Thursday, September 17, 2009

James Hartline's War Against Pornography in San Diego is Picking Up Steam as ACORN Office is Mysteriously Shuttered

James Hartline's war to save a city is picking up steam. Hartline has continued to expand his battle to shut down the pornographic businesses of San Diego. After shutting down eleven adult porn businesses in San Diego's homosexual community, Hartline has now been laying siege against the porngraphic businesses in one of his city's poorest neighborhoods City Heights. The first casualty in this expanding war is the mysterious shuttering of a seedy ACORN office at 3554 University Ave.

ACORN has operated its corrupt organization at that location for a number years on the same block as Fantasy Show Girls Strip Club (3596 University Ave) and Adult World porn store (3574 University). These businesses are operating two blocks from Edison Elementary School. You can watch James Hartline's March 9, 2004 speech which forced the city to start shutting down the illegal porn businesses Hartline was battling to shut down. Slide time ruler to 34:50 to watch the speech.

James Hartline Report has obtained a document which shows that the ACORN office at 3554 University Ave. was attempting to help undocumented immigrants at that location in 2006: DOCUMENTATION

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