Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WAY BEFORE THE ACORN SCANDAL, JAMES HARTLINE REPORTED: While They Were Sleeping, A Terrorist Was Roaming The Streets of San Diego

While They Were Sleeping, A Terrorist Was Roaming The Streets of San Diego: James Hartline and the Not On My Watch Team Confront Terrorism at San Diego's Gay and Lesbian Center. In 2003, Rodney Coronado, a known environmental terrorist, taught a bomb making class at the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center. When reporting on the criminal incident and the ensuing FBI arrest of Coronado, nearly every local media outlet conveniently left out the fact that the class was conducted with 100 attendees on the property of San Diego's leading homosexual community center. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rod_Coronado --

While church leaders were not even aware that a bomb making class was being taught in their city, James Hartline and his team declared to the City of San Diego in 2006 how tax dollars were subsidizing the local gay and lesbian center where this crime occurred. In 2007, Coronado stood trial in San Diego on charges related to his gay center bomb making presentation. After two days of deliberations, the jury remained deadlocked, and on September 19, 2007, Judge Jeffrey Miller declared a mistrial. Coronado subsequently entered a guilty plea, accepting a deal for a one year prison term, as a result of which he was sentenced on March 27, 2008 to one year and one day. If Hartline had not spoken out about the gay center's role in this crime, most of the public would have never even known the location of where this bomb making class had been held. You can watch James Hartline's speech on April 18, 2006 before the San Diego City Council on the gay center's involvement in this criminal incident by sliding the video time ruler to the time of 42:00.

WATCH city council video
Speech at 42:00

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