Monday, September 14, 2009


Dump Disney - Once and For All!
DISNEY to feature homosexual lovers as part of regular series couples on upcoming ABC Family program "Modern Family". DISNEY, which is the parent company owner of ABC, is featuring an abominable homosexual couple in the new program Modern Family. Numerous churchgoers in San Diego have condemned the James Hartline Report because Hartline has confronted them about their continued support of DISNEY. Hartline responds: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!" Joshua 24:15


Anonymous said...

If you find homosexual lovers abominable, you have the option of switching channels. No one is forcing you to watch DISNEY programs. Disney is exercising their freedom of speech. We can exercise our freedom of choice.

If Jesus finds "Modern Family" sinful, he has the power to shut it down. It is just that simple.

James Hartline said...

Yes, and Christians also have the option of shutting down Disney. It is time for a revolt among God's people. I am a making a stand and demanding that God's people choose between good and evil. And God will show who is right.

Anonymous said...

We can also see far enough ahead to realize that homosexuality is a choice: And in that realization, it is easy to conclude that shows such as this pose a horrible trap to children, ESPECIALLY when a company like Disney is responsible. It would be like Nickelodeon TV doing a feature on sex. Sorry, no way. People are foolish when they advocate things like this under the guise of "Free speech". America is a free country. Only someone who doesn't want it to be would object to Disney being shut down because of this program.