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The James Hartline Report Action Center
July Action Alert
The 2006 "Not In My Name" Campaign
To Stop the San Diego City Council from issuing a
Gay Pride proclamation in the City of San Diego.

Tell the San Diego City Council that it must not violate the United States
Constitution when it attempts to force a 2006 Gay Pride proclamation
on the citizens of San Diego.

The James Hartline Report and over 80 official sponsors of the "Not In My Name" Campaign intend to join thousands of concerned citizens in opposing the San Diego City Council's attempt to declare a San Diego Gay Pride proclamation during July of 2006. Our righteous opposition to the city council declaring this proclamation in our name, the citizens of San Diego, shall officially be known as The "Not In My Name" Campaign.

- History of the San Diego Gay Pride Proclamations -

(JHR) From 1995-2004, the San Diego City Council voted, via an official proclamation, to force all San Diegans to honor the San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival. Despite tremendous opposition by the majority of San Diegans, the city council had, for ten years, imposed a proclamation in the name of all voters, to celebrate sexual lifestyle choices that most San Diegans do not agree with. Finally last year, after it was discovered that the San Diego Gay Pride organization was hiring numerous, dangerous registered pedophiles and sex offenders to supervise its annual event, the proclamation was pulled and not issued by the city council ( One of the pedophiles that the San Diego Gay Pride organization had hired to work for years in its children's garden was Martin Ramirez, who uses the name Marty the Clown when performing with small children (;bp=t).

- The United States Constitution -
The United States Constitution is clear: municipal governments cannot, by law or other means, force its citizens to participate or associate through declaration, in any event that they do not choose of their own freewill to participate in:

The Supreme Court has expressly recognized that a right to freedom of association and belief is implicit in the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments ( This implicit right is limited to the right to associate for First Amendment purposes. It does not include a right of social association. The government may prohibit people from knowingly associating in groups that engage and promote illegal activities. The right to associate also prohibits the government from requiring a group to register or disclose its members or from denying government benefits on the basis of an individuals current or past membership in a particular group. There are exceptions to this rule where the Court finds that governmental interests in disclosure/registration outweigh interference with first amendment rights. The government may also, generally, not compel individuals to express themselves, hold certain beliefs, or belong to particular associations or groups.
(Credit: Cornell University Law School)

Simply put, the San Diego City Council cannot force upon its own citizens, a proclamation to sanction and celebrate San Diego Gay Pride Week. We have a right, as voters, not to have our names used to sanction an event that incorporates the graphic promotion of pornography, nudity, S & M sex acts, distribution of condoms to young minors, and potentially illegal criminal activities. We have a right, as citizens of this city, and beyond, not to have the San Diego City Council force us to embrace such an event.

- The Facts -
The citizens of San Diego do not want to embrace sexual immorality and possibly illegal activities that occur under the San Diego Gay Pride Parade and Festival banner. What are these activities that we are concerned about?

1. San Diego Gay Pride ( is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit charity. As such, San Diego Gay Pride is prohibited by law from allowing their organization and its events to be used for political campaigning for any candidate. They cannot allow the organization's events for raising money for candidates, signing up volunteers for candidates or promoting candidates while leaving their opponents out of said events. Despite these IRS restrictions, the San Diego Gay Pride has for years, allowed its parade and festival to be used for campaigns of certain candidates and the promotion of certain candidates with campaign booths and parade vehicles. This is simply illegal for a 501(c)3 charity to participate in such partisan political activities.
2. Powerhouse Productions, the San Diego Gay Pride's official organizer for its numerous circuit parties, utilizes xxx nude gay porn stars in its advertisements for the event ( Numerous national news stories have documented that these types of circuit parties are full of rampant use of crystal methamphetamines and sexual activities that lead to excessive HIV transmission.
3. Numerous gay publications that feature graphic, explicit sex ads for male prostitution, gay sex clubs, gay sex chat lines and xxx pornography, are sponsors for this year's San Diego Gay Pride Festival in the city of San Diego's Balboa Park. These periodicals include PULP (, Buzz Magazine (, the Gay and Lesbian Times ( and Rocket Magazine (
4. ID Lubricants is a major sponsor of the San Diego Gay Pride Festival, including the placement of disposable trash cans with their company logo throughout the venue. ID Lubricants is used in anal intercourse. These will be placed everywhere in the event, including where children will easily see them (
5. Several businesses that feature male performers with ties to the gay pornography industry are main sponsors of the San Diego Gay Pride event. These businesses include Club Papi ( which has a partnership with the gay porn website; and Bacchus House (, a gay bar that distributes All Worlds Video gay porn company prizes during its weekly wet underwear contests.
6. One of the main events at the Gay Pride festival will be an S & M leather sex tent where destructive sadomasochistic sex, whipping, and piercing gratification instruction will be glamorized. This vile entity will be called The Leather Realm and is located near the Children's Garden according to the Gay Pride Festival Program map. This type of raunch is a disgrace for the city of San Diego. San Diegans and their families do not want the city council promoting this filth through a proclamation.
7. The 2006 San Diego Gay Pride Official Program features advertisments for graphic sex businesses at the same time that it is promoting "youth programs" for the event. One such advertisment for Club San Diego, a gay sex club, features nude males in a photo taken by gay porn company All Worlds Video.
8. Tickets for the Gay Pride Festival are being sold at two of the most grotesque gay porn stores in San Diego, Raw Unlimited and The Crypt. This is absolute evidence of the type of customers that will be at the festival along with the many unescorted young kids that will be inside of this dark, immoral event.

In addition to the graphic promotion of pornography, the mixing of minors with sexualized adults in this grotesque environment, and the potential for illegal drug use and illicit sex around such minors, the San Diego Gay Pride Festival will be launching a grave challenge to the one million Christians in San Diego who are opposed to same-sex marriage. This year, radio station 100.7 Jack fm will be allowing its sponsored stage to be used as the location for promoting a same-sex "commitment ceremony" and registration of domestic partner relationships. This year's gay pride Stonewall Rally will feature Rev. Troy Perry, a man who has spent his entire career promoting homosexuality inside of churches in violation of sound Biblical theology.

This year, with our soldiers shedding their precious blood on foreign battlefields to stop the world war declared by terrorists, it is truly a grevious matter that the citizens of San Diego would be forced to endure a moral terrorism within its own borders by the city council forcing a proclamation on them to honor the immoral filth of San Diego Gay Pride.

We Stand United Against Any San Diego Gay Pride Proclamation!

Corporate Sponspors Of The 2006
"Not In My Name" Campaign
* America Alseep kNOw More Ministry * Restoring America Ministry *
* Minutemen United * The Hillcrest Mission *
* The James Hartline Report * VIP Travel *
* Pass the Salt Ministries * Biblical Family Advocates *
* The "Not On My Watch" Team *
* Whats Right, Whats Left Radio Ministry *
* James L. Lambert Loans * Beth's Music Studio *
* Buyright Automotive * CT Recruiter International *
* CT Medical Management Inc. *
* Buildright Homes Inc. * Paper Lion News *
* Fellowship & Association of Christian Teachers (FACT) *
* Lindsay Remodeling *

Community Leader Sponsors Of The 2006
"Not In My Name" Campaign
Orlean Koehle, President - Eagle Forum of California
Bill Daniel, 2006 Candidate, Republican Central Committee
Chuck Stout, 2006 Candidate, Republican Central Committee
Phil Magnan, Director - Biblical Family Advocates
Gregory Thompson, Director - America Alseep kNOw More Ministry
Coach Dave Daubenmire
Pastor Joe Larson
James Hartline, Publisher - The James Hartline Report
James L. Lambert, Host- Nightlights Christian Television
Melvin E. Parker, Publisher - Paper Lion News
Robert Sutton, Attorney-At-Law

San Diego Community Member
Sponsors Of The 2006
"Not In My Name" Campaign
Diane Magnan * Don Lindsay * Peggy Huey * Peter Gancheko * Steve Vargo
Shelly Vargo * Jack Vargo * Diana Lee * Sandra Berg * Daryl Komlenic
Charlie Gautier * Cathy Gautier * Carl Zirkle * Sandy Zirkle * Michael David Tobin
Carol Holesak * Patty Kaltner * Richard Lyon * Caroline Lyon * Brandon Henschel
Melissa Henschel * Yancy & Charmian Turner Cobb * Manuel Souza * Lenora Souza
Jeff McGreevy * June McGreevy * Beth Nichols * Nancy Ann Huertas
Karen Bernardy * Tom Stephenson * Don Hewey * Marlys Isaacson
* Erin Estrada Gabe Kieffer * John Wright * Denise Wilhite
Stephanie Hopping * Fabiola Francesca Murphy * Les Palmer
Debbie Palmer * Mark Wade * Vida Wade * Cinnamon Bolz

Contact The San Diego City Council:
Tell Them Not To Declare San Diego Gay Pride Week
In Your Name!

Contact Information:
Mayor Jerry Sanders
telephone: 619-236-6330
fax: 619-236-7228

Councilman Scott Peters, District 1
telephone: 619-236-6611
fax: 619-236-6999

Councilman Kevin Faulconer, District 2
telephone: 619-236-6622
fax: 619-236-6996

Councilwoman Toni Atkins, District 3
telephone: 619-236-6633
fax: 619-595-1481

Councilman Tony Young, District 4
telephone: 619-236-6644
fax: 619-236-7273

Councilman Brian Maienschein, District 5
telephone: 619-236-6655
fax: 619-238-0915

Councilwoman Donna Frye, District 6
telephone: 619-236-6616
fax: 619-236-7329

Councilman Jim Madaffer, District 7
telephone: 619-236-6677
fax: 619-238-1360

Councilman Ben Hueso, District 8
telephone: 619-236-6688
fax: 619-231-7918

The information has been provided by The James Hartline Report.
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