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The James Hartline Report
July 27, 2006
On The Frontlines Of The Culture War

Persecution Of Christians Is Alive And Well
At San Diego City Council:

Christians Stand Tall At San Diego City Council
To Oppose Gay Pride Proclamation:
Gay Pride Activists Verbally Assault Christian Beliefs
As Councilmen Who Previously Claimed To Be Christians
Join Gay Activists In Persecution Party!

(JHR) Surrounded by nearly two dozen fellow citizens, Christian activist James Hartline declared to the San Diego City Council during a volatile and standing-room-only council hearing that a line had been drawn in the culture war in their city that clearly divides good from evil. The well known community leader led a large team into the Tuesday morning council meeting to oppose a council vote which would authorize the issuance of a citywide proclamation to honor the annual Gay Pride parade and festival. Hartline told the council, "Thousands of Christians, church leaders and child protection advocates are watching this vote today. We will all now know whether this city council will side with our churches, our families and our children, or they will side with the pornography industry. Today, choose very, very wisely."

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Hartline's ten minute presentation kicked off the battle over whether the city council would issue a proclamation to force the city to honor a Gay Pride Week in San Diego. Despite pleas from a number of impassioned Christians and family protection advocates, all eight members of the city council sided with homosexual and lesbian leaders of the gay pride community and voted unanimously to support the proclamation which declares July 24 - 30, 2006 as Gay Pride Week in San Diego. Even after being informed that xxx pornography, S & M sex and other immoral events would be taking place at the festival, the councilmembers, in complete agreement, chose to honor the dark festival and parade.

The speech by James Hartline specifically addressed by name the councilmembers who have all, in recent years, claimed to be Christians in the public square. Hartline first confronted Councilman Tony Young:

"Councilman Young, you state to many church leaders in your community that you are a born again Christian. You have told them so during your recent campaign for city council. Today is the day where you will demonstrate whether that fact is really true. Today, you will either side with the Christians and the hard working families of your district and this city, or you will decide to stand with the Gay Pride Festival and its destructive pornographic enterprises. If you will stand with us on this important matter, than we will stand with you in the days ahead and we will see that destiny leads you to greatness in the political arena."

During Hartline's comments, Councilman Young could be seen shaking his head in disagreement. Young went on to deny his previously professed public Christianity as he voted to support the proclamation to honor the pornographic enterprises of Gay Pride Week.

Hartline also addressed newly elected Councilman Kevin Faulconer, a father of two small children:

"Councilman Faulconer, you have two small children and we know that you would never want them to be exposed to such filth as that which is paraded during the Gay Pride Festival. You once mentioned on your campaign website that you were a member of a local church. Today, we ask that you stand with us for the protection of your children and our families from the degradation of San Diego Gay Pride."

Shocked Christians throughout the council chamber watched in disbelief as Faulconer, a Republican recently elected to the council, marched up to the podium to stand with lesbian councilwoman Toni Atkins, as she presented the city proclamation to the San Diego Gay Pride organization. Faulconer received the votes of thousands of Conservative Christians in his district during his recently successful campaign for the city council. Results from the January 10, 2006 election showed that Faulconer only beat his Democratic challenger by 724 votes and he clearly could not have won without the Christian vote (

Viewers can watch as Republicans Faulconer and Jim Madaffer denied their previously feigned Christianity, and walked up to the podium with the Gay Pride leaders as they stood with Councilwoman Toni Atkins to present the proclamation, by going to:
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Nearly all of those present who oppposed the proclamation stated that Councilman Brian Maienschein was the most disappointing vote in favor of the Gay Pride Proclamation. In an absolute betrayal of his public claims of being a Christian, Maienschein voted with the other councilmembers to endorse the pornographic events that will be at the center of the gay pride parade and festival. What disturbed attendees the most about Maienschein's vote is the fact that he voted for the gay activists after a number of them had verbally bashed the Christians on a number of occasions during the council hearing.

After many courageous speeches by a number of Christian leaders including Phil Magnan, Director of Biblical Family Advocates and Stephanie Hopping, a well known family values activist, the three dozen Christians that were present during the hearing were forced to endure attack after attack during speeches by members of the homosexual community leadership. One lesbian activist, Marci Bair, Executive Director of Family Matters (, began yelling at the Christians in the chamber, "And as a Christian, I am disgusted at what has gone on this morning...disgusted. All of the hate that's been displayed this morning and it really hurts my heart." As Bair continued to vehemently lash out at the Christian speakers as they stood up for Biblical values, the lesbian advocate for homosexual adoption and parenting went onto reveal the fact that she and her lesbian partner of 22 years had originally met at Christian High School. Last year, it was Marci Bair's group Family Matters that hosted the Children's Garden at the San Diego Gay Pride Festival. It was later uncovered that the Gay Pride leaders had hired Marty the Clown, a registered pedophile, to entertain the children being placed inside of the Children's Garden (

Viewers can view the numerous speeches by Gay Pride Activists
by going to: (
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Christian activist James Hartline was singled out on a number of occasions during the council hearing by supporters of the homosexual agenda. One individual, Eric A. Isaacson, verbally attacked Hartline on three different occasions. Claiming Hartline was misguided in his interpretation of the Bible, Isaacson attempted to correct the Christian activist by saying that Jesus had nothing to say about homosexuality and that true Christianity preached love and embracement of homosexuality. Isaacson, who has done pro-bono work for the ACLU, also told the council that he is a minister with the Unitarian Univeralist Church in San Diego ( Despite Hartline's overwhelming evidence that xxx pornography would be promoted at the Gay Pride Festival, Isaacson stated he would be proudly bringing his three small children to the event.

It is important to note that prior to any testimony being taken at the council hearing, all eight councilmembers had already made up their mind to endorse the gay pride week by signing the proclamation document that was presented during the council hearing. In closing out his comments as the proclamation was given, Councilman Scott Peters, the son of a minister, told the packed audience, "It is not the intention of the council to embrace all of the activities at Gay Pride described by Mr. Hartline by giving out the proclamation." Peters went onto say that it was unfortunate that the public access television station would have to broadcast the information provided by Hartline about Gay Pride.

Despite being denegrated by the anti-christian forces at the hearing, Hartline declared that the Christians of San Diego are prepared to press on in their campaign to return their city to a place of righteousness and morality. Hartline told the council and all in attendance:

"A line has been drawn today. We will not allow that line to ever be erased again. This line divides good from evil, and never again will we allow the two to mix in a way where this city cannot recognize the difference between right and wrong."

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Eric Alan Isaacson said...

Your Hartline Report for July 27 states that at last Tuesday's City Council meeting I told the council that I am "a minister with the Unitarian Univeralist Church in San Diego."

At Tuesday's City Council meeting I
identified myself as a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, and I explained that I teach Sunday School there. I did not, however, identify myself as a Unitarian Universalist minister - - for I am only a Sunday School Teacher.

I hope you will correct this error - - and I thank you for doing so.

Eric Alan Isaacson

Anonymous said...

I found it interesting that Mr. Isaacson attempts to correct the report by saying that he is not a minister, but that he is "only a Sunday School Teacher". Anyone who partakes of any ministry that teaches God's word in its entirety and in its context of truth is nothing less than a minister. Seeing the stand against Christ, which Mr. Isaacson has taken, it is clear to see that he has a right to make the correction; he is no minister.