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HIGH ALERT: A GREAT EVIL IN SAN DIEGO IS UNDERWAY as Evangelical Church Makes Financial Deal with the Devil!

This is almost too hard to believe.

A well known Evangelical Church in San Diego, the Life Church, at 2633 Denver St. San Diego, 92110, is selling its property. Guess who they are selling their property to: the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC). MCC is one of the most evil organizations in the United States. They preach that homosexuality is a gift from God, their founder Troy Perry was one of the original litigants for suing to legalize gay marriage and they aggressively campaigned against Prop. 8. They have been holding their "church" services at the Gay and Lesbian Center.

Some of the ministers in MCC have a history of teaching sex classes under the guise of "Bible" studies. One of the most putrid aspects of MCC is their twisted doctrine of advocating Leather Sex and Spirituality. MCC often teaches the abominable doctrine that King David was the lover of Jonathan. Some of their ministers have even taught that Jesus was homosexual.

On the MCC San Diego website in their photo album for their participation in the 2009 gay pride porn parade are many MCC participants. They even feature a smiling picture of abortion loving lesbian city councilwoman Toni Atkins on their website.

It gets worse. Guess who the broker is on the church deal: Brian Jones of Brian Jones ran for the 52nd Congressional District against Duncan Hunter in 2008. Jones was backed by every major church leader in East San Diego County and viciously attacked Hunter as being a "fake" Christian. Jones had the backing of Sonrise Church where his bio stated that he had been a full time staff member. The word is that Jones will once again run next year, this time for the 77th Assembly District. And once again he will try to sell himself as a Christian candidate.

This is the kind of corruption that is destroying our city, our state and our nation.

The idea that a church is selling to a perverted and immoral organization like MCC demonstrates just how compromised Christianity has become in San Diego.

We are asking every TRUE Christian to pray against this financial and rotten arrangement. Remember Brian Jones. Remember Life Church. Remember MCC. God is watching these dirty deeds and the betrayal of the Lord Jesus Christ. Remember all of the Christians who sacrificed and gave money to the Life Church and how they have now betrayed you with their dirty deed of betrayal. Never Forget!

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From the Gay and Lesbian Times this week:

San Diego
MCC finds new home
Congregation votes to move to Mission Bay area
by Neal Putnam, News Reporter
Published Thursday, 30-Jul-2009 in issue 1127
Members of the Metropolitan Community Church were ecstatic Sunday after they voted 96 percent in favor of buying a church in the Mission Bay area that they can call their own.
Church services will continue at The San Diego LGBT Community Center in Hillcrest for approximately six to eight more weeks, maybe longer depending on the escrow process. The church, which ministers to everyone but has a special outreach to the GLBT community, will obtain a bank loan of approximately $650,000.
On Saturday, about 100 members toured their new church at 2633 Denver Street, which is located across from Mission Bay near Interstate 5 and Clairemont Drive. The sanctuary can seat 320 people, and it comes with 120 parking spaces. The church is located in the Sixth District, which is represented by Councilmember Donna Frye.
“We boldly go where God has called us to be,” said Rev. Dan Koeshall in his sermon before the vote.
There were 111 active members who voted Sunday. Tallying the vote was easy, since 107 voted in favor of the purchase, and only four votes were cast against it.
“I’m overcome with joy. It will spill out into the community,” said Teresa Biery after the vote. “It’s an opportunity to spread the word that God loves each of us. It’s a new chapter in our history to be written. It’s an exciting time in the life of our community and church.”
“I’m very pleased. It’s a clear direction that God is leading us,” said Koeshall.
“I’m excited. It’s an opportunity for us to refresh and re-energize,” said Lee Bowman, the minister of communications. “People always want to have a place of our own.”
The church has been renting office spaces at 4340 Vandever Avenue and The Center since 2002, and separate storage spaces in the amount of $4,000 monthly, according to Al Smithson, a founding member of the church and longest serving board member in the denomination’s history.
The new church has large offices, seven classrooms, a large kitchen, computer room, and many smaller rooms in a three-story facility.
Koeshall hinted he has picked out his office, which is not the largest one but has a view of Mission Bay.
MCC, which is also referred to as The Met Church, is buying the building from The Life Church, which has outgrown its building. The purchase price is $2.5 million, and the church has all but $650,000, which it will get from a bank loan.
The church will pay $1.7 million, which comes from the sale of its church building on 30th Street in North Park in 2002, said Smithson. The church had outgrown the building, and lost all the available parking spaces across the street after developers bought the land for condos.
Church members have transferred stock pledges in the amount of $130,000, which adds to the down payment. During the interview for this story, a member donated $1,000; another member had donated $5,000 the week before.
The church on Denver Street was constructed in 1972 and the lot size is approximately 19,309 square feet. It received a new roof three years ago and has a new air conditioning system. It has an outdoor BBQ grill, which is part of a deck in front of the building.
“It’s such a nice facility. It meets all the needs of our ministry,” said Mick Donahue, a member since 1995. “The space is wonderful.”
Koeshall said the board members of The Life Church voted unanimously to sell the church to MCC after meeting with him and others.
MCC was the second bidder on the church after the first one fell through.
The building is not wheelchair accessible, and a ramp will be constructed in front of the church. An elevator will have to be installed at a cost of $120,000, said Smithson. Staff Pastor Houston Burnside uses a wheelchair, as do several other members.
“We are mounting a campaign to reduce the amount of the loan,” said Smithson. “The smaller the loan, the smaller the monthly payment, so we’re seeking donations to help reduce substantially the amount the loan we have to take out.”
A term of the 10-year bank loan includes a fixed interest rate of 6.5 percent for the first five years. Smithson said the church estimates it will have to spend about $52,000 in various expenses before occupancy.
The church is accepting donations to lower the cost of the bank loan. Smithson said people could donate art, automobiles, jewelry, or antiques, which could be sold.
Despite the move, the church will keep its current mailing address at P.O. Box 33291, San Diego, Calif. 92163. Church officials can be reached at 619-521-2222 or at

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Shocking! James, bless your heart for publishing this. God bless you! I'll pray.