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San Diego Mayoral Candidate Steve Francis Joins Transvestite Activist To Endorse Replacing City Slogan With New Slogan/Theme Tied To Biotech Industry

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January 28, 2008
Campaign 2008 Update

San Diego Mayoral Candidate Steve Francis Joins Tranvestite Activist
To Endorse Replacing San Diego's Official City Slogan,
With New City Slogan and A Theme With Ties To Promoting
The Biotech Industry.

"America's Finest City" Slogan Would Be Replaced
With New Official Slogan Titled "City of Life" and Theme
Giving Biotech and Embryonic Stem Cell Industry Widespread
Promotion Throughout San Diego.

Mayoral Candidate Steve Francis Has Extensive Ties To Biotech Industry
While Endorsing Replacement of Traditional City Slogan With One That
Will Promote Theme Tied To BioScience Industry.

(Campaign 2008) Everyday, the municipal government of San Diego takes even more shallow breaths than it took the day before. The time of San Diego's impending bankruptcy, both morally and financially, is at hand. The once brilliant heritage of this great southern California metropolis is becoming as cold as a corpse. Above the morbidly tarnished ivory towers of this second largest city in California, the political vultures are circling and readying themselves to feed on whatever money has not been stolen from San Diego's mournful taxpayers.

There is one political vulture who is circling San Diego's municipal carcass more hungrily than any other. He is circling his prey - a truly rabid opportunist. He is the political beast better known as former Las Vegas politician-turned millionaire Steve Francis. A real flip-flopping political chameleon, Steve Francis has once again declared himself a candidate in the 2008 San Diego mayoral race.

Salivating at the sight of stumbling incumbent Mayor Jerry Sanders, candidate Steve Francis is ready to raid the once glorious city that was founded upon the blood of Spanish missionaries. Those ancient Catholic travelers who layed down their lives to establish California's first Mission in San Diego would see the current escapades of Steve Francis as a cruel assault on a city already haunted by a legacy of immoral and corrupt political leaders. However, there is one current Steve Francis escapade that is perhaps more putrid than all of his other devilish dances combined. Steve Francis has now joined transvestite activist Nicole Murray Ramirez to endorse a proposal to replace San Diego's official city slogan, "America's Finest City," with a new slogan and a theme with extensive ties to San Diego's Biotech industry.

The new official city slogan being proposed by artist George Mullen is called "City of Life." Joining mayoral candidate Steve Francis and transvestite activist Nicole Murray Ramirez to endorse the City of Life proposal are some of the most radical left-leaning political leaders in San Diego, as well as some of the most powerful names in the biotech and embryonic stem cell industry. Included in the endorsement list in support of the City of Life proposal are lesbian San Diego City Councilwoman Toni Atkins, San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre, wealthy embryonic stem cell supporter Malin Burnham, embryonic stem cell advocate and co-founder of Forward Ventures Ivor Royston, and Eric Bruvold, President and CEO of the San Diego Institute for Policy and Research, the think tank founded by Steve Francis in 2006.

Perhaps the most distasteful of all the recent plots and plans of San Diego's current crop of self-serving political leaders is the City of Life proposal being endorsed by mayoral candidate Steve Francis. For pro-life activists in San Diego, there is one troubling thing that the City of Life proposal will do for their city: it will turn San Diego into an artistic City of Death. The idea that Francis has signed off on a scheme to turn San Diego and its resources into nothing more than a marketing agent for Francis' wealthy friends in the biotech industry is just one too many punches below the belt for the honest and hardworking voters of San Diego.

From the Rainbow Flag to the broken Nazi cross, political images have been used for generations to manipulate voters into embracing a psychological idea that has ultimately proven to be catastrophic for the nations that embrace them. Greed and the coveting of wealth have been the downfall of many business leaders in America over the past decade. The City of Life proposal endorsed by Steve Francis will ultimately take Francis and his insatiable quest for wealth and power down the same dark corridors that Enron's bosses walked down.

The architect of the City of Life proposal is San Diego artist George Mullen. And the political scam is on: Francis and Mullen recently partnered up on an editorial opinion piece in Voice of San Diego to convice voters of the need for a "new kind" of vision in San Diego. Francis and Mullen write in their editorial:

"We need to reject the caretaker’s stranglehold on elected office and once again seek
leaders with vision. As it has always been, it is the leaders who chart courses of bold,
thoughtful ideas that propel cities and nations to rise to heights previously unimagined."

What kind of leadership with vision is Francis and Mullen advocating? Where do they want to propel San Diego? In Mullen's proposal for the City of Life project he calls for city funds to be spent on his massive replacement of San Diego's official "America's Finest City" slogan and theme. Spending city funds - now that is a new idea, truly revolutionary!

Francis and Mullen also come to some typical anti-business, anti-consumer conclusions in their editorial. They write:

"Even more troubling, the aspirational and inspirational ideas of yesteryear have been
replaced with such mundane causes as Privatizing Social Security, Healthcare
Savings Accounts, and Ethanol Subsidies. Yawn."

"Yawn?" "Mundane?" Cleaning up social security and providing healthcare savings accounts to consumers are boring ideas to George Mullen and Steve Francis. Perhaps this is boring to Steve Francis because he has made millions of dollars by running a corporation that hires out nurses to various medical facilities throughout the United States.

Yes, the scam is on: In their editorial, Francis and Mullen do compliment some of the biggest supporters of embryonic stem cell research in San Diego and California, the very industry that stands to benefit from the City of Life proposal. Francis and Mullen write:

"If we hadn’t followed Alan Uke, Malin Burnham and others in their vision for the
Midway aircraft carrier as a major tourist destination.....If we hadn’t embraced John
Moores vision for a downtown baseball park and revitalization project..."

Malin Burnham contributed $50,000 to the passage of the Prop. 71 - Embryonic Stem Cell Initiative. Passed in 2004, Prop. 71 forces California taxpayers to fund $3 billion in bonds, plus $3 billion in interests for a state mandated embryonic stem cell program. Burnham has also endorsed the City of Life project. John Moores loaned millions of dollars to the embryonic stem cell organization established after Prop. 71 was approved by voters in 2004. The City of Life project would place Life Science sculptures and themes in various parts of San Diego as part of the new official city slogan and theme that would replace the current official city slogan "America's Finest City."

The City of Life project is a perfect fit for wealthy elitist Steve Francis, who wants to use the government to further his secularization of society by replacing morals from the people with a government run by wealthy business interests. The project is equally a good fit for Mullen, an artist who will receive wealth and fame by creating an artistic scheme that eradicates the history and tradition of San Diego and replaces them with a government-run logo and theme program benefiting the wealthy corporate interests of the biotech and bio-science industry.

To really understand how demoralizing and degrading the Francis-endorsed George Mullen artistic/biotech scheme is for San Diegans, one must read some of the incredibly disturbing comments by George Mullen in his City of LIfe proposal. In reading the following segment of Mullen's City of LIfe proposal, readers should remember that this is what mayoral candidate Steve Francis has endorsed:

"Many people have commented that the proposed City of Life catchphrase favorably
invokes San Diego’s formidable Life Sciences industry, currently recognized as the
third largest and one of the fastest growing Life Sciences clusters in the nation.....
...This important San Diego industry is playing a pivotal role in improving and
lengthening the quality of life for all Americans. With this in mind, we have
enhanced the City of Life art campaign to include a series devoted to the Life
Sciences entitled The Double Helix Dance of Life.........As the structure of the most
basic building block of life itself, the Double Helix is the perfect theme for an
campaign dedicated to the Life Sciences industry within the City of Life."

In George Mullen's description of why he chose the City of Life title for his proposal, he clearly spells out his desire to invoke what he calls the "Life Sciences" Industry. In point number ten of his proposal, Mullen writes:

"Invokes the Life Sciences industry, an important San Diego industry that is playing a
pivotal role in improving and lengthening the quality of life for all Americans."

Mullen further solidfies in the eleventh number of his proposal, his desire to promote the industry that is known to the public for its insidious drive for mythical cures through human embryonic stem cell research. Mullen writes:

"While invoking the Life Sciences industry, at the same time remains inclusive of all
our other important industries and professions."

To understand the corruptive nature of mayoral candidate Steve Francis partnering up with an artist to replace the slogan "America's Finest City" with a slogan and theme that will spread imagery which honors the biotech industry, one must note the extensive ties that Steve Francis has to the biotech industry. A March 20, 2006 press release from BIOCOM and CONNECT, two of the biggest advocacy organizations for embryonic stem cell research, mentioned Steve Francis as a member of a committee for exploring the establishment of a new business enterprise, the San Diego Life Science Accelerator (SD-LSA), aimed at funding and mentoring new technology companies.

Originally founded by the University of California, San Diego, CONNECT is one the most aggressive advocates for embryonic stem cell research in the world. Steve Francis is listed on CONNECT's Board of Directors - Companies & Capitol Providers. If the San Diego City Council were to approve replacing the current official city slogan with the new one called City of Life, Steve Francis would have a gold mine of city-funded promotions for his wealthy biotech friends.

If the idea of replacing San Diego's traditional city slogan for a theme that promotes the greed of the biotech industry were not enough to repulse voters, then the mindset of the proposal's artist surely will. Read the utter arrogance and the belittling mentality of artist George Mullen as he describes the role that his project should play in other cities within San Diego County. And be reminded that this is what mayoral candidate Steve Francis has endorsed:

"Bottom line, the county cities are essentially satellites of the City of San Diego, and
as smaller entities most do NOT have the financial means, commitment, or follow thru
to properly brand themselves. (The satellite cities should not be trying to differentiate
themselves from the City of San Diego anyway. After all, when in New York and
someone asks where we are from the vast majority of us say “San Diego”, whether we
happen to be from the city proper, El Cajon, Del Mar, or Chula Vista.) If San Diego
were to embrace the City of Life branding, why not go to SANDAG and invite ALL the
county cities to join our platform as partners? As the big kid on the block San Diego
will be billed as THE CITY OF LIFE, while each satellite that participates will be billed
as A CITY OF LIFE. The satellites can employ a derivative version of San Diego’s logo
as well. With this plan, we will employ a unique regional effort that enables us to
pool our efforts and resources for the good of the entire county."

If the Steve Francis-endorsed proposal by George Mullen hasn't already nauseated most voters, look at the following statement by Mullen. It get's worse:

"San Diego currently presents itself under the catchphrase "America's Finest City."
The problem with this self-glorifying slogan is that it is a weak cliché that does NOT
sell outside city limits. It instead preaches to the choir, is immodest at best, and at
worst, presents an arrogant and boastful attitude toward our visitors, many of whom
naturally and pridefully see their own hometowns as America's finest cities. In sum,
this slogan is of no benefit to our city."

The Steve Francis-endorsed City of Life project is proposing that thematic artwork, sculptures and emblems that are tied to the proposal be placed at Lindbergh Field, highway overpasses, Qualcomm Stadium, Petco Park and unbelievably on City Flags on Broadway downtown. George Mullen also includes the concept of branding his City of Life as a "strategy." Mullen writes in his proposal:

"In order to successfully implement this aspect of our branding strategy, we propose
the ten variations of The Double Helix Dance of Life as large scale sculptures to be
placed along the two major thoroughfares of San Diego’s Life Science Mesa.
(Nicknaming Torrey Mesa as such is an idea worthy of serious consideration.) The
sculptures are to be placed on the median adjacent to each lighted intersection on
North Torrey Pines Road extending from UCSD / Salk Institute to the south entrance
of Torrey Pines State Reserve, and on Genesee Avenue from where it intersects North
Torrey Pines Road to Highway 5."

There is something truly dark about the hypocrisy of Steve Francis. While he has a habit of posting photographs of himself and Father Joe Carroll, a well-known San Diego Catholic priest, on his campaign websites, Francis also dances a vampirish waltz with some of the biggest supporters of embryonic stem cell research in San Diego. The hypocrisy of Francis promoting himself with a Catholic priest at the same time that he is promoting the industry that kills human embryos makes Francis a rotten apple among a bushel of bad candidates running for public office in San Diego.

Perhaps the professional politicians in Las Vegas where Steve Francis came from are willing to trade away tradition and official city slogans for ones that give more and more of the American culture away to wealthy business elites. However, in San Diego, tradition, honor and integrity still mean San Diego is America's Finest City. And those time-honored values are not up for sale.

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