Monday, November 30, 2009

Countering The Radical Anti-Christian Atheism Agenda By Keeping Christ in Christmas

Do you know what the Scarlet A is? The Scarlet A stands for atheism. Radicalized, anti-christian atheist Richard Dawkins is marketing His Scarlet A lapel pins on his website. Over 1,500 anti-christian websites are currently promoting the humanistic and atheistic propaganda of evolutionist Richard Dawkins by displaying his Scarlet Letter A for Atheism.

If Richard Dawkins and his very dark and immoral supporters could have their way Christianity would be exterminated from the United States of America. History has already shown us what atheism did to Christians and Jews in Communist China, the Old Soviet Union and Castro's Cuba. More brutality and human suffering has been inflicted by the atheist regimes under Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot and Fidel Castro than any other governments in human history. We must make our stand against Richard Dawkins and his ilk.

This Christmas you can counter the massive Scarlet A for Atheism campaign. My friends at Made in the USA Forever are marketing Keep Christ In Christmas 3-Pack Sets. This lapel pin and key chain set is a powerful witnessing tool to say to the world that you believe in Jesus Christ at Christmas.

Order Your Keep Christ in Christmas

Made in the USA Forever only offers products made in the United States as a way of employing American workers in American factories. My friend Diane Chapman, a faithful pro-life woman of God, runs her own company in San Diego called Flex Systems, Inc. Diane manufactures Keep Christ in Christmas pins at her American factory with American workers.


Robert said...

James, there are some advantages of being an atheist;
* The atheist has an advantage over the Christian in that he has an extra day for personal use and pleasure. He can sleep, golf, fish or anything he chooses on the first day of the week. Christians are obliged to devote part or all of the day to their Lord.

* The atheist has extra funds for his personal use. He is not expected to share his prosperity with God's cause and for such Christian endeavors as caring for the poor, orphans, those who are down and out. He sees no need for taking the uplifting message of Christ to the citizens of the most backward and downtrodden nations of the earth.

* The atheist has no concerns about right and wrong. He need not search his soul or apologize for violating any ancient precept of moral behavior. As Dostoevsky said, "If God is not, nothing is morally wrong." He can do whatever he wishes and the world be hanged if they don't like it.

* The atheist has no need to worry about such things as death, life beyond the grave, judgment, heaven or hell. Such things are all tied to Jehovah and Christ, his Son. They are out of his purview. For him they don't exist.

* The atheists has no need to own, read or believe the Bible. He can devote his reading to something more meaningful such as novels, romances, etc.

Anonymous said...