Friday, October 30, 2009


ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE - TONIGHT -- KFAX AM1100 and ISSUES AFTER DARK PRESENT James Hartline 2.0: "CONFRONTING THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA, Pt. 2 - A View From The Inside." Live From San Francisco.

Issues After Dark

This is an encore show regarding the ministry and life of James Hartline. James is a pioneer in exposing the homosexual agenda and the underground existence of "Bath Houses" posing publicly as gyms. James will speak on the agenda of the Homosexual towards the youth - especially young Black males. Also, he will share his life experiences that have caused him to currently face death everyday as he lives with the HIV/AIDS virus.

Hosted by the devil-busting dynamic duo of Dion Evans & Antoine Miller, ISSUES AFTER DARK is the San Francisco Bay Area's most important and controversial LIVE Christian Talk Radio Program. You can listen LIVE throughout America via the KFAX website stream on Friday, October 30th from 9:30pm - 11:30pm pst as Evans & Miller bring former homosexual James Hartline's testimony and Christian activism LIVE into the heart of San Francisco's homosexual community.

After James Hartline's last appearance on ISSUES AFTER DARK, San Francisco's gay community declared, "Oh, no you didn't!" Evans & Miller respond, "Oh, yes we did AND we're having him back again!" Get ready to rumble in the cultural jungle the night before the Bay Area holds its dark night of Halloween as ISSUES AFTER DARK talks about God, Freedom and Life AFTER Homosexuality!"

You can call in with questions and comments during the program at:
1-888-367-5329 - Listening Live Stream throughout America at


Anonymous said...

James, I am sure that the gay community in San Francisco will be waiting for your message in eager anticipation. Most gay people, especially in San Francisco, have a keen interest in Christian radio. I know that Jesus will be listening also. Yes, tonight will mark the beginning of the great revival that the Christian community has been praying for.

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween James!

I am sorry I missed your radio presentation last night. Today (Halloween) is the start of the High Holy days for gay people and I needed to get a good nights rest in order to get up early to attend the second annual Sunrise Service which celebrates the return of the gay gods and of the gay holy spirit which will control the planet from now through Mardi Gras.

Halloween is a major day of recruiting for us and this year we aim to increase our numbers by inaugurating our “ex-straight” ministry. We have researched and fine tuned your reparative therapy programs and will now deploy our own improved version of therapy for those who need liberation from “heterosexuality”. Halloween brings gays and straights together so this will be the perfect time to educate and seduce our new recruits.

This year Thanksgiving will be elevated to a High Holy Day because we have so much to be thankful for in the gay community. December Holidays will get a complete makeover; Saturnalia, Winter Solstice, and Dies Natalis Solis Invicti will be combined into one 10 day holiday celebration. December 25th will be returned to its original pagan glory. Other gay holidays will be added, such as our own version of Saint Valentine’s Day, and etc. Darwin’s Day will be a special day in 2010 because Darwin has done more to advance freedom of mankind than any other person in all of history. The grand finale of the Fall and Winter High Holy Days will of course be Mardi Gras.

We are still working on the Spring and Summer High Holy Days which will start with a new makeover of Easter and end on Labor Day. We intend to put the FUN back into FUNdamentalism. Sister Nun of The Above from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence has been added to our advisory board. Your comments and suggestions will always be welcomed for consideration but dogma and unproven bible verses probably won’t be viewed seriously.

I have enjoyed some of your radio presentations in the past and regret that my schedule did not permit me to listen to you last night.

Kaitis28 said...

James-I tried to listen to your segment through the link but it didn't work, maybe you could post the audio on your blog.
God Bless you James, I pray your witness is steadfast, uncorrupted, pure and the real deal. We need so many more of you in this world.