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Heroes For A New Generation: The Jay and Lynn LaSuer Story

Heroes For A New Generation: The Jay and Lynn LaSuer Story

After California State Assemblyman Jay LaSuer had completed his third and final term in the state legislature in 2007, he and his wife Lynn could have taken the path that so many hard working, middle age couples take after decades on the harsh battlefield of industrial politics. Jay and Lynn LaSuer could have said, "Oh, let's just relax now and do some traveling. After all, we've paid our dues. We've earned the right to put our feet up in our recliners and watch the sun set on a well deserved retirement."

That is not the way with Jay and Lynn LaSuer. They are not the typical political couple to ride into the sunset of comfortable complacency. The LaSuers have at the center of their way of thinking a thing called conviction. The LaSuers simply will not rest on privilege when the very county they live in is under the greatest moral and political attacks of their generation.

The political course of 2009 was made clear for Jay and Lynn LaSuer with their awareness that the current race for sheriff of San Diego County was being overrun with candidates who are catastrophic for the morals and families of San Diego. Current Sheriff Bill Gore, a recent appointee by outgoing Sheriff Bill Kolender, is one of the most liberal, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion big government activists to ever hold the office of sheriff in San Diego, or any other county for that matter. Gore's recent participation in the porn-filled San Diego Gay Pride Parade, as well as campaign events with gay transvestites in the homosexual community, sent a shockwave of disbelief through much of the conservative areas of Eastern and Northern San Diego County.

Jim Duffy, the big government union candidate in the sheriff's race, has recently declared that he will be the most left-leaning of all candidates with his endorsement of anti-military, open borders congressman Bob Filner. Added to the fact that Duffy drove in the San Diego Gay Pride Parade this past summer, and it is clear what kind of threat his lack of morality poses for Christian Conservatives should he become the next sheriff of San Diego County.

With the revelations that San Diego is in great trouble with these types of anti-family, anti-christian candidates for sheriff, Jay and Lynn LaSuer sat down, imagined the battle scars they would endure in the upcoming campaign season, and decided that Jay would make his stand for the families of San Diego County by announcing his candidacy for sheriff of San Diego County.

This is not the first time that Jay and Lynn LaSuer have planted their feet in opposition to the radical socialist agenda of California's big government liberalism. For six years, Jay LaSuer was the California State Assemblyman for the 77th District, an area which covers most of East San Diego County. During many battles in the state capitol, Jay was the lone voice for Christians and family values during the assaults on traditional beliefs by radical homosexual activist legislators.

The James Hartline Report detailed in a 2005 article the stand that then Assemblyman Jay LaSuer was making on behalf of families in Sacramento. Time after time, Assemblyman LaSuer would hold his head up high and walk into the midst of the very radical, anti-Christian Democrat-controlled State Assembly and make his stand for the moms and dads of San Diego, California. Faced with the overwhelming assault of the radical gay lobby and the extremist Democrat socialists who were redefining family, Jay LaSuer never once compromised his values or backed down from his opponents.

In September of 2005 when radical lesbian and homosexual legislators Mark Leno, Christine Kehoe, Carol Migden, John Laird and Sheila Kuehl were plotting to subvert the will of California voters to pass AB849, the gay marriage bill, Assemblyman Jay LaSuer planted his feet in the middle of the assembly chambers and declared, "Not On My Watch!" In Assemblyman LaSuer's bold and magnificent speech to the chamber he declared, "History will record that you betrayed your constituents and their moral and ethical values. You are not leading; you have gone astray!"

Assembyman LaSuer was vilified by leftist liberals and compromising, pro-homosexual Republicans throughout the California political spectrum for his refusal to negotiate away his convictions on what is best for the families of his state. In the midst of the flying arrows and the blistering fires of political antichristianity, Jay and Lynn LaSuer refused to back down or back out of their stand for the moms and dads of California.

In August of 2006, as his final term in office was coming to an end, Jay LaSuer was faced with the most negative assault yet on the family values he had fought so valiantly to uphold. The state's gay and lesbian caucus was outraged over the gutting of the original language in radical lesbian Democratic State Senator Sheila Kuehl's bill, SB1437. SB1437 was written to force the indoctrination and promotion of homosexuality in all elementary school texts and classrooms. Conservatives had led an intense battle with the help of Assemblyman LaSuer and Assemblyman Mountjoy to slowdown the perverted SB1437 train. The Assembly's gay and lesbian caucus manipulated an August 14, 2006 session so that they could parade a number of homosexual "role models" inside of the assembly floor during an "LGBT Pride Recognition" ceremony.

In a move that is reminiscent of the great patriots who founded America, two Christian Republican State Assemblymen, Jay LaSuer and Dennis Mountjoy, refused to bow to political correctness when faced with the Democratic Party deciding to parade the group of gay activists onto the Assembly Floor for their LGBT caucus gay pride ceremony.

Trembling with righteous indignation, Assemblyman LaSuer rose up, stared the gay caucus in the face and declared during the contentious vote on suspending the rules to allow the ceremony, "Why is immorality in America being honored, but not independence that our Founding Fathers died for?" LaSuer was referring to the fact that the Democratic majority in the Assembly refused to honor the Fourth of July last month on the Assembly Floor, but they were approving a celebration to parade gay activists inside of the Floor via a vote.

Just as bold as Jay LaSuer, was outspoken Christian Republican State Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy, whose father Dick Mountjoy was running for the United States Senate against liberal Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein that year. Mountjoy rose up and declared onto the Assembly Floor, "I find it puzzling that America's Servicemen were not honored on the Floor, but behavior in the bedrooms was celebrated!"

After SB1437 was amended to remove certain requirements on gay role model promotion, the bill still contained propaganda language to force the promotion of homosexuality onto all children in California schools beginning in kindergarten via their textbooks. Only Assemblyman Jay LaSuer and Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy voted against the amended bill. All other Republican Assemblypersons who casts votes, voted yes for the propaganda bill.

Homosexual Democratic Assemblyman Mark Leno of San Francisco, who was the author of the 2005 California gay marriage bill, called LaSuer and Mountjoy, "childish" for their stand against the gay ceremony. The Bible calls the actions of Jay LaSuer and Dennis Mountjoy on that dark day in Sacramento, "courageous and righteous!"

This past summer, in the sweltering heat of San Diego's hot month of July, San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore and his other liberal opponent for sheriff, Jim Duffy, were marching in the 2009 San Diego Gay Pride Parade.
Along with the transvestites, pornographers, gay marriage activists, the pagan pride leaders and members of the atheist coalition, Gore and Duffy were selling out everything they could for a vote during the gay parade to become San Diego's next sheriff in 2010.

Where were Jay and Lynn LaSuer during this immoral trampling of Christian values? Refusing to negotiate away their Biblical principles or the families they represented for so long in the state legislature, Jay and Lynn LaSuer were out in the communities of San Diego standing against big government liberalism, illegal immigration and the catastrophic war being declared against family values by their well funded liberal opponents.

When history is recorded, it will surely read that Assemblyman Jay LaSuer did not win every battle that he fought in the Democratic-Controlled State Legislature. However, history will declare that when Jay LaSuer was called, he always showed up with his boxing gloves on, the children of California on his mind, and he went down swinging for dear life everytime the alarm sounded.

Yes, Jay and Lynn LaSuer could have retired from politics when Jay was termed out from the state assembly. Instead, they are still here. They are still fighting. There are some things, like family and morality and kids, that true patriots cannot stop fighting for.

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