Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Life After Homosexuality -- Listen To James Hartline's Interview On CrossTalk

Life After Homosexuality:
Redeemed from Homosexuality
Vic Eliason

Crosstalk Radio Show
James Hartline

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James Hartline is an activist, commentator, and national speaker on homosexuality and God's redeeming grace.

James was involved in homosexuality for 30 years, having been steeped in deep degeneration from the time when he was exposed to pornography at the age of 5. He always knew depravity and homosexuality were wrong and he believes that this was due to something that God put in his soul from the time he was an infant. He notes that this is what kept him from being given over to a reprobate mind.

Through a lot of torment and torture, God saved James from the sin of homosexuality. One of the consequences, however, was that he picked up the AIDS virus. The physical suffering was so great that he could no longer remain on the homosexual path. He got to the point of death, a stage of repentence began, and almost 8 years ago he completely renounced homosexuality.
James discusses the road he took to political activism in his battle against the homosexual movement, and he also gives his views on the appearances of pro-homosexual candidates Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton at Rick Warren's church, homosexual youth indoctrination camps, homosexuality and the schools, and more.

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