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Part 2: The Corruption of San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders

The James Hartline Report is working on a breathtaking report revealing corruption between Mayor Jerry Sanders and radical elements of the local San Diego gay rights movement which we believe played a key role in his decision to betray voters in his support of same-sex marriage. This report will be released within the next 24 hours. The James Hartline Report has been receiving a tremendous number of requests for this report. In the meantime we are now going to re-release a number of historical James Hartline Reports outlining the many corruptive issues surrounding San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders. These reports, published over the past three years, provide great documentation of the Sanders involvement with the homosexual movement. (Lesbian Daughter... Please! Sanders was involved in supporting the homosexual movement years and years prior to his alledged revelations three or four years ago that his daughter was a lesbian!)

Part 2: The James Hartline Report
October 24, 2005

Mayoral Candidate Sanders Speaks At Gay & Lesbian Center:
Sanders Intensifies Attacks On Family Values!

(JHR) San Diego Mayoral candidate Jerry Sanders, a registered Republican, intensified his attacks on traditional family values during a recent speech at the Gay and Lesbian Center in Hillcrest, home to San Diego's largest homosexual activist groups. Presumably, Sanders, a liberal socialist when it comes to defining what family values are, believed his speech would only be heard before the packed room full of radical gay and lesbian activists. In punch after punch, Sanders degraded traditional family values by articulating his dark vision of promoting homosexuality in its broadest scope.

According to the San Diego Daily Transcript (, Sanders played the typical "two-faced" politician game. When talking to the more conservative elements of the city, Sanders has stated that he supports the Boy Scouts retaining their lease in Balboa Park. On face value, this runs in stark opposition to the radical stance of his opponent, liberal, pro-homosexual Donna Frye, who voted to kick the Boy Scouts out of the city owned park when it came up for a vote during a 2003 city council hearing. During his comments at the Gay and Lesbian Center, Sanders revealed an even darker belief for the Boy Scouts than just Frye's decision to evict them. Sanders stated that he wants the Boy Scouts to accept homosexuals and atheists into the organization rather than evicting them. According to the San Diego Daily Transcript, here is what Sanders stated:

Other issues the candidates discussed included leasing land to the Boy Scouts. Frye said she considered it illegal in San Diego to lease land to groups that discriminate. The Boy Scouts don't allow gay or atheist leaders.

Sanders said the issue was not that "cut and dry" and would rather work on changing the attitude of the Boy Scouts than just not let them lease land.

As frightening as Sanders' statment of intention to lead the Boy Scouts into revising their policy so that the small boys of the organization are led by homosexuals and atheists, the Republican candidate was even more intense about his radical homosexual policies on gay and lesbian relationships. Sanders was so extreme during his speech at the Gay and Lesbian Center, that he stated that everyone one should be forced to recognize, through legislation, homosexual and lesbian relationships.

In utter, hypocritical fashion, Sanders stated:

"As you know, I (Sanders) don't support same-sex marriage, but that's because of the religious reasons," he said. "I believe civil unions, domestic partner benefits should be supported and should be supported for everybody. I also oppose constitutional amendments to limit those rights."

Perhaps the most degrading part of the Sanders speech at the Gay and Lesbian Center on October 21, 2005 was the moment that he bragged about his seven appearances at the Gay Pride parades, including the one where he was the Grand Marshal (, (

In clear, and appalling fashion, the Sanders' comments of leading the Gay Pride parade as Grand Marshal, along side drag queens, pornography promoters, and male prostitutes, demonstrates the absolute bankruptcy that San Diego finds itself in, with the choice of candidates for leading the city. However, it is the embracement of Sanders and his radical, homosexual ideology, by San Diego Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring and his social liberal partners, which indicates even bigger trouble for an already battered city. Chairman Nehring, who led the recent party endorsement for Sanders, told the Union Tribune in a Sept 18th article that the Republican Party will turn out for Sanders on election day ( Nehring's comments come only six weeks after Sanders marched in the July Gay Pride parade that was racked with a scandal over five dangerous pedophiles who were working with the event. One of those pedophiles proceeded to perform as a clown in the event's children's garden. Nehring's drive to be associated with a winner, despite the complete degradation of moral values to families and their children, is a sign that the local party is beginning to disintegrate.

Clearly, Sanders cannot be trusted to defend family values. He has made it clear, he intends to push for a futher degeneration of all Christian values in San Diego. One only has to look back early in the campagin to get a clear picture of just how dishonest Sanders is on the family values issue. On May 28, 2005, Union Tribune writer Phil Lavelle confronted Sanders about accusations put forth by the James Hartline Report regarding Sanders' support of the radical gay agenda. Here was the response that Sanders gave at the time:

Sanders is alread the target of attacks, including a newsletter launched Thursday by James Hartline, who accuses San Diego's former top cop of promoting a "radical homosexual agenda."

Sanders, a married father of two, called the newsletter allegations "baloney" and said he believes in "tolerance for everybody."

There is no doubt now, based upon the comments that Sanders made at the Gay and Lesbian Center, his second appearance at that location in the heart of San Diego's homosexual activism, that this former top cop is intent on continuing to flood San Diego with radical gay activism and his earlier denial to that accusation was an outright lie.

While many Christian voters will be turning out on November 8th to vote in favor of Prop. 73, the Parental Notification Initiative, they have increasingly stated to the James Hartline Report that they will not be voting for either Jerry Sanders or Donna Frye. The reason most often given is that they just cannot affirm either Sanders or Frye who are so hostile to family values by their advocacy for homosexuality. On another front, the perception that local Republican leaders are turning their backs on family values to support the vocal minority of radical homosexuals is creating a growing revolt against party Chairman Ron Nehring and his liberal party partners. Many traditional Republican party voters have spoken to the James Hartline Report, stating that they have been receiving more and more phone calls asking for Republican Party donations. Each time they have declined to give money due to the promotion of pro-homosexual candidates by Nehring as the primary reason for not giving further contributions.

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