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James Hartline Report 2008 Voter Recommendation List

California Christian News
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The James Hartline Report
The 2008 Voter Recommendation Report

This year, California Christian News in partnership with The James Hartline Report presents the 2008 Voter Recommendation Report. We will be reaching via email an estimated 60,000 voters with large concentrations in California, Ohio, Missouri, Oregon, Illinois, Kansas and Arizona. Additionally, we have a number of blogs, websites and other internet mechanisms for reaching thousands of other voters. Making sure that our people are well educated on who the candidates are, and what they really stand for, is an extremely high priority for James Hartline and those who are working with him during this election season.

In this voter recommendation report, we are emphasizing a number of critical factors when choosing to support or oppose a particular candidate. Our most important factors when considering a candidate for support or opposition include:

1. Does the candidate uphold strong moral and Biblical values in private life, as well as in their public life?
2. Who is managing and influencing the campaign of the candidate?
3. Is the candidate betraying or supporting the Christian Community in their private or public life?

When analyzing the James Hartline Report Voter Recommendation Report, it is incredibly important to understand that James Hartline will never, ever support any candidate who is violating his strong Biblical mandate. James Hartline will only support those candidates who he has thoroughly investigated and researched. You can be sure, that if James Hartline has stamped his approval on a candidate, that candidate has been put through an enormous amount of scrutiny before they are placed on this voter recommendation list as a candidate to be supported. If there is any type of moral compromise or betrayal of the Christian Community by a candidate, that candidate will not be given support or an endorsement on The James Hartline Report Voter Recommendation Report.

Top Voting Recommendations

National Election:
We make no recommendation in this race. Barack Obama will be a major catastrophe should he be elected. The damage and harm of an Obama presidency will be incalculable. Sadly, America will suffer horrifically if Obama is elected. Unfortunately, John McCain has already stated that he will continue to support the funding of human embryonic stem cell research. We cannot support any candidate who will fund the killing of human embryos. You could support John McCain for the purposes of restraining the terrible things that Barack Obama will support if he is elected. Let your conscience guide you.
Vice President: We give our highest recommendation for Sarah Palin as the next vice-president.

In The State of Missouri:
Governor: We are giving our highest recommendation to voters in the state of Missouri to elect Gregory Thompson for governor. (High Priority)

In The State of Arizona:
Proposition 102: Vote YES
-- Recognizes marriage in the state of Arizona as a union between one man and one woman. This amendment will be added as a provision in the state constitution. (High Priority)

In The State of Florida:
Amendment 2: Vote YES
-- Florida Marriage Protection Amendment (High Priority)

In The State of Colorado:
4th Congressional District: Reelect Marilyn Musgrave
(High Priority)

In The State of California:
For President (In California only): Vote for Alan Keyes, president, and Wiley Drake, vice president

52nd Congressional District: We highly recommend voting for Duncan D. Hunter
Assembly District 66:
Vote for Assemblyman Kevin D. Jeffries. Jeffries is a good man and we recommend his reelection.

State Propositions:
Prop. 4 - Vote YES (High Priority)
Prop. 8 - Vote YES (High Priority)
Prop. 1a - Vote NO
Prop. 2 - Vote NO
Prop. 3 - Vote NO
Prop. 5 - Vote NO
Prop. 6 - Vote NO
Prop. 7 - Vote NO
Prop. 9 - Vote YES
Prop. 10 - Vote NO
Prop. 11 - Vote YES
Prop. 12 - Vote YES

San Diego County Voters:
Prop. A: Vote NO (Tax Increase)
Prop. B: Vote NO (High Priority)
Prop. D: Vote YES (Bans Alcohol on Beaches)
Prop. U: Vote YES (High Priority)
Prop. J: Vote NO (El Cajon Tax Increase)
Prop. Q: Vote YES (Makes Chula Vista City Attorney an elected position)
Prop. L: Vote NO (Tax Increase in La Mesa)
Prop. M: Vote YES (Repeals Tax in National City)
Prop. S,T,W,X: Vote NO

SAN DIEGO City Attorney:
We do not endorse Jan Goldsmith, but we believe that he should be given a chance to replace the very anti-christian and problematic Mike Aguirre.

San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre has become a catastrophe for the City of San Diego. Over the past four years, Aguirre has failed to clean up any of the corruption that is plaguing San Diego, but in corrupt-like fashion, he has used his position as city attorney as a platform for his own personal liberal political agenda. From attacking Christian Conservatives on a continuous basis to his determination to remove the Mt. Soledad Cross, Mike Aguirre has molded the city attorney's office into a rabidly anti-christian governmental agency. Additionally, Aguirre was putrid in his attacks against four courageous San Diego firemen who sued the city after they were forced against their will to march in the 2007 San Diego Gay Pride parade.
Jan Goldsmith, a moderate Republican, presents several warning signs for Christian Conservatives that make his candidacy problematic. According to a report in the Voice of San Diego, in 1992 Goldsmith received contributions from Planned Parenthood during his campaign for the California State Assembly. However, once he was elected, Goldsmith refused to support the abortion organization on any piece of legislation. In fact, Goldsmith voted no 13 out of 13 times when pro-abortion legislation came before him. Another issue that is problematic about Goldsmith: Recently, he participated in a campaign fundraiser held on his behalf by the homosexual Republican organization Log Cabin Republicans. The Log Cabin Republicans are aggressively opposing Prop. 8, the California Marriage Protection Amendment. Goldsmith has stated a number of times during his current campaign that he will remain apolitical on social issues if elected to replace Mike Aguirre. During a recent campaign event, the James Hartline Report was able to verify directly from Goldsmith that he will not use his office to advocate for or against social issues while in office, something that Aguirre has been incapable of doing. We believe that Goldsmith should be given a chance to prove he will follow up on this promise.

San Diego City Council:
District 1: We do not support any candidate in this race.

Sherri Lightner is a radical liberal who has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood. It is clear that she will follow in the same horrific, anti-christian steps of the current District 1 Councilman Scott Peters.
Although candidate Phil Thalheimer has done a good thing by helping to preserve the Mt. Soledad Cross, we have so many problems with his current candidacy that we cannot recommend a vote for him. Firstly, he has endorsed rabid pro-abortion candidate April Boling for the 7th District of the San Diego City Council. Secondly, he endorsed homosexual activist Carl DeMaio for the San Diego City Council earlier this year. This follows on the heels of Thalheimer's appearance in the 2004 San Diego Gay Pride Parade. Additionally, Thalheimer has employed a transsexual in his company at the same time that he has been seeking the support of conservatives for his city council campaign. This kind of hypocrisy destroys his credibility with the Christian Community.

Recently, Thalheimer-endorsed, city councilmember-elect Carl DeMaio. Within the past few weeks, the Gay and Lesbian Times has reported that DeMaio attended the annual fundraiser for the San Diego Gay and Lesbian Center, demonstrating that DeMaio is already becoming involved in supporting the radical gay agenda even before he is sworn in as a San Diego city councilmember. The common denominator in all of these campaigns is their use of the same political consulting firm to help run their campaigns. That firm is Coronado Communications. And Phil Thalheimer is no different. Like April Boling and Carl DeMaio, Phil Thalheimer has also hired Coronado Communications to work for his campaign. Everytime a candidate hires Coronado Communications to become involved in their campaign, these same candidates end up becoming big supporters of the radical homosexual agenda.

District 3: We are opposed to both candidates in this race. Both Todd Gloria and Stephen Whitburn have already sold themselves to the radical left and are active promoters of the anti-christian homosexual agenda.

District 7: We are adamantly opposed to both candidates in this race.
Marti Emerald is a big social liberal and has given every indication that she will continue to pursue the catastrophic big union, budget-breaking policies of the other liberal councilmembers. Unfortunately, her opponent April Boling, is a rabid and unrepentant supporter of abortion. Boling is so fanatical in her support of abortion, that Christian voters can never, ever support her. There is no question, that if elected, Boling would continue to vote for the same rotten citywide proclamations to honor Planned Parenthood that the other pro-abortion councilmembers Donna Frye and Toni Atkins have voted for.

We give our highest voter recommendation for reelecting Mark Price.

Mark Price has served the parents, teachers and students of the Alpine District for many years with a stellar performance. Additionally, Mark has directed his own ministry for years where he performs one man plays from the Bible.

San Diego County Board of Education - District 4:
We highly recommend Rose Urdahl.

Rose Urdahl is a longtime children's advocate and Christian conservative. Her opponent Mark C. Anderson is endorsed by Planned Parenthood. To receive the endorsement of Planned Parenthood, the candidate had to convince the Planned Parenthood organization that the candidate is an aggressive supporter of abortion.

Unfortunately, we cannot support any candidate in this race.

John D. Evans is endorsed by nearly every major radical left political leader in San Diego. Endorsements from lesbian San Diego City Council Democrat Toni Atkins, liberal extremist San Diego City Councilwoman Donna Frye and gay pride promoter state schools superintendent Jack O'Connell makes John D. Evans a terrible choice to be on a school board. Yet, his opponent Mitz Lee is no better. During her first term on the school board, Mitz Lee demonstrated that she has no respect for the Christian Community. During the 2006 San Diego Gay Pride scandal, which involved an elementary charter school marching small children in the porn-filled San Diego Gay Pride parade, Mitz Lee said absolutely NOTHING when 12 Christian Community leaders came to the school board to complain. In fact, when James Hartline addressed the school board with Mitz Lee present, he was continuously interrupted by gay-friendly teachers who booed him. At no time did Mitz Lee even attempt to quiet the crowd while Hartline was speaking. With Mitz Lee on the school board, that elementary charter school is still marching small children in the gay parade. Mitz Lee is a pitiful excuse for a school board member.

Grossmont Union High School District:
Our highest recommendation is for voters to re-elect Priscilla Schreiber and Larry Urdahl to the Grossmont Union High School District.
Both Schreiber and Urdahl are two of the finest Christian leaders representing the interests of Christian conservative voters in San Diego County. Tragically, the two opponents of Schreiber and Urdahl are two people who claim to be Christians and yet, have engaged in one of the most scandalous, anti-christian campaigns in San Diego history in an attempt to unseat Schreiber and Urdahl. In the many years that the James Hartline Report has been covering elections, the efforts of Gary Woods and Meg Jedynak to defeat Schreiber and Urdahl have been some of the most disgusting and filthy actions we have ever seen and Woods and Jedynak need to be soundly rejected by the voters of East San Diego County.

We have received extremely reliable reports from strong Christian Conservatives in support of Jillian Hanson-Cox. We recommend a vote to reelect Jillian Hanson-Cox to the El Cajon City Council. Because Bob McClellan and Bill Wells are involved in supporting the deplorable campaign against Christian Conservative school board members Priscilla Schreiber and Larry Urdahl, we are highly opposed to the campaigns of McClellan and Wells for the El Cajon City Council.

We do not support any of the candidates in this race. When the conservative City Council board members on the La Mesa City Council had the opportunity to stand up for Prop. 8, the California Marriage Protection Amendment, they sat on the fence and refused to stand up and be counted. We have no respect for this kind of cowardice. Subsequently, we do not support any of the current candidates for the city council of La Mesa. The day of using the Christian Conservatives to get elected and then not giving those same voters anything back in return, IS OVER!

We are giving our very highest voter recommendation for Zack Beck. Zack is a phenomenal young man with a solid head on his shoulders. As a dedicated Christian, this 21 year-old college student and youth pastor is smart, inspiring and a dedicated Christian. Voters in the City of Oceanside could become real trendsetters for the next generation by electing Zack Beck to the Oceanside City Council.
We also recommend Jack Feller for reelection to the Oceanside City Council. Jack has a long history for advocating his Christian principles while on the Oceanside City Council.

Ramona Community:
Community Planning Association (CPA):
We give our highest voting recommendation for three outstanding and dedicated women to be elected to the Ramona CPA. These three women are Luauna Stines, Beverly Maes and Jill Campbell. Stines, Maes and Campbell are sending the message to East San Diego County that morality, ethics and community involvement are the new high standards in the governmental affairs of Ramona.

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