Saturday, December 24, 2011

In 2012, try leaving your masks at home before coming to church.

When God was in His eternal throne room discussing with the Heavenly Host about His plan to send His Son to the earth to save mankind, He never included anything in His plan about His desire for man to build massive megachurches, or a need to hire wealthy millionaire megachurch pastors, or His church being designed by secular corporate executives using Hollywood advertisement agencies, or His Holy Spirit drawing all men, women and children to Disneyland-style ministries using personality psychological inventory surveys.

In 2012, try leaving your masks at home before coming to church - and let God lead you into accomplishing His will, rather than the previous year's failed and unbiblical desire to idolize a celebrity pastor, or to become a church groupie of an entertainment industry worship leader, or a need to appease the wants and demands of a secularized church corporation.

After all, if Jesus wanted an earthly audience to worship Him on streets paved in gold, He would have stayed in Heaven and never come to earth as the bleeding, suffering Messiah hanging on an executioner's cross.

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Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true plagiarist and welfare queen, James. Stop stealing other people's creative work, thief.