Saturday, November 21, 2009

ALERT: Marxist Group Behind Repeal of Prop. 8 Ban on Gay Marriages in California

ALERT From The James Hartline Report: Marxist Group Behind Repeal of Prop. 8 Ban on Gay Marriages in California.

The James Hartline Report has learned that a radicalized Marxist group is involved in the organized effort to repeal Prop. 8, the California voter-approved constitutional ban on gay marriages. The International Socialist Organization (ISO) is a radicalized Marxist group that deems capitalism to be the cause of the misery in America.

The ISO is listed among numerous socialist and homosexual groups on the Repeal Prop. 8 in 2010 website. The national headquarters for the ISO is located in Chicago, Illinois where Pres. Barack Obama launched his political career.

According to the ISO website, new members of the group receive a membership packet laden with anti-semitic and extreme communist propaganda materials: "The New Members Study Packet collects a number of articles that give answers to the questions socialists face. It gives a brief introduction to the ISO and how it functions, then features articles on the case for socialism. Also included are readings on "Leninism, the Revolutionary Party, and the Revolutinary Newspaper," "Marxism and the Fight Against Oppression," "The Russian Revolution and the Real Marxist Tradition" and "War, Imperialism and Zionism."

In addition to its promotion of the repeal of Prop. 8, the ISO website also provides links to radicalized anti-semitic Palestinian support websites that seek to establish a Palestinian state within Israel's current borders.

Earlier this week, the James Hartline Report published information on the involvement of San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders in the effort to repeal Prop. 8. Sanders, a registered Republican, has announced that he will testify during an upcoming federal lawsuit in an effort to Repeal Prop. 8 so that gay marriages can recommence in California. Hartline has also reported on the continued efforts of Miles McPherson and his San Diego megachurch The Rock Church to promote and honor pro-gay marriage Sanders via the church's "Do Something" works-based charity program.


Anonymous said...

cool, socialists

Anonymous said...

This article is just far right propaganda and very dishonest, it's total crap to cal the ISO an anti-semetic organization, in fact the ISO opposes oppression of all kinds including anti-semetism. Not supporting the colonial state of Israel is a political question, in fact there are many Jews who do not support the state of Israel such as the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network It is shocking for a national project to try to lay claim and hegemony over an entire religion and culture, I do not recognize Israel as a home for my people.

Anonymous said...

I've got a commie under my bed too, James! What would Saint Joe McCarthy say?