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San Diego Gay Pride Dancer Killed After Assaulting Police -- Tragedy Reveals The Dark Reality Of Gay Agenda's Violent Side

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July 22, 2008

Til' Death Do Us Part:
From Gay Marriage to The Tragic Police Shooting and Killing
of a San Diego Gay Pride Male Dancer, the 2008 San Diego Gay Pride
Events Are A Real Civic Nightmare Come True.

San Diego Harbor Police Shoot and Kill A Gay Pride Circuit Party
Attendee To Top Off A Tragic Celebration of The Gay Way Of Life

(JHReport) While hundreds of homosexual activists were busy promoting their redefining of family and marriage during this weekend's San Diego Gay Pride events, another horrible reality was manifesting itself aboard a chartered yacht that served as an official gay pride circuit party on the San Diego Bay. And that other reality has left one San Diego Harbor police officer seriously injured and a gay pride circuit party male dancer dead, the result of a police shooting aboard a San Diego Harbor police boat.

According to multiple news sources, 37-year-old Steven Paul Hirschfield, who was from Los Angeles, was shot dead by San Diego Harbor Police after he got out of the San Diego Bay and he was reported to have engaged in a very dangerous assault on one of the Harbor police officers on the police boat. Hirschfield reportedly fought with the police officers and tried to grab the pistol of one of the officers he had assaulted.

The Harbor Cruise involving Hirschfield is listed as one of the 2008 San Diego Gay Pride homosexual circuit party events. Bill Hardt Productions, which uses gay porn stars in its advertisements, had promoted the annual party as part of a package of events for the San Diego Gay Pride festivities. Gay circuit parties have earned a notorious reputation throughout the United States because of their rampant crystal meth use and sexualized activities. Hardt's website calls the San Diego gay circuit party, "Circuit DAZE - the Harbor Cruise." Tickets to the party were selling for $50 in advance and $75 the day of the event. Published reports put the party's attendance at approximately 800 people.

According to the Union Tribune, Hirschfield, wearing only sneakers and tiny white briefs, was among a number of male dancers who were performing at the gay circuit party aboard the Hornblower Cruises ship Inspiration for an audience composed mostly of men.

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the gay harbor cruise was also promoted through the Gay and Lesbian Times website as one of a handful of gay pride summer activities sponsored by party promoter Bill Hardt.

A July 17, 2008 commentary in the Gay and Lesbian Times was entitled, "Pride Celebration Won't Be Compromised." In a nightmarish justification for the horrible acts committed each year during the gay pride celebrations, the editorial stated: San Diego Pride has a difficult task – balancing business with community interest. The nonprofit organization’s aim is to simultaneously produce a lineup of events that will entertain and excite spectators and visitors; and continue to increase the amount of money raised in order to keep giving back to the community."

The San Diego Union Tribune also reported that a 25 year-old San Diego man who was on the cruise identified the now-deceased Hirschfield as one of the entertainers on the cruise. The Hornblower Cruises yacht had been chartered for a private party connected to the San Diego Gay Pride festivities.

According to the Union Tribune, Hirschfield jumped overboard during the cruise and refused to cooperate with Hornblower employees. After providing him with flotation devices, Harbor Police were called.

A police boat found Hirschfield in the water about 500 feet south of the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station on Harbor Drive across from San Diego's Lindbergh Field.

When Hirschfield boarded the Harbor Police boat, he began fighting with the two officers on board, according to published reports given by the Harbor Police. Hirschfield knocked one officer to the deck, took the officer's Taser gun and began beating him in the face with it.

Harbor Police report that Hirschfield attempted to get the injured officer's firearm. As he struggled to get control of the gun, the other officer shot Hirschfield once, killing him.

The police boat went to a nearby dock at the Embarcadero and was met by paramedics. The injured officer was taken to a hospital with face and leg injuries, but has now been released.

One of the most abominable aspects to this deadly incident is a shocking revelation provided by the San Diego Union Tribune. The Union Tribune reports that after the shooting incident, a witness stated that the gay pride circuit party aboard the Hornblower Cruises yacht continued to go on. The Union Tribune states that as people got off the boat when the party ended, police officers told them to leave their name and contact information if they knew anything about the incident.

"There is simply no way to view this terrible incident in any other way, but as an absolute human tragedy," says local San Diego Christian activist James Hartline. "Every year, we plead with the San Diego City Council to stop promoting these gay pride events because of the drugs, the pornography, and the devastation that it brings to our city. But the city council and Mayor Jerry Sanders will not listen to us. Once again, Sanders and the council endorsed the very gay circuit party that ended with the death of a 37 year-old man and an injured officer."

"We now have a man in the prime of his life who is dead and two police officers who will have to live with this horrible incident on their minds for the rest of their lives," Hartline adds.

It seems that every year the San Diego Gay Pride events are marred with acts of violence, drug use, pornography and the promotion of dangerous, anti-family activities. In 2005, a sex offender scandal revealed that numerous convicted sex offenders and pedophiles were working with the San Diego Gay Pride organization, including a pedophile clown who entertained young minors in the Gay Pride Children's Garden. In 2006 and 2007, an elementary charter school marched young children in the porn-filled San Diego Gay Pride parade. 2006 also saw the horrific beatings of six San Diego Gay Pride attendees by gang members.

Now, 2008 will go down as the most catastrophic of all of the annual San Diego Gay Pride debacles. Gay Pride circuit party male dancer Steven Paul Hirschfield will not be able to explain his out-of-control actions because he was shot to death by a San Diego Harbor police officer during the gay pride dancer's chaotic insanity. His voice has been silenced forever.

This time, San Diego Gay Pride officials will not be able to blame the horrific violence during their annual gay pride events on those who they deem anti-gay or hate-motivated. This time, one of their own party dancers is the one who committed the grave act of violence against San Diego's own law enforcement officers. It is another tragedy added to the years of San Diego Gay Community tragedies.

Just three years ago, John McCusker, a sponsor of many homosexual events in San Diego, died of a deadly drug overdose at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort. McCusker, 31, was the owner of ReBar, a notorious San Diego S & M gay sex bar, as well as Club Montage, the site of the filming of a gay porn movie during McCusker's ownership. Despite these despicable facts, the gay community leaders in San Diego have chosen to idolize McCusker since his death.

Drug use and dangerous behaviors have become all too common at these types of gay pride celebrations. This is what they want society to accept and embrace in their quest to disintegrate the existing fabric of society. According to Hartline, he doesn't see anything changing in the way the San Diego Gay Pride events are used to promote these destructive lifestyles.

"The advocates of gay pride have demonstrated that they do not have the ability to do self-introspection as to the wrongness of what they are doing and promoting," says Hartline, a former homosexual of 30 years who now lives as an outspoken born-again Christian.

"It's all about promoting homosexuality on our society. And even though hundreds of thousands of young men in America are now dead from AIDS and drug overdoses, the advocates for gay pride will not take responsibility for the consequences of promoting such a destructive and unnecessary lifestyle." Hartline adds.

"Pride has many faces. The pride of refusing to look at one's own sins and then to stop such sins, is a kind of pride that homosexual activists are oblivious to. And that is why these awful and devastating deaths will continue to be a part of the homosexual community. It is so incredibly frustrating and sad for me as a Christian to watch this happen," Hartline says.

Hartline notes that a significant obstacle to cleaning up the problems that are created for society by the gay pride agenda is the manipulation that often comes via the gay-friendly liberal media. For example, in reporting Hirschfield's death, the Los Angeles Times does not even mention anything about the role that gay pride played in his death.

"There is not one single statement in the LA Times article of this terrible incident that explains the type of cruise it was, or the specific circumstances surrounding his death. Gay Pride is not even mentioned in the LA Times article," says a concerned James Hartline. "It's as if the writer intentionally left out anything relating Hirschfield's death to the homosexual circuit party that he was attending. If that had been a Christian doing something like this, I can guarantee you, the church's name, denomination, membership, everything would have been detailed in the article. In the case of the LA Times article, there is not one sentence that mentions gay, gay pride or gay pride cruise in the article. And to me, that is absolute journalistic dishonesty," reports Hartline.

James Hartline believes that promoting the homosexual political movement takes precedent in the gay community over safety and sanity. This would explain why lesbian San Diego City Councilwoman Toni Atkins pushes so hard to get her fellow councilmembers to endorse an annual proclamation honoring the San Diego Gay Pride events despite the enormous body of evidence presented to her and the city council which indicates that children are being exposed to pornographic images during the events.

Now, the City of San Diego has to deal with two members of law enforcement who have been involved in the shooting and killing of a gay pride male dancer who was attending an event endorsed by the San Diego City Council. It is death and hypocrisy run amok in America's eighth largest city. And voters will be left with a certain sense of trepidation as they realize where these gay pride advocates for same-sex marriage could take society if they prevail in their quest to make the gay marriage agenda permanent and irrevocable in California.

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Anonymous said...

A tragic event like this could happen at any party in San Diego where drugs and alcohol are a factor. To associate it with a "gay agenda" takes it to an incredible conclusion.

James Hartline said...

Just like the article says, denial is one of the main reasons that this type of tragedy will continue to play a major role in the homosexual community.

Anonymous said...

There are drugs in the heterosexual and homosexual communities. The entire LGBT community does not promote violence and drugs. Some do, but that is the case in the heterosexual community too. There are good people and bad people in all sectors of life but it is wrong to say the entire LGBT community is bad.

Anonymous said...

Yes a tragic event like this could and will continue to happen at any party in San Diego or any other major US city where drugs and alcohol are a factor as long as the conservative right wing narrow minded bigots like Hartline continue to discriminate and make gays or any other minorities feel like second class citizens. Loss of self worth is so rampant in the gay community because of people like Hartline who continually degrade their lifestyle and consequesntly one must wonder if Steven felt like life was simply hopeless having been so often made to feel worthless in his life. If people like Hartline would promote unity and acceptance of all people instead of wasting his negative energies critisizing and berating and judging, perhaps we'd all be in a happier mind set. Pride celebration is a time of joy and acceptance and in no way is a revelation of a dark or violent side of the gay "agenda". The "agenda", be that as it might be, is simply to have equal rights to those of all the conservative figurheads in this country.

Anonymous said...

The Gay Agenda's Violent Side?

Are you joking?

The family (Yes, gay people have families!) and their lawyer are claiming the police office shot the young man in the back!

From the Union-Tribune (that bastion of gay sneakiness): "In a news release Friday, Paul Parker, chief investigator at the county Medical Examiner's Office, listed Hirschfield's cause of death as a gunshot wound to the chest. However, Claypool claims the deputy medical examiner who conducted the autopsy told a family member that Hirschfield was shot in the back.

"The results of toxicology tests are pending."

James Hartline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Hartline said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Hartline said...

The issue of violence is clearly established as a major component of the homosexual community. As to this event in question, the police reports substantiate the claim that Mr. Hirschfield was violent and dangerous as the factor which led to his being shot. As to the violence issue in the homosexual community, the gay pornography industry is overrun with images of violent sado-masochistic idolatry where men are honored for whipping and beating submissive homosexuals. This is violence at its core. Gay on gay abuse is rampant as indicated by the constant drum beat for funding for domestic violence law enforcement. There are a multitude of examples of cannibalism, forced prostitution and murderous rampages like that of Andrew Cunanan that give ample evidence that violence is created and multiplied WITHIN the homosexual community. The gay agenda leaders are fond of saying this is because they are oppressed and discriminated against as the reason for such violence. Of course this is ridiculous. When you have an epidemic of crystal meth use combined with a plague of promiscuity and anonymous sex among emotionally unstable grown men and women, you are creating a catastrophic atmosphere for self-annihilation and violence. The first action in resolving this tragedy is the ability to self-inspect and take responsibility for the sins of self. And that is something that homosexual activists refuse to do because to go down that path of acknowledging these sins means they would have to acknowledge the destructiveness of the homosexual act itself. And as long as a political agenda dominates the lives of those engaged in homosexuality, the violence, the suffering and needless deaths will intensify and be perpetuated. The Bible is true when its says that the wages of sin is death. Whether you like it or not, it is an eternal truth that is established by God and will always prove itself true.

Anonymous said...

What does the Bible have to do with this? The Bible has no significance in modern day life.

Anonymous said...

James, your have a truly warped attitude toward gay people. You lump each and every one of us into something you personally experienced at one point in your life.

Most gay people are not porn or meth addicts. We lead quiet, boring lives and just try to avoid being fired from our jobs or thrown out of our homes.
I won't waste everybody's time by reiterating your last post and substituting christian for each mention of gay.

For example, last Sunday Jim David Adkisson, a conservative, God-fearing Christian, walked into a CHILDREN's theater program presented at a Unitarian Universalist CHURCH in Tennessee, pulled out a gun and killed two people and wounded 8 others because he didn't like gays and liberals.

One of the murdered was a foster father to a transgender teenager, who is now without a parent.

Should we accept this massacre of the innocents as a reflection of the attitude and behavior of ALL Christians? I hope not.

James Hartline said...

A true Christian, not one who defines the term Christian as a social title, is one who is a disciple of Jesus Christ. For example, the Gospel of John provides a perfect example of the Christian who must be a disciple of Jesus Christ and not just someone who hangs a socially acceptable title on their life:
John 8:31-32 -- "Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

If you are in sin and disobedient to the Bible then you are living a lie and are not the Biblical definition of a Christian. Anyone can lay claim to a title, but they cannot lay claim to a crown. For Jesus said that he or she who overcomes sin will be given the crown of life. If you are living in sin, you are living a lie according to the Bible. And we know that those who are not abiding and living in the Word of God are not in pursuit of God's holy standard of life and righteousness.
As to laying claim to what Jesus said or didn't say about homosexuality, you are extremely uninformed and are merely playing out the theologically inferior and incorrect statements of the gay agenda's deceptions regarding the Bible. Jesus absolutely spoke many times on the issue of sexual sin and homosexuality. It only makes you look theologically ridiculous when you misquote the Bible in trying to argue a Biblical position. I have spent many years in studying the Bible and the issue of homosexuality. How do you think I got out of that sin? It was because it was eternally important to me that my life become one that is pleasing to God. And we cannot please God if we are not obedient to Him and His commandments. It was Jesus that came down with two other angels to meet Abraham as they informed Abraham that they were about to execute judgment on Sodom and the other four cities in the valley as articulated in Genesis. Why was it so important for the pre-incarnate Jesus to come down and deal with the wickedness of Sodom. To understand the Bible, you have to study it rather than just passing on some flaky and shallow statement given to you by homosexual propagandists. The Bible interprets the Bible. And you must always apply Biblical consistency when conveying the Bible's position on any issue. God will never change His attitude or His commandments when it comes to the issue of sex. There is no Biblical basis for accepting sexual behavior outside of God's intention for mankind. Man and woman together in marriage is the only acceptable sexual behavior in the eyes of God according to His word. All other sexual behavior is sin. And the consequences for pursuing sex outside of God's order is judgment and eternal death. This is conveyed over and over and over. And if you took the time to study this, if it is at all important to you, then you would knowthat Jesus continued to speak about Sodom in the Gospels and the fact that Jesus spoke of the judgment on homosexuality in the Book of Revelation. It is clear that you do not study the Bible, but rather you simply make statements that line up with your chosen lifestyle and political agenda. And the idea that anyone claims to be born homosexual is simply idiocy. That is a claim based upon a myth that seeks to manipulate others into sympathizing with a political agenda. There never will be any evidence to prove that a human being is born with a certain sexual taste for a sexual sin. All sins are matured out of sinful experiences in life. The fact that a man or woman obsesses over sex at such an early age identifies the real culprit in where this sexuality was developed: out of a corrupted environment. The sin nature of all human beings gives place to the environmental actions that produce the arena for developing the sin of homosexuality. Quit trying to blame God for the sins you choose to engage in. If you are at all serious about pursuing God's mandate for your life then you will seek His presence where He will reveal your purpose for being on this earth. God never intended for anyone to engage in homosexuality. It is satan that seeks to lead mankind into sexual rebellion to God's purposes. To try to bring the purity of the Bible into the pollution of your sin shows up quite clearly because the Bible says that you will know them by their fruit. The Holy Spirit grants us the gift of discernment so that we will know who is of the Lord and who is not. I have placed the highest priority in being obedient to God and that is why I was able to successfully leave the homosexual lifestyle for good after being in it for three decades. My life is lived out with evidence that I have apprehended the truth of the word of God and it has set me free. It is evident that you are still bound up in sin and are not born again and that is why you keep justifying involvment in a life that the Bible clearly says is not acceptable to God and never will be. When you are finally called to give an account for your sins, you will have no excuse before God because you chose to believe a lie when you had the opportunity to repent and leave your sin. And that is the terrible price one pays for continuing in homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

"The difficulties of life are intended to make us better, not bitter."

David said...

Just for the record, neither the dancer who was killed, nor any of the police officers involved, are gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Mr. Hirschfield was a heterosexual man employed by the party. So, given that all the participants in this incident were heterosexuals, this says horrible things about the state of the heterosexual community and its propensity for violence. How sad.

bobbi said...


you really hit a point with reference to the Eternal Truths that apply whether people believe it or not. Homosexual or Heterosexual has the same perspective (everything is about ME). The general environment of people nowadays is not the concern of whether the killing, doing drugs, abuses, etc is a way of society but a self-centered view of who to blame to perpetuate certain biases, prejudices and bigotries. People see past the root of the evil in society and see only themselves. take the case of abortion. it has become a way of life in american society. if the human soul is numb to killing a child - what make you think other forms of violence be a shocking thing to see or commit?
it's all looking at it in the perspective of human nature.