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July 10, 2006 (10:30am.pst)

Major Conflict Of Interests Uncovered
Inside of San Diego City Council's Effort
To Revive Needle Exchange Program:
Councilmembers Toni Atkins & Donna Frye
Benefited From Campaign ContributionsTied
To SDDC Whose Member Is Lobbyist For Needle Program

(JHR) Hypocrisy just added two familiar San Diego City Council members to its great hall of infamy: Democrats Toni Atkins and Donna Frye. Frye and Atkins have been the loudest voices during the past two years for more open council sessions, both repeatedly crying out in the public square that backroom deals and closed city council hearings were a breeding ground for most of the systemic financial problems plaguing the city ( The James Hartline Report has now uncovered evidence that both Atkins and Frye have themselves engaged in a major financial conflict of interest scandal involving one of the most controversial issues being forced upon San Diegans by the city council: the clean needle exchange program.

The James Hartline Report has obtained an email from Alex W. Sachs, the San Diego Democratic Club's Legislative Advocate (, which clearly shows an unethical connection between Councilwoman Toni Atkins and the paid lobbyist for the clean needle exchange program, Adrian Kwiatkowski.

The San Diego Democratic Club (SDDC) is a powerful San Diego Democratic Party organization dedicated to promoting homosexual and lesbian candidates for public office, as well as the implementation of public policies that elevate extremist liberal social causes. According to SDDC bylaws, Standing Rules For Endorsements, Exhibit 1 (18) (, a Democratic Party candidate in good standing with the SDDC, who receives a supportive endorsement from the group, is eligible for campaign funding from the SDDC:

18. Club funds may only be contributed to the campaigns of those candidates endorsed by the club and those ballot propositions earning a rating of “Support.” The club by a 60% vote may designate certain races/issues as “priority campaigns” to indicate that those campaigns should be given priority in terms of funding or club-coordinated volunteer efforts.

According to a March, 2004 newsletter produced by the San Diego Democratic Club (, Atkins was a high priority SDDC-endorsed candidate. Club members spent large amounts of time and financial resources on the Atkins' City Council campaign. According to an October, 2005 San Diego Democratic Club newsletter, Donna Frye was not only a priority endorsement for the club, but the group spent enormous financial resources on Frye's failed campaign for the San Diego mayoral race. In fact, this particular newsletter contained a large SDDC voter guide encouraging San Diegans to vote for Frye. Frye is also listed as a current sustaining member of the SDDC (

Frye, Atkins, Monger Group, Kwiatkowski:
A Marriage Made In Needle Heaven

According to the San Diego Democratic Club's June, 2005 newsletter, Adrian Kwiatkowski is listed as a sustaining member of the organization ( More recently, the group's September, 2005 newsletter mentions Kwiatkowski being on the SDDC host committee for the club's hosting of the National Stonewall Democrat's Convention which was held in San Diego in August of 2005. The newsletter also verifies that while Kwiatkowski was committing his finances and time to the SDDC, the group was in full swing in its support for Donna Frye's effort to become the new San Diego mayor in 2005.

Adrian Kwiatkowski is described on the Monger Company's website, as having been employed by the company since 1999. As Director of the company's Government Public Affairs, Kwiatkowski has been the organization's chief lobbyist for the clean needle exchange initiative ( According to the Alliance Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the AHF paid the Monger Group a whopping $144,000 in 2005 to advocate for the implementation of its so-called Harm Reduction and Children's Health Initiatives ( Kwiatkowski and the Monger group have been the leading voices in pushing the city council to pass the needle exchange program, even dating back to 2001 (

Adrian Kwiatkowski of the Monger Company, the government and public relations consultants for Alliance Healthcare, the needle exchange program funder, is confident that Wear will come through. "Byron was out front on this issue, and I don't see him changing his position," he told DRCNet. "In the last year, we have only solidified the reasons he should support this."
According to Kwiatkowski, the proposal should pass the council. "You can continue letting disease spread and do nothing, or you can try to do something," he said. "The needle exchange program is the best we've got right now. People are beginning to realize that."

In fact, San Diego City Beat recently highlighted the extensive role that Kwiatkowski is currently playing in the reinitiating of the needle exchange program ( Herein lies the extensive conflict of interests between Kwiatkowski, Atkins and Frye. All three have had long term financial transactions via the campaign benefits bestowed upon the two liberal councilwoman from the San Diego Democratic Club, for which Kwiatkowski has been a sustaining financial member. Kwiatkowski and his employer, the Monger Company have been paid tens of thousands of dollars by the Alliance Healthcare Foundation to lobby the San Diego City Council for a vote to implement and reimplement the needle exchange program. And there is no public record of Atkins or Frye, having ever disclosed the financial ties that they have to Kwiatkowski and the San Diego Democratic Club, when they have voted dozens of times to declare a health emergency in San Diego to allow the distribution of the needles to drug addicts in San Diego. There is no public record of Atkins or Frye declaring any ties to Kwiatkowski and the San Diego Democratic Club when they have voted to allow the Alliance Healthcare Foundation, the Monger Company's client, to distribute the needles.

Perhaps the most revealing sign of the backroom corruption between the San Diego Democratic Club, Kwiatkowski and Frye and Atkins can been seen via the email obtained by the James Hartline Report which reveals just how many conflicts of interest are swirling around this controversial issue. Here is a copy of the email obtained by JHReport from Alex Sachs, the legislative advocate for the San Diego Democratic Club:

"Alex W. Sachs"
Thu, 6 Jul 2006 23:02:08 -0700
[SDDC-Friends] URGENT! Clean Syringe Exchange on City Council Agenda, Tues. July 11th at 2:00 pm -- Urge Council to Vote YES

URGENT! Clean Syringe Exchange on City Council Agenda, Tues. July 11th at2:00 pmDear Members and Friends:Please read the below message from Adrian Kwiatkowski, an active SDDC memberwho is spearheading the effort (along with our own Toni Atkins) to resurrectan effective clean syringe exchange program in the City of San Diego. Asyou know, clean syringe programs are proven tools to combat the spread ofHIV/AIDS as well as hepatitis among intravenous drug abusers.Please contact your Councilmember to urge support of the Clean SyringeProgram. A special focus is on 2nd District Councilmember Kevin Faulconerand 8th District Councilmember and SDDC endorsee Ben Hueso. But pleasecontact your councilmember, whomever he or she may be.It is expected that radical anti-gay elements will try to attack the cleansyringe program because of its perceived connection to the LGBT community.Contact Councilmember Faulconer at:(619) 236-6622Fax: (619)

Contact Councilmember Hueso at:Telephone: (619) 236-6688Fax: (619) 231-7918E-Mail: benhueso@sandiego.govTo contact other Councilmembers, go to: Adrian's e-mail below. Thanks. Alex Sachs, SDDC Legislative Advocate@@@@This e-mail is to notify you that the San Diego City Council will bediscussing restarting the Clean Syringe Exchange Program (SEP) at theirmeeting on Tuesday, July 11th at 2:00 pm as Item # 333. This is the firstitem scheduled for the afternoon City Council meeting.Tuesday, July 11th City Council agenda link: are asking that all SEP supporters please attend the July 11th CityCouncil meeting if you can to voice your support for the program. Pleaserespond to this e-mail if you are available to attend and willing totestify.In addition, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders held a press conference today,July 5th, calling on the City Council to restart this program.Mayoral press release link: you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me or call me at (619)544-7000.Sincerely,AdrianADRIAN S. KWIATKOWSKITHE MONGER COMPANYGovernment, Community and Corporate AdvocacyTel: (619) 544-7000 Fax: (619) 544-6886625 Broadway Suite 1200 San Diego, California 92101www.MongerCompany.comSince 1995
This email demonstrates a serious concerted effort between Councilwoman Atkins, Monger lobbyist Adrian Kwiatkowski and the San Diego Democratic Club to push forward the implementation of the needle exchange program. The phrase "along with our own Toni Atkins" demonstrates the backroom deals being made with these individuals, possibly in violation of the Brown Act for which Atkins is so fond of quoting when she is publicly feigning her "more open government" speeches. This corruption clearly crosses the boundaries of acceptable lobbying and leads straight to the very core of why San Diego is in the financial disarray that it is in. Additionally, it demonstrates that the lobbying effort to see that needles are handed out to drug addicts on the streets of San Diego is not really about disease prevention, but about political pandering and a dark vision by socially liberal anarchists who want to redefine California's illegal drug laws.

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