Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Prophet's Lounge with James Hartline: The Holy Spirit Shows Up During Christmas Eve service in one of San Diego's Poorest & Most Violent Neighborhoods

The Prophet's Lounge with James Hartline - The Holy Spirt decided to show up inside of one of the poorest and most violent sections of San Diego during a December 24, 2011 Christmas Eve service.

James Hartline was there to witness and photograph the powerful and amazing service in the City Heights neighborhood of San Diego where he lives and goes to church. Five different small congregations joined together for one unified December 24th event to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. Over 100 men, women and children packed out the Mid-City Christian Fellowship Christmas Eve service.

Just a few short weeks ago, Christians at Mid-City Christian Fellowship were huddled together inside of the church building for their Saturday evening service when a gun battle broke out near the church location. One San Diego police officer was murdered during the shootout just moments after that same police officer had been in a nearby McDonald's restaurant buying dinner for a young boy who did not have money to purchase food.

During the standoff between law enforcement and the shooter, police officers came to Mid-City Christian Fellowship Church to ask members to pray for officers during the gun battle.

James Hartline and his fellow church members have not abandoned their violent, poverty-striken City Heights neighborhood.

Instead, on Christmas Eve they came again before God to honor Him and the Lord responded with a beautiful demonstration of His presence during the service. Worship music for the Christmas Eve event was provided by Shachah. Here is a music video by the worship team of Shachah.

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