Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gay San Diego City Commissioner Makes Sexually Degrading Comments About U. S. Military Veterans

A gay San Diego City Commissioner who constantly demands Congress legalize homosexuality in the United States Armed Forces has now written a published article containing sexually degrading statements about U. S. military veterans and a United States Congressman. Nicole Murray Ramirez, a male transvestite activist who has been elected by the San Diego City Council to serve as a city commissioner on the city's Human Relations Commission, recently wrote in his weekly column in the Gay and Lesbian Times:

Yes, our very own City Councilmmember Todd Gloria was named San Diego’s sexiest politician in a recent San Diego News Network poll. The top four are: Todd Gloria, State Assemblymember Nathan Fletcher and a tie for third place between Congressmember Duncan Hunter and Council President Pro-Tem Kevin Faulconer. Yes, Todd beat out four straight men, but are the voters blind? We love Todd, but ex-marines Faulconer and Hunter are butch and hot! Fletcher would get my vote hands down.

The Gay and Lesbian Times featured a Sept. 10th article of Nicole Murray Ramirez as the co-chair of the recently held march for homosexual rights in Washington D. C. President Obama was the featured guest speaker at the simultaneously held Human Rights Campaign event in the nation's capitol where the president declared that he will push for a repeal of the ban on practicing open homosexuality in the military.

Ramirez has received the approval of the San Diego City Council to investigate citizen complaints over discrimination issues in the city. He has earned a notorious reputation for promoting pornography, dressing up as a Catholic Nun while calling Bingo at a porn-promoting gay bar and for attacking Christians who are opposed to his radical gay rights agenda. During the recent National Equality March on Washington D. C., Ramirez was a featured speaker during the event that called for a repeal of the ban on homosexuality in the United States military.

Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, son of 2008 presidential candidate Duncan Hunter Sr., recently returned from serving on the battlefield in Iraq. Soon after the Unites States was attacked on September 11, 2001, Duncan Hunter Jr. quit his job as a San Diego business analyst and joined the United States Marine Corps. Hunter entered active service as a Lieutenant in 2002 and excelled in the area of field artillery, much like his grandfather, Robert O. Hunter, who was a Marine Corps artillery officer in World War II.

Over the course of his service career, Hunter served three combat tours overseas: two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. In 2003, Hunter deployed to Iraq with the 1st Marine Division. Hunter completed his second tour in 2004, where he and his fellow Marines were at the center of combat operations in Fallujah, Iraq.

As a staunch Christian Conservative, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter is opposed to a repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. Congressman Hunter is also a strong supporter of traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

It is an offensive and disgusting day when San Diego city officials tolerate the sexually degrading comments of a city commissioner, particularly when those comments are directed at a military veteran and a United States Congressman.

The City of San Diego recently announced that it will have an estimated $200 million budget deficit in the 2010 fiscal year. The fact that the San Diego City Council continues to tolerate religious bigotry and immoral verbal attacks against military veterans by a city commissioner demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of the city government as well.


Larry said...

"It is an offensive and disgusting day when San Diego city officials tolerate the sexually degrading comments of a city commissioner, particularly when those comments are directed at a military veteran and a United States Congressman."

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This means that something or someone is beautiful, depending on the person who is looking. Nicole's article and the San Diego News Network poll were created for the gay audience. Certainly from the viewpoint of sex depraved Christians, this would be disgusting, obscene, degrading, etc and etc.

Because we live in a pluralistic society you are entitled to express your views.
Christian morality is certainly an option, but not required for a happy life. In the final analysis, it is the voters that decide what is sexy and what is degrading when choosing who will represent them. Sex is part of life and if a candidate is anti-sex he will not get many votes.

Anonymous said...

That FABULOUS Nicole is back!

Nightmare on Normal Street, Oct. 31

Nightmare on Normal Street, Hillcrest’s big Halloween block party, will be held on Saturday, October 31 from 6-10 pm on Normal Street between Lincoln and Blaine. The Outrageous Nicole returns as emcee this year for the fabulous costume contest. Tickets are only $5 and are available only at the event. Come join us for the biggest Halloween party in Hillcrest and support The Center! This is a 21+ event and ID is required.

James, you can wear a costume and no one will realize that you are there. Come join us for an evening of offensive and disgusting comments by emcee Nicole. As a tax payer you helped pay for the street that will be blocked off, so come and use it.
Please do not go before the City Council and complain; be nice.

No said...

The James Hartline Report is making a mountain out of a mole hill. Why isn't the writer concerned about all the innocent Iraqi's that have been murdered & tortured as a result of our invasion. Even President Geo. W. Bush said we torture people off American soil. That seems alot more offensive & disgusting that Nicole Ramirez Murray's comments. Get your priorities straight.