with homosexuality to get right with Jesus Christ and follow Him. Since following Christ, I have been blessed and God has used me mightily to influence thousands of Christians in San Diego, California to make a stand for righteousness. At no time have I ever had a desire to return to the sin of homosexuality. I stand obedient to the Bible and Jesus Christ.

Our publication and thousands of supporters are grieved that Magic Johnson has not stopped supporting those who are bound and determined to destroy the Christian foundation of this nation. I believe that God has given Magic Johnson a warning through the AIDS virus to stop supporting anti-christian bigotry and secular radicals.
Obama Gets Oprah, Hillary Gets Magic by The Associated Press

The idea that Magic Johnson would publicly support Hillary Clinton when she supports the radicalized and anti-christian propaganda of the homosexual movement is, not only sad, but an evil mark against all of the Christians in this nation who are pleading for justice and protection for our families. The idea that Magic Johnson would support one of the biggest advocates for the heinous practice of partial-birth abortion and the killing off of our generation is something that God will not take lightly. As quickly as God blessed Magic Johnson with great wealth, to rebel against God in this way, He will just as quickly take it all away.

Hillary Clinton has done everything possible to support lesbianism, transsexualism and the evil of abortion. How can Magic Johnson, after getting help from God, turn his back on what the Bible clearly teaches, to support the immorality and wickedness of Mrs. Clinton?

How can you do this to God? How can you do this to us? What have we Christians done to Magic Johnson, that he would treat us in such a horrible way? If this is the way that Magic Johnson has decided to treat the men and women of Christianity in this nation, then we must encourage our people in San Diego and Los Angeles not to give our money to businesses owned by Magic Johnson Enterprises. We will compose a list of those businesses owned and operated by Magic Johnson and encourage our people to shop elsewhere.
I will hope that you will take the time to pass this information on directly to Magic Johnson.
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