Monday, August 24, 2009

What's Next? A Strip Club in Church? As Bad As It Gets In A San Diego Church

As bad as it gets in a church: I have seen so much compromise in San Diego Churches. Yet, even this shocked me. Look at this video of the youth group performing for their church Christian City Church in San Diego. They are performing to Boom Boom Pow by the pro-homosexual, anti-christian group Black Eyed Peas.

The lyrics to the song state: "Harder, faster, better, stronger sexy ladies extra longer."

Christian City Church, the group being entertained by their sexualized Boom Boom Power church youth dancers, has extensive ties to The Life Church. The Life Church is the church that just sold its property to the homosexual activist group MCC. These are evil things being done in the name of Christianity in San Diego churches. And it is spreading to every church in San Diego County. It is the decisions being made by compromising pastors that are allowing this rot to spread.

And the pastor: well, he can be seen dancing in the video.

Christian City Church:

I have been investigating Christian City Church because they have ties to the Life Church in Mission Bay which just sold its building to the homosexual activist group MCC. Their beliefs are part of this demonic emergent church teaching called The Alpha Course. And seeker friendly mega churches all over San Diego are duplicating the same rot that you see in this video.

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