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ACTION ALERT: SAY NO! To San Diego City Council Giving Free Needles To Drug Addicts

The James Hartlne Report Action Center
Action Alert!
January 12, 2008

It Is Time To Stop The Madness!

Will You Speak Out Against The City of San Diego
Giving Free Hypodermic Needles To Drug Addicts?

San Diego City Council To Review
The "Clean" Needle Exchange Program
on Tuesday - January 15, 2008 at 2:00pm

Join San Diego City Council Candidate James Hartline
And The "Not On My Watch" Team
As We Make Our Stand In This Generation!

If YOU Don't Speak Out -- Who Will?

(Action Alert) Last year, the San Diego City Council entered into a covenant with some of the most radical libertarians in California when they approved the disasterous Clean Needle Exchange Program (CNEP). The CNEP allows heroin and methamphetamine IV drug users to get free needles at mobile vehicles in residential neighborhoods in the city of San Diego. Hypothetically, these drug abusers are supposed to bring in their dirty needles and exchange them for free, clean ones. In reality, this "program" provides drug abusers a constant means for shooting up deadly and illegal street drugs. Additionally, in approving this very sick hypodermic needle giveaway, the city council gave libertarians what they wanted: another incremental step in socialized medicine and elimination of all laws that criminalize illegal drug use.

After one year of operation and a tremendous increase in violent crimes in the neighborhood that is the site for one of the needle exchange vehicles, the San Diego City Council is conducting an annual review of the program. The review will be conducted at the San Diego City Council chambers on Tuesday - January 15, 2008 at 2:00pm.

Disasterous Results In The Last Year

Several months ago, San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline was asked by his good friend, Ronnie Fannuchi, if he could help her with a very difficult job. After an extremely successful career in the entertainment industry, Ronnie gave it all up to be a dedicated Christian and mother. Ronnie Fannuchi has devoted her life to being the best mom that she can be in today's anti-child culture. Today's drug-soaked culture has been wickedly cruel to Ronnie's oldest child: With a broken heart, Ronnie called her friend James Hartline and asked him to go with her to her oldest son's apartment to help clean up a very bad mess in the son's North Park home.

When James and Ronnie arrived at her son's apartment, they found over 200 dirty hypodermic needles that were sprawled everywhere in the small confines of her son's living quarters. Embedded in the carpet, on the kitchen counters, under the bed, the deadly, dirty needles were everywhere. These needles had come from the local, clean needle exchange program in North Park. Ronnie almost lost her beloved son. And it is clear, that her son was not exchanging needle-for needle, as the so-called city council-approved program requires.

San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline photographed all of the dirty needles in the apartment prior to their destruction. The photographs will be used as evidence against the continuation of the disasterous clean needle exchange program. In dealing with the San Diego City Council on this issue, it is clear that the current councilmembers are completely disconnected from the cultural reality of what they have done by pulling the trigger in favor of giving free needles to IV drug users.

Since the implementation of the clean needle exchange program in the North Park area of San Diego, violent crimes have skyrocketed in the area. In fact, over the past year, violent crime has increased so dramatically, that leaders of the homosexual movement have formed their own civilian policing organization to monitor the neighborhood. The Stonewall Citizen's Patrol provides constant surveillance in the areas of North Park and Hillcrest. Despite these facts, advocates for the CNEP dishonestly contend that there has virtually been no increase in crime in the area where the free needles are being given to drug addicts. They simply refuse to contemplate that drug addicts take their needles away from the vicinity of the CNEP van to shoot up drugs and commit violent crimes while under the influence of illegal narcotics.

Incredibly, the San Diego City Council recently voted to ban alcohol on public beaches in the city because of the uncontrollable behavior of drunks on the beaches. Yet, this same city council finds nothing wrong with giving free hypodermic needles to heroin and crystal meth addicts so that they can shoot up their poisons with clean syringes. The madness must stop! And it must stop with us!

My God! My God! What Have We Become?

What kind of society are WE allowing to be created for the next generation?
Will you speak out against giving free needles to drug addicts?
Or will you leave it up to someone else to do your job for you?

San Diego City Council candidate James Hartline
and the "Not On My Watch" Team
Invites You To The San Diego City Council
Tuesday - January 15, 2008 -- 2:00pm

San Diego City Council Chambers
202 "C" Street - 12th Floor
Downtown San Diego, CA. 92101
(Parking is FREE in Horton Plaza Parking Garage
with a validated ticket at a Horton Plaza store)

This Action Alert has been provided by the James Hartline Report.
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I Am Making My Stand!
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