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Introducing Ohio State Assembly Candidate Dr. Patrick Johnston: A Real American Hero

A James Hartline Report Exclusive
- On The Frontlines Of The Culture War -
January 22, 2008

Introducing Ohio State Assembly Candidate
Dr. Patrick Johnston: A Real American Hero

With Six Small Children, A Dedicated Wife and Unsinkable Courage:
This Is The Story Of One Man's Quest To Save The Youth Of America

(JHReport - 01/22/08) As the frozen winter snow and ice starts to thaw in Zanesville, Ohio, the water flowing through a small creek behind the home of Dr. Patrick Johnston begins its springtime dance with the slow moving crayfish along the muddy embankment. Crawdaddies, a slang term given to these crayfish by the good folks of Zanesville, quickly become the focus of two giggling little boys and three squealing young girls running to the creek from Dr. Johnston's house. Like plump golden bees which have just fed on a meal of the most succulent nectar dripping from flowers in the Garden Eden, these young children are buzzing with energy.

The young girls are Charity, age nine, Anna, age eight, and Grace, age three. The boys are James, who will turn six in February, and Daniel, who is only four, but already acting like he is old enough to get a driver's license. These small, but vibrant children, are five of the six children belonging to Dr. Patrick and Elizabeth Johnston. Their sixth child, Elijah, is under two years of age, and his mother is not quite ready to let him run his race towards the turbulent creek behind their house. Elizabeth, who is now pregnant with her seventh child, knows that soon she will have to chase after Elijah so that he doesn't run out and jump into the creek. Today, however, will not be that day.

While her other children are playing out back by the creek, Elizabeth is getting Elijah ready for something else that is quite extraordinary for a child under two years of age. Later in the day all six of the Johnston children, including little Elijah, will be making a historic stand for the people of Ohio. Charity, Anna, Grace, James, Daniel and little Elijah will be proudly wearing their brilliantly red t-shirts which read "Vote For My Daddy" at a 2008 Patrick Johnston For State Representative rally. They are part of the incredible team that is helping their father, Dr. Patrick Johnston, in his campaign for the Ohio State House of Representatives, 94th District.

In 2006, Ohio Congressman Bob Ney resigned after pleading guilty to charges of conspiracy and making false statements in relation to the Jack Abramoff Indian lobbying scandal. Congressman Ney's corruption is part of the destructive political environment in Ohio that Dr. Patrick Johnston and his very young family have bravely decided to plant their feet in so that they can help make a better future for their state.

In the heavy atmosphere of an oppressive state government that is bankrupting the futures of Ohio families, a light is bursting forth from the small, but historically significant community of Zanesville, Ohio. Patrick and Elizabeth Johnston and their six little campaigners are locking arms and setting their faces like flint as they march towards the state capitol of Columbus. There is hope for the people of Ohio and that hope is called Dr. Patrick Johnston.

For a time such as this, Parick Johnston has arrived. He was raised in extremely poor conditions. Having to overcome tremendous obstacles in his life, Patrick has never compromised his commitment to God to achieve the tremendous success that he and his family enjoy today. From humble beginnings to the busiest medical practice in his district, this is the story of Dr. Patrick Johnston: A real American hero.

~ Dr. Patrick Johnston: A Real American Hero ~
There will be no greater voice for moms and dads
in the Ohio state capitol than Patrick Johnston.

An ancient Greek Cynic declared: "Other dogs bite their enemies, I bite my friends to save them." Some may view the powerful and convicting speeches of Dr. Patrick Johnston as a biting of the soul, much like the cynic of ancient Greece did in pleading with his fellow Grecians to retain virtue and to reconsider their infatuation with materialism and worldliness. Others may not be too sure how Ohio's professional politicians with their fat cigars and overweight wallets will react to the sounds of little James and Daniel Johnston laughing loudly in Ohio's State House Chamber. Or how the wealthy women with their big diamond pendants and Chanel Luxury Line designer bags will respond to the giggles of little Charity, Anna and Grace Johnston as they run up the isle in the House Chamber to hug their daddy. One thing is for sure, there will be no greater voice for Ohio's moms and dads and their children in the state capitol than Dr. Patrick Johnston.

~ Elizabeth Johnston ~
Mother of Six - Friend To Many.

There isn't much that Elizabeth Johnston can't to do when it comes to taking care of her growing family. Graduating magna cum laude from F.S.U. in 2000 with an elementary education major and music minor, she homeschools all six of her very active and brilliant children. In addition to her warm mothering skills and her gifted musical talents, Elizabeth is Patrick's life partner, both in marriage and in ministry. Their ministry goes far beyond raising their own six children to include helping pregnant mothers in the central Ohio area and raising thousands of dollars each year for the Heartbeat Pregnancy Distress Center in Zanesville.

In the morning that Elizabeth is trying to get Elijah ready for the day's campaign event, she can rest assured that her children are in good hands out by the creek. Patrick has run out into the cold, frigid morning to play with his kids. Looking out the window, Elizabeth starts to laugh as Patrick snatches a crawdaddy from the mud. Chasing little James and Daniel with the angry crawdaddy, it is hard to distringuish the kids from their father. These are good kids and they have a good father. Dr. Johnston is absolutely devoted to his children.

It is a good life for the Johnstons in Zanesville, Ohio. Yet, Patrick and Elizabeth have been willing to move out of the comfort of their prosperous, private life to seek out a better future for their fellow Ohioans. As dedicated evangelical Christians, concern for their town and their neighbors is a high priority for the Johnstons -- and it is the only way they know how to live. In today's world of self-centeredness, it is rare thing to see a husband and wife who are so quick to sacrifice for the lives of others. It is a characteristic that Patrick learned early on in life from his own parents. Patrick was born in 1970 in Greenville, South Carolina where his parents were studying to be medical missionaries. Patrick's father was a Registered Nurse and his mother a Licensed Practical Nurse and he was the oldest of five boys.

~ Turning A House Into An Educational Village ~
The Home Life of Patrick & Elizabeth Johnston.

With six children in the home and a seventh on the way, Patrick and Elizabeth Johnston's four bedroom house is one crowded place. The Johnston home is not just a place for them to live. Really, their home is a learning village. Elizabeth homeschools all of her children. With her record of outstanding educational accomplishments, she could have easily gotten a teaching job at the school of her choice. Instead, Elizabeth chose to set up a school in her home where she could use her academic genius to benefit her own children and prepare them to become this generation's next great leaders.

For his part, Dr. Johnston has already begun the significant task of instilling a strong moral and social ethic in his children. In fact, the Johnston family has already earned a reputation in Ohio for being one of the most important pro-life families in the state. With the close connection that their mother has to their education, the Johnston children are learning early on the significant importance of women in the educational arena. Seeing their mom, both as a teacher, a wife and a pro-life activist, the Johnston children are being trained to honor women, both at home and in the workplace.

~ When A Doctor Becomes A Father To An Entire Community ~
Dr. Patrick Johnston: A warrior like no other when it comes to
fighting for the youth in 21st Century America.

As any proud father loves to do, Patrick regularly pulls out his wallet to show off the pictures of his family, particularly the growing collection of photos of his kids. One observer recently asked Dr. Johnston, "Hey, I thought you only had six kids, who are those other kids in the photo?"

With tears in his eyes, Dr. Johnston looks directly down at the photo of two small children and responds, "These others are some of the babies I've helped to save." Dr. Johnston carries photographs of the children he has rescued from the brink of death. At least two children are alive today because Patrick convinced the mothers to give birth to their babies rather than having the abortions they were contemplating. One of the children was born with Down syndrome and is currently in the care of a loving grandmother.

Dr. Johnston cherishes and honors the children that he has helped to save by carrying photos of them in his wallet along with photos of his own six children. This is a testament to the commitment that Patrick has to this generation's children who are often born with irresponsible mothers and fathers. He is a warrior like no other when it comes to fighting for the youth in 21st Century America.

The pro-life movement in Ameica is often attacked by abortion supporters who claim that the pro-life movement demands women carry their babies to full term, yet pro-lifers will rarely offer financial assistance to the pregnant mothers who are contemplating abortion. This claim by abortion supporters certainly cannot be made against Patrick and Elizabeth Johnston.

~ Patrick and Elizabeth Johnston ~
A Husband & Wife Team Who Tells The World
That Every Life Matters & Every Child Is Important.

Every pregnant mother who is contemplating an abortion, who comes into Dr. Johnston's office, is offered assistance by the Johnstons if she will forgoe the abortion. Both Patrick and Elizabeth have made a public offer to adopt each baby that the mother is seeking to abort if the mother will not abort her baby. This offer was even extended to the litte baby with Down syndrome. Fortunately, the baby's grandmother was willing to take in the baby, thus it remains with the birth family.

Patrick and Elizabeth Johnston are raising their six children to know the meaning of life. With the same quality of character that has become the hallmark of their father's medical practice and pro-life advocacy, the Johnston children are already accomplishing more in their very young lives than many Christian churchgoers do in a lifetime.

Nine year-old Charity and eight year-old Anna are regular pro-life advocates who can be seen outside of various abortion clinics pleading with young women not to go through with their abortions. In 2005, when he was just three years-old, Dr. Johnston's oldest son, James, was heard warning obstetricians at the convention of American College of Ob/Gyns, “Don’t make God mad! Don’t kill babies!”

Dr. Patrick Johnston has raised up one of the most conscientious families in the midwest. However, he doesn't limit his family to just his own wife and kids. He considers his entire medical practice to be an extension of his family: all 5,000 patients!

Dr. Johnston's reputation for compassion, strong work ethic and vast knowledge of both traditional and non-traditional medicine has allowed him to become the dominant practicing physician in his district. Less then seven years ago, Patrick started his practice. Within two years his practice had grown to 1000 patients. After another doctor was sued for malpractice, Dr. Johnston inherited that physcian's 4,000 patients.

With 5,000 patients, Patrick has the busiest practice in an area that already has 260 physicians. What is the magnet that attracts so many clients to Dr. Johnston in an area that is replete with an abundance of practicing physicians? The answer lies in his Christian faith and how he applies it to his medical practice and the patients who seek his help.

On a busy day, Dr. Johnston sees approximately 55 patients. Each patient is extremely important to Patrick, each life, significant, each illness, a need that must be met. To understand the approach that Dr. Johnston takes and why so many patients are attracted to his medical office, one needs to know that Patrick Johnston is a doctor and a minister. In the same fashion that a church pastor helps dozens of congregants everyday, Dr. Patrick Johnston seeks to diagnose a patient's illness and offer them spiritual guidance. Bibles are available to every patient that comes into Dr. Johnston's office. Bible tracts and information on a wide variety of social issues are readily available in the waiting room. With a loving concern for the whole person, Dr. Johnston offers to pray with each of his patients.

~ A Father To The Fatherless ~

Two-three times per year, Dr. Johnston will see a female patient who is pregnant and not married. This is where Dr. Johnston separates himself from other doctors. He not only treats the woman like a patient, but also like a daughter. Every woman who comes into his office and is considering an abortion. Dr. Johnston and his wife Elizabeth will offer to take the baby and adopt it if she will carry it to full term.

Oftentimes these young, pregnant women are in a state of panic and fear because they are financially poor and cannot afford the cost of raising the child. Thus, they seek to abort the baby for financial reasons. Patrick and Elizabeth Johnston seek to alleviate the immense pressure that these women are under by offering them the help that they so desperately need in their time of crisis.

Sue Wolff, the Director of Heartbeat Pregnancy Distress Center, has received many referrals from Dr. Johnston. Heartbeat Pregnancy Distress Center cares for pregnant women in Zanesville, Ohio. The Johnstons even sent a check to Sue Wolff to pay for an entire month's rent for one young woman who was pregnant and had no place to live. This allowed her to have her baby without fear of being homeless and abandoned.

Over the last two years, the Johnston's have personally raised over $25,000 through musical benefits for the Heartbeat Pregnancy Distress Center. At these annual benefits, Patrick speaks eloquently about the life and death struggles involved in pregnancy and abortion. His wife writes and sings original songs for the benefit. In 2006, 1100 people attended their benefit. Last year, the number had risen to 1200 in attendance.

The Johnston Family is united in their ministry to women, pregnant mothers and their unborn children. The ministry called Right Remedy is proudly featuring an advertisment for their 3rd annual musical benefit for the Heartbeat Pregnancy Distress Center. This year, each of the Johnston children will be singing their hearts out to raise money for women in need at the pregnancy center. It is a good thing too. The current heartwrenching advertisment on the pregnancy distress center's website states: "This is a slow season right now and we are running low on diapers, wipes and baby clothing size, premies - 4T for both boys and girls. Baby bed, mattresses, high chairs, strollers, and basniets."

The auditorium in Zanesville will be packed as the Johnston's sing passionately for the lives of the babies in the wombs of mothers in central Ohio. In the middle of the concert, the lights will begin to dim. One intense light will beam down onto the darkened stage. One woman, with tears running down her face, will begin to sing out as if the only thing that mattered at that moment, in all of God's creation, was her song for the babies of America. She is singing a song titled, "How I Will Miss You." It is a song about a mother who cries out for the baby that she aborted and wishes to get her child back. The woman singing that song is Elizabeth Johnston.

Little James Johnston will be singing at the concert as well. He is a sharp and responsible little boy, soon to turn six years-old in February. His daddy, Patrick, has already produced in James the kinds of qualities of character that many adults never do apprehend.

When his daddy told him that he was going to run for the 94th District of the Ohio State House of Representatives, little James made a very big decision for a boy who is about to turn six years-old. With his big eyes looking up at his daddy, James held up his piggy bank and declared, "Here daddy, I believe in you!" He took his life savings of $4.98 and gave it to his daddy as a campaign contribution. That is the kind of character that has already been instilled into the hearts and minds of James and his five siblings. Dr. Johnston will proudly tell everyone that the $4.98 contribution of his son is now among the most valuable of all the financial contributions that he has received.

Patrick Johnston is a fanatic when it comes to studying the economic conditions of his state and, in particular, the local communities that make up his district. He makes no attempt at hiding the severity of the financial stress that most of the neighborhoods are suffering in Ohio's 94th District. According to the Tax Foundation, Ohio's state and local tax burden ranks as the fifth worst in the nation. As a result of Ohio ranking as the 49th worst state for business tax climates, communities like Coshocton recently lost 200 jobs with Pretty Products to the state of Tennessee.

There is no doubt that the state of Ohio is under seige by depressing economic numbers. Although Patrick Johnston is laying out the harsh economic reality to voters in his district, he understands that the people of Ohio must have a visionary to lead them out of the years of corruption which have plauged the Ohio State house.

In 2005, then Governor Bob Taft was charged with four criminal misdemeanors. Taft was declared guilty of four misdemeanors for breaking state ethics laws by failing to report golf outings, meals, hockey tickets and other gifts from some of the state’s most influential business and political leaders. At his arraignment in Franklin County Municipal Court in Columbus, Taft pleaded no contest and was fined $4,000 plus court cost. Judge Mark Froehlich also ordered Taft to apologize to the people of Ohio as well as state employees. At the time, Taft said he was "very disappointed" in himself.

~ Ethical and Educated ~
Patrick Johnston's Winning Combination

Patrick Johnston can certainly boast of a well-qualified education in his bid to take on the problems facing Ohio. He attended medical school at the Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine and graduated in 1998. He came to Ohio University for his residency in family practice, and was chief resident his final year. In spite of a 70 to 80-hour work-week as chief resident, he worked part-time during his residency at a medical clinic for indigents.

He founded the Association of Pro-Life Physicians, which is committed to discovering which physicians hold to the Hippocratic ethic when caring for unborn human lives, and then educating the public about those physicians who will not commit abortions nor refer their patients for abortions. Dr. Johnston is a member of the American Academy of Family Practitioners and the American Osteopathic Association.

~ A Compassionate Man For All Seasons ~

Compassion is not something that can truly be proclaimed by a man until he has experienced the very adversity that has beset those whom the man seeks to convey such compassion. Dr. Patrick Johnston knows what it is like to suffer poverty and then, through hard work and faith, overcome those things which empoverish many in America today. He understands the intimate concept of Christian compassion, something that he has embraced as a way of life.

There is a uniqueness about Patrick Johnston that goes far beyond today's typical Christian. James Hartline, a nationally recognized Christian activist from San Diego, California, has been suffering with AIDS for over ten years. When he recently went to a national Christian Conservative conference in Coshocton, Ohio, he had the opportunity to meet Dr. Johnston. When Hartline arrived back in San Diego, Dr. Johnston called him that same day just to make sure that he had arrived home safely. Three days after that telephone call, James received a card in the mail. It was from Patrick Johnston. He wrote to tell Hartline that he and his family would be praying for James on a regular basis. These are the kinds of compassionate acts of care and concern for others which give Dr. Patrick Johnston, his wife Elizabeth and their six beautiful children a reputation for being one of the best families that America has produced in the 21st Century.

Indeed, Ohio is a most fortunate state to have the Johnstons in their midst. And Ohio voters better be careful how they treat Patrick Johnston on election date. There are plenty of other states that would be very happy to have Patrick and Elizabeth Johnston if Ohio's 94th District doesn't want them.

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