Thursday, August 06, 2009

Spiritual Discernment 101: Do You See A Pattern Here? Churches, Money & Corruption

Spiritual Discernment 101:

Today many churches have become nothing more than babysitters for parents to keep their own kids busy. These megachurches are full of activities and clubs for kids. Yet, there is a refusal among these churches to call the youth out of the world's carnality.

Look at this video. What do you see? The background music of this church video is by the radical secular pro-gay group The Hives.

This past Christmas The Hives sang a duet with the radicalized pro-gay marriage singer Cyndi Lauper (Girls Just Want To Have Fun).

Here are some of the lyrics from The Hives-Lauper duet, "A Christmas Duel":

A Christmas Duel
The Hives:
I bought no gifts this year
And I slept with your sister
I know I should have thought twice before I kissed her
But with the year we had last
And the dress that she wore
I just went along for the ride
And I came back for more
And I’m sorry, baby

Cyndi Lauper:
(That’s all okay honey cause see)
I bought no tree this year
And I slept with your brother
I wrecked your Daddy’s car
And went down on your Mother
I set your record collection on fire
And said I never knew
Felt kind of bad about that
And I know you did too
So whatever you say, it’s all fine by me
Who the f##k anyway wants a Christmas tree

A song from The Hives is being used as the background music in the church video. The church, formerly known as Lebanon Chapel, is now known as The River Center.

And guess who helped this church get their new property by purchasing a Walmart store in Lebanon, Oregon? The same Church Brokers who were involved in the deal that allowed the radical homosexual organization MCC to purchase The Life Church at 2633 Denver St. in San Diego.

See a pattern here?

Get Ready for this explosive report coming soon:
The Great San Diego Money Changers Scandal

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