Saturday, October 03, 2009

James Hartline's Four Year War Against Joel Anderson's Corruption: The Truth Finally Prevails Against The East San Diego County Old Boys Network

James Hartline's Four Year War Against Joel Anderson's Corruption: The Truth Finally Prevails Against The East San Diego County Old Boys Network - Money Laundering Allegations PROVE that James Hartline was right during his four year war to expose the corruption of California State Assemblyman Joel Anderson and The East San Diego County Old Boys Network.

Since 2005, James Hartline has been reporting on the horrific corruption that has controlled churches, politics and the civic affairs of East San Diego County. In turn, the forces of darkness and cronyism which control many churches and politicians in East San Diego County have been on a crusade to silence Hartline since he began publicizing his investigative findings four years ago. From covert persecution to out right exclusion from many San Diego Churches with political and financial ties to the East County Old Boys Network, Hartline has often been left to depend on God for His protection and provisions during this long war.

In 2005, Hartline first reported on Joel Anderson and his corruptive influence in East San Diego County. Now, the San Diego Union Tribune is vindicating Hartline's long battle for justice in their new investigative article with allegations that Anderson has been illegally laundering campaign contributions.

Today's U.T. Editorial issues an even more scathing indictment of Anderson's sleazy financial practices:

Union-Tribune Editorial
Sleazy scam
Anderson must return tainted donations
2:00 a.m. October 3, 2009
The Union-Tribune watchdog report published Thursday cast a horrible light on the judgment and integrity of Assemblyman Joel Anderson, R-La Mesa.
The investigation documented how four Anderson supporters each donated $10,000 to the Fresno County Republican Central Committee, which then in each case contributed $9,500 to Anderson's 2010 campaign fund. The individual limit on contributions to legislative candidates is $3,900; there is no limit on what party committees can provide.
The report also documented how Anderson had transferred a total of nearly $100,000 that was left over from his 2008 Assembly campaign fund to Fresno County, Placer County and Stanislaus County GOP committees, which then sent about the same sum back to his fund for 2010, when he is expected to run for state Senate. This maneuver allows Anderson to receive new donations from the same individuals who gave the maximum to his Assembly campaign in 2008.
These transactions could well prove legal. Nevertheless, they are a plain and brazen assault on the intent of the laws. Not even the most naive person would believe all the transfers were coincidental.
How does Anderson explain or rationalize this sleazy scam? He doesn't, refusing to answer the questions we posed in repeated e-mails or to return our call.
Sorry, Mr. Assemblyman, but this controversy isn't going to quickly blow over. Stall tactics won't work — either with the media or with the state Fair Political Practices Commission, which, we hope, will investigate.
In the meantime, here's the choice the East County Republican faces: He can return the tainted donations and apologize for the scam or he can permanently stain his reputation by trying to get away with it.
So what will it be, Joel Anderson?

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