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July 16, 2006 (7:35pm.pst)

Into The Fire Of The World Gay Games:
Christian Leaders Prepare To Make Biggest Stand
In America's Culture War During Dangerous Chicago Event

(JHRexclusive) Nearly 12,000 gay and lesbian activists have now assembled in Chicago, Illinois to take part in one of the largest homosexual events in United States history ( The World Gay Games is held every four years as an alternative athletic event to the international olympics, thus allowing those who are engaged in alternative sexual lifestyles to compete in a multitude of amature athletic events while promoting the more radical elements of the homosexual agenda. A multitude of major corporate sponsors like Nike, American Airlines, Orbitz, Walgreens, Gatorade, Dave & Busters, Red Bull, Motorola, Quaker Oats, and The New York Times have joined forces with Chicago gay sex clubs, S & M gay sex bars and porn-promoting websites to help finance this massive assault on traditional family values in the center of America's heartland (

While this dark adventure into decadence will be corrupting America's second largest city from July 15 - 22, 2006, another group of Americans will be engaged in a far different gathering in the midst of Chicago during the World Gay Games. Peter LaBarbera, Executive Director of the Illinois Family Institute (IFI) (, is coordinating one of the largest ground operations in the history of the modern American Culture War, to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ right into ground zero of the Gay Games. Billed as the "Love & Truth" Campaign, LaBarbera is assemblying one of the most impressive teams of Christian leaders in America to make their stand for righteousness in the midst of Chicago during this huge radical gay event (

This will be no easy task for LaBabera and his team. News of the Love & Truth offensive has quickly spread across major U. S. media outlets ( ( causing liberal pro-homosexual churches and other radical gay groups to prepare to launch a counteroffensive to stop the Christian message of the gospel from going forward in Chicago during the Gay Games ( According to IFI Director LaBarbera, a liberal wing of homosexual supporting churches in Chicago called the "Christian Coalition of Welcoming Churches" has been engaged in a campaign to pressure the Congress Plaza Hotel to cancel reservations made by the Illinois Family Institute during the games. Additionally, the gay church groups are planning to attempt a blockade of the Christian press conferences to be held at the hotel during their outreaches.

- Into The Fires Of Persecution -
San Diego Christian Activist Goes To Chicago:
Calling For National Prayer To Storm Heaven
On Behalf Of Love & Truth Campaign Team

San Diego Christian activist James Hartline is one of the schedule speakers flying to Chicago to make his stand for righteousness during the World Gay Games (

James Hartline, former homosexual and HIV-positive Christian activist, who has done amazing work exposing the corruption in San Diego's "gay community":
Friday, July 21, 10:30 AM, Congress Plaza Hotel, Suite # 1001
Friday, July 21, 3:30 PM, Congress Plaza Hotel, Suite # 1001
Saturday, July 22, media availability in front of Steamworks bathhouse (peaceful informational outreach); 5:30 PM, 3246 Halsted Street, Chicago.
Hartline will be joining some of the great warriors on the frontlines of the culture war who have been fighting in the trenches against the radical homosexual agenda. Headliner speakers will include Robert Gagnon, Associate Professor of New Testament Pittsburg Theological Seminary and the world's leading authority on the Bible and homosexuality (, former lesbian and minister Linda Jernigan (, Concerned Women for America representative Stephanie Raquel (, Elder JRC Tyler of the African American Family Association, Sandy Rios of the Culture Campaign (, Linda Harvey of Mission America (, Greg Quinlan, ex-gay founder of the Pro-Family Network (, and Janice Couture, mother of a lesbian daughter.

There is no question that Hartline and the other members of this historic evangelism outreach will be risking their lives for the cause of Christ during the Gay Games. The level of hatred that is rising up against the team is already accelerating on many anti-christian homosexual websites such as Ex-Gay Watch (, the lesbian blog "Pam's House Blend" (, and ( The fires of persecution against traditional Christians are burning ever hotter inside of gay communities around America and they may be at their most intense during the Chicago Gay Games. That has not deterred Hartline or the other brave souls who are laying down their lives for the cause of Christ in America.

Hartline told some of his fellow church members at Mission Valley Christian Fellowship in San Diego, California ( as they prayed for him this Sunday prior to his departure for Chicago, "For all of the moms and dads, their little boys and little girls, I must go and represent them and fight for their values." Hartline is asking Christians from around the United States to go to war in prayer, fasting and intercession for the Love & Truth Team as they make their historic stand. Not since this country was founded has there been a greater need for spiritual warfare on behalf of the church.

"I don't know if I will be assaulted or spit on, but one thing that I will do, is I will press on in Christ Jesus to that higher calling until He takes me to my heavenly home," Hartline stated as he prepared for Chicago on this strange journey in this most strange life granted to him by the living God.

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zortnac said...

You will be out of your way attending their event so that you can demonstrate against their nature and their way of life, and naturally, they don't want to hear it. How in your right mind can you brand this as "persecution?"

James Hartline said...

No one will be out of their way. This is America. Since when has this country become a place that restricts its citizens from the liberty of going where they choose? When we are threatened for speaking out on the Gospel, then we have indeed come under the tyranny of a persecutorial minority of elitist homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

restricting some from "going where they choose" is good if its a gay bar.

I am not gay

Ashley said...

Hello Mr. Hartline,

I am aware that you have HIV/AIDS as this is a very hard disease to live with I feel your pain, I had a very good friend who lived with HIV. But honey that wasn't a curse from God. It was a very unfortunate circumstance. Please, don't make your assumption of all homosexuals off of your experience. I can understand how this would make someone resent the gay lifestyle, I realy do, and I'm sorry. There are men who would be willing to have a partner such as yourself, and see past your disease, you just need to look deeper and have faith. There really are good guys out there. I hope that you will find yourself and realize that being gay is who you are. Be proud, and take care of yourself from here on out. Start today. Make a list of things that you love about yourself. This comment is not out of hatred or resentment at all, I just really wanted to be honest with you.