Tuesday, November 24, 2009

California Doesn't Need Washed Up 72 Year-Old Hippy Jerry Brown As Its Next Governor

Putting Jerry Brown and the Democrats in charge of California's legislature in Sacramento is like putting Hometown Buffet in charge of an Overeater's Anonymous meeting.

After finishing out his previous term as governor of California, Jerry Brown served as a two term mayor of Oakland. During Brown's eight years as mayor of Oakland, violence and gangs skyrocketed in the city. In fact, in the last year of Brown's reign of terror in Oakland, the city's murder rate almost doubled compared to the previous year.

Now, the nearly 72 year-old leftist supporter of same-sex marriage and other washed up communist-style ideologies wants to once again become governor of California in 2010. If Brown couldn't even manage to control or reduce the rate of murders and violent crimes in Oakland when he was mayor for eight years then what will the entire state look like under his stale, failed policies?

In a time of California's shipwrecked legislature and impending Schwarzenegger-guided economic collapse, the last thing that families in the state need is a 72 year-old hippy, who had liberal U. S. Senator Dianne Feinstein perform his wedding ceremony in 2005, to be their next governor.


Anonymous said...

Listen to yourself James. You're an ageist hypocrite.

James Hartline said...

I can't hear you over the drone of your idiocy.

Anonymous said...

Meg Whitman will win over Jerry Brown in a landslide. Age is not the issue. Experience and the ability to get things done will propel Meg Whitman to victory.

Even though Meg Whitman is against gay marriage, she is a strong supporter of gay rights, civil unions, and equal benefits for gays. She has a track record for standing up to religious bigots who want to marginalize the gay lifestyle. She is a pragmatist who will put the social issues in the deep freezer and concentrate on economic issues.

As a gay male, I fully support Meg Whitman, even though I normally vote for Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Let me clarify and maybe it will penetrate your advanced dementia: You said, "Doesn't Need Washed Up 72 Year-Old Hippy Jerry Brown As Its Next Governor"

That is ageism, pure and simple.