Friday, January 04, 2008

James Hartline On Nationwide Broadcast of Crosstalk Radio Talk Show - Monday / January 7, 2008

Crosstalk Radio Talk Show LIVE is welcoming San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline to its groundbreaking national program
on Monday - January 7, 2008.

Popular host Ingrid Schlueter will be talking to James Hartline about his popular news reports from the James Hartline Report. In addition James will be talking about his great life after completely leaving a thirty-year involvement in the homosexual lifestyle. You don't want to miss "Life After Homosexuality," in this interview that will be broadcast nationwide on 87 radio stations.

You can listen LIVE to Crosstalk Radio Talk Show by going to:
And click Crosstalk Live at 2pm central standard time
and 12noon pacific standard time.

Faith! Freedom! Life in Jesus Christ! Read the Bible and find out how you can have the same great life that James Hartline has experienced after he completely left thirty years of involvement in the destructive life of homosexuality!
With God EVERYTHING is possible!

You can visit James Hartline's innovative campaign website at
There Ain't No Stopping him now, because if God is for James, who can really be against him!

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Anonymous said...

What I heard today from you on that radio show saddend me. First of all I am terribly sorry to hear that you have AIDs/HIV. But I feel that you are misguided in what you are telling people. The public school systems do not spend 8 hours a day promoting homosexuality as you say. What they often do or should do is teach people to live in a world where there are all types of people. There are gay kids, gay parents, gay pastors and friends out there, and really it is not up to any person to decide what God thinks of them. Maybe for you, your relationship with God helped you "become" straight, but you are sending a terrifying message to people about what it is to be gay. Nobody would choose to be treated by society the way you ask society to treat gay people. Why would anyone choose to be like that when there are so many people out there who behave the way you are behaving now?
You talked about the priorities of Christians. Jesus didn't talk about homosexuality. But he did talk about the moral responsibilities of helping the poor,etc. I doubt that if he were alive today he would be on a talk show focusing on the things you are saying. He would probably be talking about helping the poor.
I have no doubt you will never change your mind, and I am sure this will not be approved by your blog author. But I do hope that you realize someday, that the existance of homosexuality doesn't affect heterosexual families, that you can't just recruit or brainwash straight people into being gay. Thanks.