Thursday, October 02, 2008

Instructional Video For Resolving America's Financial Crisis

If you would like to learn an important lesson in how to solve, or not to solve (depending on one's perspective), America's financial crisis, then please watch this facinating and informative video on resolving financial disputes.

Okay, what is your solution then?


Anonymous said...

The best (?) mathematicians in the world were appointed by the Wall Street banks to create sophisticated formulae for valuing sophisticated investments products such as credit derivatives. After doing their calculations using computers and complex financial models, they ended up exactly in the same situation as presented in the video - currently nobody knows what is the value (if any) of the bad assets that financial institutions (and taxpayers) own...

Anonymous said...

It is safe to say that the solution is not available even to the brightest of human brains (they in fact created the mess with the help of materialistic politicians, banks and their clients). Therefore, the solution for individual believers is to put all your trust in the Lord (Isaiah 24:6). For the US as a nation, there may or may not be a solution available (cf. 1 Thess. 2:16). However, with God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26).

Pastor Bill said...

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James Hartline said...

Dear Mr. No More Pastor Bill: These, anti-christian, pro-homosexual propaganda films that you reference, have absolutely nothing to do with the financial problems in this nation. The only reason I even posted your comment was to respond to it this way. It would seem, based upon your two recent comments, that you are determined to spin the radical gay agenda's propaganda on this blog. Subsequently, I will let you know that if that is the only reason you are going to respond to blog posts, then you will no longer be given such a platform. If you have something else to add besides the brainwashed thoughts of the radical gay agenda's propaganda then you are welcome to interject reasonable and respectful comments. But no one here is interested in listening to the lies and deceit of the pointless gay agenda.