Saturday, October 03, 2009

How The Olympic Games Were Really Blocked From Coming To Chicago

How The Olympic Games Were Really Blocked From Coming To Chicago. Long before Obama became president, there was a secret weapon at work to halt the impending campaign by radical forces to reward Obama and his supporters with the 2016 Olympics. In 2006, the homosexual political movement, in partnership with corrupt Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, had brought in thousands of homosexual activists to hold the world Gay Games in Chicago.

The game plan of the international homosexual movement and Mayor Daley was to create the physical appearance in Chicago through the Gay Games that would result in selling the international Olympic Committee on the idea that Chicago was ready for a bigger event: the 2016 Olympics. At the time of the Gay Games, former homosexual James Hartline was flown into Chicago with several other prominent Christian activists like nationally-recognized Christian attorney Matt Barber and Dr. John Riggs to make a stand for truth and righteousness in the heart of Chicago's homosexual community during the Gay Games.

While Hartline, Barber and the other Christians were praying and preaching on the streets of Chicago's gay community (known as Boys Town) hundreds of homosexual activists surrounded them and threatened them with death. Scores of Chicago police officers were brought in to surround Hartline and the other Christians to protect them from repeated attempts by the violent gay groups to rush in and assault the ministry team.

The photograph displayed shows a portion of the angry homosexual activists who were being held back from rushing at Hartline and Matt Barber while they preached on the street. Because former homosexual James Hartline and the other Christians were willing to risk their lives for the Gospel while the world was glorifying homosexuality in Chicago, the Spirit of the Lord was released upon Chicago's demonic gay agenda in 2006.

The Spirit of the Lord began contending with the anti-christ spirit inside the City of Chicago from that day forward. Thus, when President Barack Obama, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley and their armies of gay activist supporters in Boys Town attempt to square the reasons for their failure to garner an Olympic Bid for the Windy City, they had better recount the day that the Wind of the Holy Spirit was emparted into Chicago in 2006.

The Chicago Tribune reported today on corrupt Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's reasoning for failing to win the 2016 Olympics: "Mayor Richard Daley took one grand shot at landing the Olympics, devoting more than three years to an effort that involved thousands of volunteers and more than $72 million in donations, but in the end Chicago was done in by a combination of Rio de Janeiro's more compelling story line and the quirky politics of Olympic voting."


Anonymous said...

There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.

Carlos said...

The Rio de Janeiro Gay Pride Parade is the world's largest parade and this is why God moved the Olympics to this city. More and more athletes are coming out gay and Rio de Janeiro is more tolerant.

God is not against gay people and he will give more signs in the near future to prove this point.

Anonymous said...

"threatened them with death" O Puh-leeze! You're lying for the Lord again, Hartline. I know people who were there when the Jesus folks showed up intent on disrupting.

Anonymous said...

Hartline said,
"The game plan of the international homosexual movement and Mayor Daley was to create the physical appearance in Chicago through the Gay Games that would result in selling the international Olympic Committee on the idea that Chicago was ready for a bigger event: the 2016 Olympics"

As a member of the international homosexual movement I can say authoritatively that Chicago was NEVER on the gay agenda for the 2016 Olympics. Neither was Rio de Janeiro but it is a welcome surprise.

South America is now on our radar big time.

BeadKnitter said...

What's disturbing is that you actually believe what you wrote. Tragic.

James Hartline said...

What's eternally tragic is the fact that you don't believe you are in sin. Eternal salvation is founded on TRUE repentance. If you don't repent of your sins, acknowledging them and turning from them, then you mock Christ's sacrifice and there is then, no hope for you. And what will you have gained for your self-deception and sins? The wages of sin is death. What good does it do, if a person gains the whole world and loses one's eternal life?

Kevin said...

Thank you Mr. Hartline for keeping us informed about why God decided that Chicago should not get the Olympics in 2016. We also thank you for explaining to us why God send those horrible fires in California. The secular media never reports these things. We are truly blessed to be able to read the real reasons from someone who has an inside track to God.

I noticed this morning that many other people are beginning to notice also. Here are the links below. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Brother James. Because nothing says "Stop your gay ways" more clearly than a weekend in Rio. Perhaps you're confusing Rio with S.C. Governor Sanford's other sin-free city in South America, Buenos Aires? Stop giving people of faith and Americans in general a bad name, and be quiet. You're an embarrassment to God, humanity, and the Stars & Stripes.

Anonymous said...

scratch a homophobe, get a feckless, nationalist moron, who has no passport, and has clearly not been to Rio. Rev Hartline, the moronic audience, to whom you are preaching have also likely never left the United States, but anyone who has ever actually been to Rio is laughing at the absurdity of implying that Chicago, Illinois is a party, and Rio is chaste.

You're a fool and the only people buying your faux straight outrage girlfriend are stupid straight people. I actually am a heterosexual, wife, and mother of four, but let me give you a little hinty-poo James, if you suffer and fight against same sex attraction, you ARE gay. You can claim you are not all you like, but anyone, with even half of brain knows, you're a fraud, just DYING to prance out of that closet of yours, filled with tacky suits and dated ties.

Anonymous said...

Hartline, you go to great lengths to be adored by people that once hated you. Secretly, they still hate you and so does the God you created in your own image. It's a dead end.

San Francisco Husky Bear said...

what makes you think christianity is any more true than any other religion? after all, the gospels were written by persons unknown almost 100 years after the time of jesus. they weren't eyewitnesses to the events. where i come from, that's called hearsay.

Anonymous said...

Could it be because South America hasn't had an Olympics and nothing more? Seems like a good call to me.

azguy said...

LOL..James you are fooling no one but yourself. Gay & straight alike see you for the pathetic, self-hating thing that you are.

davebear said...

nothing worse than a hypocritical self loathing homo

RationalDan said...

Wait: So, according to you, God directs the IOC to punish the USA, but takes a hands-off approach to the whole hunger-housing-genocide-war-disease thing? Interesting.

I'm curious about your theories of what Rio did for God to direct the IOC to reward them. This is gonna be one fascinating read.

Anonymous said...


I would be curious to know if the repentance of your sins comes at a whim to your worldly desires. I mean, in and out of that closet has to be exhausting and certainly taxing for God. I mean, he is keeping count on the good deeds you're doing, right?

Anonymous said...

"The photograph displayed shows a portion of the angry homosexual activists who were being held back from rushing at Hartline and Matt Barber while they preached on the street. "

Really, I don't see the horses. Need I remind you that Chicago uses the police horses to "hold back" people.

When I see people following ALL of the rules in the bible and not just bang their fists at something that is actually mentioned by name/act 4 times in that little Bible of yours, then I will start to think about sin(s).

I do not see you out marching and protesting Divorce lawyers cause majority of the divorces in America is due to adultery, and that is listed on the 10 unforgivables.. oops, wait that was changed to Commandments. Let alone all the other things listed, like working on Sundays (which priests due... interesting isn't it).

Let people live their life, and love thy neighbor. Or have you forgotten that little bit of the Bible? Don't judge people, that is for God to do. And what you and others do blaming everything on the "Gay Agenda" is judging. I for one would like to be behind the gate as most of you are cast down due to your judging others, that is left up to God and no other.

David said...

People who don't want their beliefs laughed at shouldn't have such funny beliefs.

Anonymous said...

I know that God loves even crazies like you, but you are profaning Him by claiming to act and speak in His name. Like all of us, you have the potential for His grace, but right now you are an embarrassment to all people of faith, especially Christians, and a shame to all Americans. Please accept Jesus into your heart and share his love with the world, not the fear and hate that Satan offers in its place and has tricked you into embracing.

Johan said...

James, I feel sorry for you. I've seen photos of you in action holding up the righteous Word, but it appears you're wearing cotton-poly blend or some other multi-fabric abomination in each one.

Leviticus clearly states that the mixing of fabrics in one cloth is an affront to the Lord. I invite you to renounce your thread-whoring days and join me in the ex-fray movement. Only by rejecting the monstrosity of cotton-poly blends can America be saved.

(This ridiculous rant brought to you by Leviticus 19:19 )

Raúl said...

God loves the Gays.
I pray to him so I could find love and the lord sent me the most amazing guy to love.

Im sorry you cant see this. love is not a sin.

Anonymous said...

Um, have you ever been to Rio?

It's just about the most decadent city on the planet. Never mind that it's teeming with gay people ... the heterosexuals are doing a pretty good job of delighting in behavior you most certainly wouldn't approve of.

And that picture of gays standing on the sidewalk in Chicago? Doesn't look like they're being held back. Looks like they're using their Constitutional right to protest.

Joshua (notice the name) said...

Wow, what a brilliant analysis of the 2016 failure in Chicago. I mean, god (notice I didn't capitalize the "G"...) strikes down on Chicago for it's sins...

What surprises me more is how polite people are being with their comments.

So, let's break it down. Your pictures show less than 10 people praying on the east side of the street. (Yes, I live there, and yes, I know the 'hood well) and hundreds of people on the west side of the street. Big deal. I don't see the riot police (again, I know the uniforms pretty well) or the horses which are standard for these things. I don't see anyone brandishing weapons, fists, or anything else for that matter. So, where is your proof? Where are the arrest records for the threats? I mean, threatening someone with death is actually a pretty serious offense. How many people were arrested? Remember, lying is a sin. SO? Again, where is your evidence?

What I really see is a d-bag homo hater who has nothing else to do but blog this kind of idiotic crap in an effort to make themselves feel better. But wait, isn't that "forbidden" in the bible too?

Next... how is it that you are SO connected to "god"? You have so much DETAILED information! I mean, if he's telling you all of this great juicy gossip about Chicago why isn't he just making some images of jesus (again, no capitals) on a wall, or a piece of toast or something to let us all know? Or even better, right on the front of Sidetrack? THAT will show the gays something right?

Lastly, thanks so much for proving once again why my personal decision to shun organized religion was a good one.

There are many many very nice, honest, and respectful Christians out there... but you, sir, are clearly not among them.

Anonymous said...

"There probably is no God." Wow. You're taking a pretty big chance there and seem to know it.

What if you're wrong? What if there is a God, and He holds you accountable for not following the instructions he gave?

I will be thankful for all of enternity that the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to see what God is saying in the Bible about sin - particularly the sin of a homosexual lifestyle. By God's grace, he allowed me to confess my sin and repent. I'm begging all others who haven't done so to please do so now.

Johan said...

Hey Anonymous,

The logical problem with your argument is this: What if you're the one who picked the wrong god?

Not saying you did, but if your best argument to an agnostic is that they should be a Christian "just in case," you're really not going to win many hearts or minds. At least, not of people capable of reasoned thought.

Child of God said...

God made me just the way I am, She tells me this every day as I awake to another great and wonderful sunrise, I am Gay and I thank the Lord every day for this gift she has bestowed upon my soul.